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  1. Game is going pretty well here in Raleigh, NC. Usually about 10-14 people each Thursday night. We used to do a weekly standard tournament for months and months and attendance had gotten weak so we decided to radically switch things up. We do ONE tournament a month now typically standard and the rest of the month we do different stuff including lots more of open play nights and themed open play nights. We have done a Solidarity Tournament, a Ladies Night Tournament ( must use all female character teams), Trilogies themed open play, a Valentines themed open play (must use thematic couples) a Carousel Event (a team format where you rotate opponents and decks between rounds and DURING the final round), a Battle Royale free for all event, and this week is For the Love of Lobot open play where you deck must include Lobot. This months tournament is No Vader No Cry format. Any Darth Vader Card or Anakin card is banned ( no fist , no Vader Sabre etc). When the new set drops we also do three drafts for one on release day, one two weeks after then one on the weekend. Additionally we added one Saturday morning a month to our calendar as a Destiny and Donuts event. It could be a draft, open play or a tournament, but the idea is I bring in donuts and give people a chance who cannot play on weeknights an opportunity to come out. We even did a "Homecoming"event where we invited people who had drifted away from the game to come back out via a facebook group to try and win them back. Each week we do a free raffle and give away something to the winner- packs, star wars toys, star wars key chains, loose action figures, something star wars related. The idea being you have a chance to win something for free each week. Another thing that has really helped to keep attendance up is we created a system called Emperors Cup. Each week you get one point for attending a tournament or open play. You get 5 points for first in a tournament, 4 for second and three for 3/4. Key is you get one point for just attending. This keep people coming back each week. At the end of June the Top 16 points wise are invited tothe Rancor Pitt Invitational Tournament. People are really into coming each week to make sure they get enough points to make that tournament. In July we will reset and have another tourney in January. Between the Emperor's Cup and the themed open plays, the weekend events, the free raffles, the drafts and the themed tournaments and alternative formats we are trying to keep the game growing in the area. I am always looking for other fun formats to try so send me your ideas if you have them.
  2. Vlad 9969 do you not understand how tournament scoring works?
  3. I am bummed I did not get a seat at Worlds. I would have went but did not get selected.
  4. 1) why won't you tell us when Legacies will have wide release? 2) why did EU get limited Legacies and US get limited Rivals? This cannot be planned marketing 3) How does Jan.4th qualify as a Holiday Release? 4) How much does OP and the Regional season go into making a decision as to when products will release? 5) How much input does Disney have into deciding when products will release? 6) Why wasn't there a world wide release of Legacies on Dec. 14 to coincide withe the release of the movie? Did you not know when it was coming out? 7) Why didn't you inform stores that they would be getting six copies of Rivals until two days before? Don't you feel like it is good to let store owners know when products will arrive? 8) How is SIX copies of Rivals supposed to promote the game? Don't you feel like it will just anger your consumer base who once again cannot get product from you FFG? 9) Why do you have such a hard time in giving players a release schedule as to when they should expect to see product from your company? Do you see competitors in your industry committing to release dates and think to yourself, "Hey how come they can do that but we cannot?" 10) FFG do you hate Destiny players? Be honest
  5. so when is the full release of Legacies? Why doesnt FFG tell us when their product will release? When will it be legal. This affects tournament prep for regionals so they should announce a date new product will be available and will be legal. come on FFG get it together
  6. Yeah what is the deal with FFG? just tell us when the next set is coming out. Why all the mystery?
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