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  1. I wish they would have just been specific on what he can discard. This is one case where i would be fine with thematically logical. A crew member, a droid (any kind), a missle/torp/cannon/etc. And then call it a day. I would have left titles and ept's completely out of it. Possible even mods, though most of those are pretty dtraightforward to manage removal with. He'd be plenty powerful just taking crew/droids and all munitions.
  2. I always assumed her ability was referring to bombs specifically, not the higher level bombs that make up bombs and mines...wow, that's not confusing at all
  3. Ive never run onto this. If they made a mistake, no problem. If it happens multiplr times in a game, ill start to question the player.
  4. I always thought this would be a better design, but since there are other things you use the template for, it would make barrel rolling inconsistent from maneuvering.
  5. And note, while the nubs matter for overlapping, they do not matter for range measurement. In that case, they are ignored.
  6. Or a dice tower. That tends to keep dice contained too.
  7. If Dengar interrupts the cluster attack and destroys the ship, I would assume it still gets its second roll aince this is all happen within the first ships attak phase?
  8. Totally disagree with the VI crit argument. The crit isnt telling you to reduce the PS to 0, it is telling you what the to treat the PS of the ship as which oveerides what the card and your base is doing and would ignore them. This is not an arugment for why boba removing VI wouldnt remove the effect of VI.
  9. Once you pit it down is when its locked in, IMO. That aplies to the templated for boost/barrel roll, measuring for range for the TL, and the roken next to the ship. The hold it in your fingers until you are you are sure is the equivalent finger on chess piece to me and how I play it.
  10. A ship is within range 1 of itself. The key word missing that is found on some other cards is 'another' friendly.
  11. I think your opponent is tying the declare target step with attacking. Fcs just requires attacking, wheras something like stressbot only triggers once because you only declare your target once.
  12. You know that's not how X-Wing timing windows work. I know that, sure, but for someone RAW crazy how do they know that.
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