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    The Paradox Of FFG

    Of 10 T-70 pilot cards in Heralds of Hope, six should be the generics for two ship. Then there are new Temmin and Poe. This would leave for two unknown new pilot cards.
  2. I have some experience with Palp Defenders, though not much results to boast of. IMO the problem is destroying more points than the shuttle is worth, before the time runs out. And if a Delta is halved, the limited damage output becomes a greater liability. I find having some coordinating ability quite useful with Deltas. Now you can fit OGP with AS and Palp, though that of course makes it a juicier target. In 1e I had moderate success flying three PS6 x7s, and finished the edition winning a small SC with triple Deltas and an Academy.
  3. Sorry if there is a more recent thread concerning xwing.cgi and releases, I could not find it. The token listing for any release (that I looked at) seems to show ship tokens like <pilot 1> / <pilot 1> instead of <pilot 1> / <pilot 2> Nonetheless, thank you for your work.
  4. Epic Battles Rules Reference PDF: After a wingmate is placed on an object it can overlap, it is treated as overlapping that object while moving and resolves the effects of that object. Asteroids and like do not cause a wingmate to split from the wing, they just suffer the effect of overlapping.
  5. The front arc and the back arc of a huge ship origin from the center of the base, just like those of a normal ship. Normal ships just have the stem in the center.
  6. Can they? Epic Battles PDF, Wingmate Actions (emphasis mine): During the Activation Phase, after each wingmate moves, it resolves its Perform Action step as normal. During the Activation Phase and at all other times, a wingmate is limited to the following actions: Calculate, Reinforce, Evade, Lock, Focus
  7. As you guessed, it’s parallax due to camera angle. I considered drawing a picture, but quick photo setup felt good enough.
  8. Above is a quote from the rules reference. Attached is a picture with two ways to measure range. Which one is the correct way? It is undisputed that the closest point of the Academy Pilot is within Soontir’s front arc. Please disregard the number tiles. The orange ruler starts from the attack arc line on the ship token and is set towards the closest point, but fits between. Therefore the attack would be range two. The yellow ruler is set between closest points, i.e. the corners. It does not fit between them and therefore the attack would be range one. I found one old thread that would suggest orange is correct. However, that was first edition, which I recall was worded differently. In the rules quote above I find nothing that supports orange over yellow. Also watching stream games, I think even in the highest levels people measure like yellow.
  9. I really wonder what was the experience or perceived threat that caused the addition of the current fortressing rule. Especially, as the lengthy rule passage does not and can not pertain to ”totally not fortressing”. In wrestling or mixed martial arts the referee can order the contestants to break or stand up if there is no effort or progress. I really don’t see a way to implement anything similar to X-Wing. Already back in 2013 or 2014 we had threads where a player complained that Y-wings only circled around the board edge and did not turn into center to engage Interceptors, or vice versa. Though then nobody thought whether it would look boring to spectators. Maybe a rule, that forced all ships to move out of the deployment zone within certain time or number of rounds, could be implemented. But it would require additional bookkeeping and most ships could rather easily select another place to ”not fortress”. If I had to referee such a game, I might ask each player to write down how long they intend to continue ”not fortressing”. Then we set the game time to nearer of those values and continue from there. However, such an ad hoc ruling probably is not within the letter or spirit of the rules and would be hard to write into them.
  10. I disagree. It is worth it to note that Tac Officer etc. do not change the color of the action. They are upgrades that have a prerequisite and add a white action. For example, sometimes a Reaper would want to gain stress from a red coordinate, in order to not have to do the aileron move next turn.
  11. Some people in my play group, including myself, use the following brand: https://m.clasohlson.com/uk/Tesa-Anti-Slip-Silencer-Pads/21-2865 There is a picture of them mounted under a base in Medium bases thread.
  12. Thank you. IG-B and -C have wrong costs. They should be 65 and 66, respectively.
  13. I think you can do red coordinates even with Tac Officer onboard. It adds white coordinate to your action bar, it does not treat red coordinates as white.
  14. How important do you think FCS would be for two Juke Onyxes? The remaining 30 points could be used for naked Inferno 2...4 or a Squad Leader Black Ace. Of those the latter is the cheapest imperial coordinate and might be handy on the approach turn.
  15. No, 4-LOM would have liked to pre-emptively jam Rexler’s evade from Full Throttle.
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