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  1. Hello! My friends and I have been playing some GoT LCG for some time and so far we're having a blast! Some questions still arise while playing, I would appreciate it if someone could clarify this for us! Thank you! Valar Morghulis specifically reads “kill all characters in play”. Wildfire Assault only reads “each player chooses up to 3 of his or her characters. All characters not chosen are killed (cannot be saved).” and doesn’t say anything about characters being in play. Does that mean characters in hand count towards the three being saved when resolving Wildfire Assault? TL;DR: Does Wildfire Assault affect a player’s hand? Is the Death Pile generally being used when a character is killed? Does a character need to be in play to be considered killed? Also: If I have to discard a character, for instance because a card reads “discard a character from play” or “[...] from hand”, does it go to the Discard Pile? When I win a challenge with one of my participating characters having Ice attached to it and the opponent does not defend, do I have to trigger its effect and kill one of my own characters participating in this challenge or can I choose whether I want to trigger the effect? When winning a simple military challenge and having a claim of one and the opponent having two characters in play, with one of those characters having a save effect like Ser Davos Seaworth for instance – can the opponent choose to pay one of his remaining gold coins to save Ser Davos and thus not kill any of his characters or does he have to kill of one his characters regardless, as long as it’s possible? TL;DR: Can military claim be avoided? Just to confirm, the effect of Lannisport Brothel can be triggered every round because Responses in the Framework Action Window come after the Framework event resolves, meaning all cards are already standing (including LB) and LB’s Response can therefore be triggered again? Thanks in advance! – Koji
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