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  1. Regarding the Siren Scales, you should add something that prevents you from doing the same on your next turn, so the player doesnt spam the Object to cycle between two spaces.
  2. I guess not. Creatures in the Inner Region cannot be targets of Spells. And though this card doesnt specifically targets an Enemy, the Enemy not killed is the target of this Spell.
  3. Does anyone have the psd templates from abubu? I got a hold of them some time ago but cannot find them anymore and cannot recall how I got them in the first place. Thanks a lot! Ok, got them, nevermind:)
  4. Anyone has a link to a rulebook on how the crafting and everything else in the Clockwork Kingdom works?
  5. Hi, Jon, any chance of the same with the Ancient Beasts..? Thanks a lot!
  6. I'd leave it at the 3G for any space. You see, it still goes for the same price as the Axe, which allows building the Raft. I don't think the Middle Region is just another Region with perils of its own. It has the Hidden Valley and the Temple, probably the best two spaces outside the Inner Region. Even though the Cataclysm Middle Region has one more Desert space, it also has one less Black Knight, an Oasis that heals and a nerfed Chasm. Or at least make it 2G to the Temple so the game doesn't start with everyone aiming for the Tavern to spend their 1G to get to the middle. And yes, there are characters starting in the Middle Region, but as you probably experienced in your own games, they often need to leave the Middle Region and find themselves in the same position as the other characters. It still is quite a benefit, nonetheless. It is a subjective thought, though, I just always liked the part when the characters need to get into the Middle Region and it becomes an adventure of its own. Or when someone luckily rolled a 6 in the Tavern and got to the Middle Region ahead of everyone else.. There is a reason why the Wharf space is almost at the end of the City board.
  7. I think the Boatman is bit an easy way to get into the Middle Realm. At least the 1G Temple part.
  8. You can have them done by MPC, too. Just like I did. You'll just have to pay extra 30 dollars for a custom made order.
  9. Just a little bit larger picture, if you please:)
  10. They're the original character stands from the second edition of Talisman:) At least from the Czech version.
  11. You take the Realm card as a trophy. You just do it on your next turn, after you have defeated his head or arms and have left the space.
  12. I suppose you have only the base game. There are only the cards and spaces listed on the Thief's character card, it is the Village space, the Market and the Market Day cards. No other way to buy a card from the Purchase deck. If you encounter the Village space and have at least 2 G, you may visit the Blacksmith to buy the Objects listed on that space. You do nothing else then, no roll. If you want the Mule you need to obtain it as an Adventure card or buy it at a Market or while it is the Market Day.
  13. Yes, he does both. Yes, he can. No, you cannot. No. You use the Raft the next turn after having acquired it. It cannot be carried around. A bit puzzled by this one... You're referring to the City space. You either encounter the Enchantress or the Doctor (or the Alchemist), cannot encounter more than one. Note that you are required to encounter someone on the space, so if you have no gold (or without need to heal) or Objects to alchemise, the Enchantress is the only choice.
  14. Okay, here's the comparison: As you can see, the card is darker. There is a vertical align issue, that is present on all the character cards, sadly.. The most different part is the text, it is quite shady, definitely not as crisp as the original card text, see the close up here: Here's the comparison of the linen cards. They're a bit smaller, but that's fine. But just like before, the text is not crisp at all. And finally, the smooth cards comparison:
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