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  1. well i do know all the tie variants and ive never seen or heard about the STRIKER. dont know from where this striker is coming from. its the same about the renaming of the TIE-Interdictor to TIE-Punisher.
  2. 2 Tie Phantoms and ure good. thats what i did easy prey for 8-10 attacks per round
  3. good thing that some have already answered that xwing is not Games horseshit shop. the sole reason why i sold my 10.000 point strong and painted Dark Angels army is because i hated those formations. Formations kinda DIRECT u or even FORCE u to play them. thats what i hated alot. after 7 years of being a Games Workshop costumer i quitted at 40k Edition 7 and Age of Sigmar. Lucky for me tough i could sell my minis for a decent prize. But that doesnt mean that i dont like thier computer games i will conteniue that but my Tabletop time with GW is over i dont want to play a rock papper shot gun with formations vs formations. thats why i play Bolt Action and X Wing cause it lets me build my own lists it doenst force me to do something or chose something.
  4. as some a starfighter i would go with the Cloakshape fighter cause shields and hyperdrive so no need of a freighter if i have to pick a freighter i would go with the Firespray cause it needs just one guy to pilot the whole thing
  5. i have my carnor jax with autothrusters and PTL alongside 3 VI interceptors
  6. i see... after my holiday trip this whole forum went nuts ;O
  7. its easy to tell why dengar is ps 9 and why hera isnt. first of dengar and Han have kinda an interesting back story. Han and Dengar were doing one of these Swoop bike races what pretty much ends 99% deadly if collisions happen. Dengar raced against Han and he almost beat him until Han decided to push Dengar away what ended in a crash that Dengar somehow survived. hes like Darth vader more droid than human thats why Dengar is robed so much to cover that fact. his sheer hatred against Han keeps him alive ive read. and hey if u can challange Han in a f.Ing Swoop Bike Race then u better do have PS 9
  8. SoulCrusherEx here. i couldnt watch it sadlyi had to work night shift + german us timezone difference of hmm 7-9 hours sux T_T. but hey awesome that u got the rights to do regional touarnements ^^ say hi to handsome nick, red beard adam and nervous sam pls ;p
  9. a smart hint. look at the goodies inside the box. i see 2 dails, and i see thebase for the z-95 that means..... IF U ARE A REBEL THAT OWNS ALREADY A Z 95 U CAN USE THAT WITH THE PROPER DIAL AND SCUM BASE THAT THE TOOTH BRINGS WITH IT !!!!
  10. yeah itrs about time..... i hate to see all of these copy paste avatar pictures all over the place. i would like to see alot more variation or even the option to put an original picture as avatar. plz plz make this a reality !!!
  11. Empire: Missile Boat and assault gunboat + any tie variant Rebels: H-Wing, T-Wing Scum: Skipray, any bonty hunter ship, T-Wing
  12. like this thread iam following it keep going guys ;P i might show this my gaming group ( 15 people ). i was traing something risk like conquering the galaxy thing but still work in progress about rules etc etc but little campaign like these look very promising.
  13. I am a playtester for FFG and have an active NDA on record. That means anything about any game that I post can only be based on public information. I don't play test for X-Wing, but any source that told you that could be in jeopardy of legal problems. I would STRONGLY recommend you not pass that sort of info on as it could place you in the same predicament. Having been under NDAs in the past I get your meaning here, but newt has never posted anything spoiler-related. All she's ever given out is shipping information. And while technically there may be some sort of veil between that tentative information and the general population, I see nothing ethically wrong with giving people a street date for when we can expect to have a product. 1st off, people here know that there are always delays, so all this tells us is that this is the EARLIEST we can expect to see this stuff. 2nd, it actually helps people who need to save money for the release, by giving them some sort of time-table to base their planning on. 3rd, FFG releases very similar information on their upcoming page. But lately for some reason it hasn't been getting updated. I'm very curious as to why the Raider still says that it's at the Printer, and why Armada wave 1 said on the boat, like 36 hours before being in my hands. I suspect they don't want official word to be early, and for all we know newt is an FFG employee giving us realistic expectation without the legal hassle having to apologize if a natural disaster or strike delays delivery. its the 2nd post from you. reffereing that newt is a female. u know him/her/it ? whats the deal brah ?
  14. iam buying JUST ONE. 1. its ***** expansive 2.i already own 3 advances with the one from the raider 4 that pairs very well with the 8 tie advance upgrade cards 3. i need just one copy of the unique pilots 4. i dont play epic so 1 for my shelf is just perfect. it looks good to look at aswell so no loss there i wont miss it
  15. u know whats expensive ? playing 40k, dust tactics aaaaand x wing alltogether ;p... ( my curse ) well i stopped collecting dust tactics was something like 200€ maybe in total 40k was hmmm 1500 or even 1800€ iam not calculating the paints or the brushes ;P and x wing hmmm maybe near 700€ ? wow it went out of control xD but see it as something like this: no hobby is cheap, my dead goes fishing and his fishing equipment dayum i tell ya money wasted well ;P
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