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  1. I love that REBELS has a partial focus on vehicle tech. They've spent a lot of time looking for / dealing with / stealing new ships for their arsenal, and based on the trailer for the next season this isn't a trend that is going to stop. Anything is possible with this show. I just wish I had some way to watch it this weekend.
  2. Nowhere near as interesting (obviously not interesting enough for its own thread) is the inclusion of a Defender in the art for the Starship Graveyard on Jakku card in Star Wars: Destiny. Does this confirm Defenders as having taken part in the battle for Jakku? Is this information that other people already knew that I'm just finding out? Either way, I found it mildly interesting and worth sharing. Made me go "huh.."
  3. Zabuzauz


    Having both Hera and double wingman seems a bit redundant.
  4. Is that really so? Seems pretty silly to censor that minor of an offense..
  5. What a weird way to turn around. With the card having to flip after a maneuver to ready the 180 stop, this makes any maneuver a super telegraphed koiogran turn.
  6. I thought he meant BTL-A4. That would make more sense than Bomb Loadout I guess. Omitting a letter is easier than omitting an upgrade.
  7. #SOLOGUNBOAT 2 more years *sad* *Han Solo in a stolen Gunboat* "Dang, these things are pretty nifty"
  8. I have an unreasonable love for the Lambda-class Shuttle. So when I searched for Lambda models, X-Wing came up. I decided to take a look at the game and I was hooked before I even had a core set.
  9. I'm excited to see where this goes. The hype is making it hard to focus on work.
  10. My brother plays occassionally. He's more of a fighter as well. I usually handle base layout, large ships, and resource gathering.
  11. Sorry buddy, it's not going to happen.
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