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  1. Thanks, that was what I initially thought, but hoped was wrong.
  2. My group likes to play to play scenarios twice through with the same investigators when campaigns are first released to try out slightly different deck ideas/ make different choices. We already found with the first scenario and Wages of Sin that there was a very big difference in difficulty depending on numerous random variables. For the second play of the first scenario, despite knowing that people would have to be entirely self-sufficient for the first part and trying to plan accordingly, the clue specialists got monsters and the fighters got high shroud locations. We did manage to dig ourselves out, but the difference between the two plays was huge. For our first playthrough of Wages of Sin, the heretics were generally where we wanted them to be or just next door, so we managed to get three. The next playthrough, at least two were on the wrong side of the map and the various monsters inbetween the two sides made trying to get them were we needed them a no go. We barely managed to get one heretic and due to a bit of bad luck/xp greed weren't able to escape. This feels somewhat intended as the number you need to banish to get at least something is quite low, so getting a bit of bad luck concerning placement isn't the worst thing. If someone managed to get all 4 without giving themselves the perfect placement, I'd tell them to enter the lottery with that amount of luck.
  3. In the Know lets you investigate at another location as if you were at that location, if you discover the last clue off of the location you are considered to be at with In the Know, can you combo that with cards that trigger off discovering the last clue? (hawk-eye camera, crack the case, etc.) Or are you no longer considered to be at that location when those card would trigger?
  4. Hey, thought I'd weigh in, I actually happen to be one of the players in the podcast mentioned. I thought the maneuver system worked fairly well for moving boxes and I could definitely see incorporating more social checks to get other people to move freight faster. I actually can't quite recall how long it took us going fairly strictly by the book, but my gut feeling is that it might be hard to keep purely moving crates interesting for much more than an hour or two. Though it's totally possible, especially if you have players interested in maximizing efficiency, that there are ways to keep interest that I'm not thinking of. Also to Mr. Dodger, thanks for listening! You are entirely correct that we are just a bunch of friends recording our sessions and none of us are any kind of editors or sound engineers. We mostly record these to laugh at ourselves later and for some rotating people who can't always make it. So we apologize for the often loud background noise and other distractions, though we do try and pause if there's going to be a lot of dead air and I try to make sure any music isn't drowning us out. Hopefully we're entertaining enough that it's worth suffering through. Thanks again!
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