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  1. As you guessed, it’s parallax due to camera angle. I considered drawing a picture, but quick photo setup felt good enough.
  2. Above is a quote from the rules reference. Attached is a picture with two ways to measure range. Which one is the correct way? It is undisputed that the closest point of the Academy Pilot is within Soontir’s front arc. Please disregard the number tiles. The orange ruler starts from the attack arc line on the ship token and is set towards the closest point, but fits between. Therefore the attack would be range two. The yellow ruler is set between closest points, i.e. the corners. It does not fit between them and therefore the attack would be range one. I found one old thread that would suggest orange is correct. However, that was first edition, which I recall was worded differently. In the rules quote above I find nothing that supports orange over yellow. Also watching stream games, I think even in the highest levels people measure like yellow.
  3. I really wonder what was the experience or perceived threat that caused the addition of the current fortressing rule. Especially, as the lengthy rule passage does not and can not pertain to ”totally not fortressing”. In wrestling or mixed martial arts the referee can order the contestants to break or stand up if there is no effort or progress. I really don’t see a way to implement anything similar to X-Wing. Already back in 2013 or 2014 we had threads where a player complained that Y-wings only circled around the board edge and did not turn into center to engage Interceptors, or vice versa. Though then nobody thought whether it would look boring to spectators. Maybe a rule, that forced all ships to move out of the deployment zone within certain time or number of rounds, could be implemented. But it would require additional bookkeeping and most ships could rather easily select another place to ”not fortress”. If I had to referee such a game, I might ask each player to write down how long they intend to continue ”not fortressing”. Then we set the game time to nearer of those values and continue from there. However, such an ad hoc ruling probably is not within the letter or spirit of the rules and would be hard to write into them.
  4. I disagree. It is worth it to note that Tac Officer etc. do not change the color of the action. They are upgrades that have a prerequisite and add a white action. For example, sometimes a Reaper would want to gain stress from a red coordinate, in order to not have to do the aileron move next turn.
  5. Some people in my play group, including myself, use the following brand: https://m.clasohlson.com/uk/Tesa-Anti-Slip-Silencer-Pads/21-2865 There is a picture of them mounted under a base in Medium bases thread.
  6. Thank you. IG-B and -C have wrong costs. They should be 65 and 66, respectively.
  7. I think you can do red coordinates even with Tac Officer onboard. It adds white coordinate to your action bar, it does not treat red coordinates as white.
  8. How important do you think FCS would be for two Juke Onyxes? The remaining 30 points could be used for naked Inferno 2...4 or a Squad Leader Black Ace. Of those the latter is the cheapest imperial coordinate and might be handy on the approach turn.
  9. No, 4-LOM would have liked to pre-emptively jam Rexler’s evade from Full Throttle.
  10. This was the best topic I could find concerning the discussion I had last game night. What happens, when the ship being jammed has one type of token but the jammer chooses another type of token? Reading the rules, an effect was not resolved so the ship remains jammed, but a jammed ship is a ship with a jam token and no green tokens or locks. A specific example of this would be a ship with a lock on a rock getting jammed before it is activated. FWIW, my personal opinions re: green tokens is #1 and re: this question is jam is ineffective, but I understand both interpretations in both cases.
  11. Decloak allows for evade action, cloak does not and even if it did you cannot perform the same action twice in a round.
  12. Though not listed in contents, these are included in the empire kit as a separate insert.
  13. Someone tractored on an asteroid might be able to roll off it, if the template can be placed without overlapping the obstacle. Check Difficulty step of Execute Maneuver has already been done, so the ship is no longer executing maneuver and only suffers the roll for damage, not skip Perform Action.
  14. IG-88x pilots are not set unique.
  15. All Sheathipede pilots have calculate instead of focus, not just AP-5
  16. TIE/sa Bomber has barrel roll linked to barrel roll
  17. RikuM

    Medium bases

    M10 washers fit nicely into the cavity of a medium base. Sideway view trying to show how little the studs protrude under the base. You can slide maybe a thin envelope under the base.
  18. RikuM

    Medium bases

    For large bases I used four glued DIN125 M10 washers. Their thickness according to charts is 2.0 mm. The cavity in base is deeper than that. For small bases I used one DIN125 M12 washer. Inner diameter is large enough to allow stacking bases. Its thickness according to charts is 2.5 mm which is very close to the depth of the cavity. I recall selecting thinner ones from those I bought. Friction studs were ”Anti-Slip Silencer Pads”. They were the first brand I tried and were just slightly taller than cavity. If necessary, I added a layer of two-sided tape undernearth the stud. Nowadays there are third-party pre-cut friction pads for bases. The ones I have seen people use worked well. Clear green is thicker than normal acrylic paint but I really don’t see it lumping so much it would prevent templates to seat properly between nubs. In tournaments, up to nationals, I have never experienced anyone taking notice of modified bases. Also, I haven’t seen modifications that were worse than unmodified bases. I think weight is good for mousepad type mats and friction for vinyl mats and painted game boards.
  19. RikuM

    Medium bases

    I modified my bases with weights and friction studs before colored bases became available. For coloring I used Tamiya Clear green (X-25) in a 10 ml bottle. The color is very close to FFG’s green bases. The following two croppings are from same photo: TIE/D has a painted base while TIE/SF and Lambda behind it have FFG bases.
  20. Delta, X7, T.I.E. mk II Delta, X7, T.I.E. mk II Delta, X7, T.I.E. mk II Academy, Guidance Chips 99 points I have lots of experience flying triple Defenders, but I had never flown them with a support/blocker ship. I decided to bring them to probably my last 1.0 tournament, as the event was assumed to be light-hearted and with little if any world meta. Anecdotally the store had also helt the first SC in my country, which was the first tournament I had participated in. Fantasiapelit X-Wing SC, Jyväskylä, Finland, June 30th 11 participants Round 1: bye Round 2: QD, Inqy, Yorr (Palp) Blocked Inqy twice and shot him down, then QD and managed to keep badly damaged ships out of combat. Round 3: Nym, Xixor, Thweek (didn’t use his ability ) Went all-out at Nym and shot him down in two rounds, then mopped up. The only game that didn’t go to time with one minute to go. Round 4: Dengar, Thweek , Sunny Both of us at 3-0 with guaranteed places in top 4, took some risks but defended well against Dengar’s revenge shots and shot him down. Top 4: Slaver, Slaver, Slaver (Jabba) Tense game against my friend: suffered my only ship loss in the tournament (the Academy ) early and couldn’t finish any of the Slavers, only halved two. Last roll of the game required two evades from four greens and a damaged Delta was saved. Final: Wedge, Wes, Luke, Rex It was getting late and the opponent had a three-hour drive home, so he chose to joust. It didn’t help, as the only loss in that was Rex. Then managed to recycle damaged ships in and out, gnawing Wedge and Wes piece by piece.
  21. Two high-PS harpoons can down a tokened-up Defender, but that also means below average green dice. The good thing is that a barely alive x7 can still take a lot of effort to down, if flown defensively. From my experience, the obstacle placement and the approach using them makes a difference. Also, getting the damaged one away, while the other engages. This rotating might take more patience than a player new to Defenders has. The Inquisitor should and can run from alpha strike threat. ”Very dangerous, you go first.”
  22. I would recommend uniform PS and not too many triggering abilities or at most abilities that trigger from the players own actions. How about Vessery (x7, VI, mkII) Maarek (x7, Adaptability, mkII) Inquisitor (v1, PtL, AT) The list gives him two brawlers and a flanker with some synergy between Vess and Inq. There is also some stress mitigation. Not many hit points, but half of them are shields. The downsides are low burst damage and possibly predictable maneuvers due to player inexperience (not thinking one turn ahead).
  23. I enjoyed the streams of both days. The commentators were very aware of the game state and rules or abilities. That is not always the case. Also I think that the selection of games to be streamed was good with many different matchups.
  24. The Upsilon shuttle with wings in upward position was a bit too wide for my storage and transport boxes, so I opened the hull and detached the wings. When assembled, the model is fully playable: for example, even with a weighted base, you can lift it from the table only holding from the wingtips. I started from the seam in front hull, sawing the front peg with a thin hobby knife. The circular rear pegs came loose alternatively twisting from the front seam and rear hull corner seams. There were two smaller square pegs in rear corners that broke/were cut. I removed the front peg and its socket and replaced them with disc magnets. I also cut down the rear socket a little to make the hull easier to open. You open the hull by grabbing the top and bottom parts from rear corner and pulling apart. I haven't painted the model yet. Since the plastic is black, the cutting marks and scratches at the seam are not noticeable during play.
  25. I would face the list in the OP very confidently with three Crack Shot x7s (*). Dengar can be blocked and then shot out of arc. Nym can no longer bumbbomb (more than once) and Dengar doesn't shoot plasma at range 3. Successful rotation of the most damaged Defender to the least dangerous place is the key to preserving MoV. I would shoot at Nym at every opportunity unless I had Dengar at range 1 out of his arc. Using soft 1 at the right time has surprised opponents time and again. *) My current go-to list has Vessery, Glaive and Ryad with Adaptability in the place of second Glaive for increased maneuver options, 1 point bid and some stress resistance for example to chase Assaj. My local meta pre-FAQ had didn't have much stress control. edit: list content above clarified
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