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  1. Being returned all the hassle for two cards...
  2. Just got Runebound 3rd edition and it was missing two cards in the Margath orange combat deck and also two cards were duplicated as well. I contacted miniature market to no avail (as of yet) any suggestions?
  3. Any local players from the Greater Pittsburgh area by chance? Drop me a PM, Mike
  4. Here is what I have, Current party is engaged by a King Spider and a Forest Spider. Beginning of combat phase I deal one shadow card to each enemy. With one resource token I play the card Feint - A Combat action card that chooses an engaged enemy (King Spider). That enemy cannot attack that player this turn. easy enough - Question - does the unrevealed shadow card still flip and resolve even though the King spider cannot attack me this turn? or does it get discarded? Thanks, Mike
  5. Quick strike action card (event Action card) states you can exhaust a character you control to immediately declare it as an attacker (and resolve its attack) against any ELIGIBLE enemy target. What determines what eligible enemy target - Do enemies in the staging area count or just those already engaged with the party? Thanks in advance, Mike in Pittsburgh, Pa
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