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  1. 1. Daisy can use any number, including zero, and combination of level 0 seeker, mystic, and neutral cards to make a 30(33 including signature cards and basic weakness) card deck. 2. Any investigator can be used in any campaign. 3. Stand-alone scenarios do not have investigators in them, so by necessity you can use any investigator.
  2. I think doing "poorly" in the core scenarios doesn't really say anything about your ability to play the game. I still think after playing everything up to this point that the core scenarios are pretty brutal, and really likes to pull nasty gotcha moments. Play Dunwich and I would try to do two-handed, as I've found that doing solo it's so easy to go from a game that's going fine, to one that's doomed. Edit: I forgot to mention that while you generally can progress in the core even if you bomb scenarios, the consequences are often so harsh that it can practically guarantee failure later.
  3. Hi Phaed, welcome to the game. In terms of managing doom for Blood pact and mystic doom cards in general, there's generally two options, that aren't mutually exclusive, right now. A. Moonlight Ritual to clear doom off a card before it would cause the agenda to advance prematurely. B. Add a bunch of doom the turn before the agenda would hit its doom threshold naturally, the witching hour if you'd like to call it.
  4. I can't help feeling borderline insulted; Hey, if you happen to have this equipment and everyone has a copy of the game, you all can play! Thanks? We've all had to figure this out already, thanks for nothing.
  5. Ah shoot, I forgot about that wouldn't get you the interpretation, which is what I would really want. This came to me while I was theorycrafting an Amanda deck that was going to have a focus on secrets and (eventually) use the Necronomicon from The investigator starter deck. So I want to be real slim on tome assets to use it with, but also don't really want to pay the experience to include it later.
  6. Okay, it's official Amanda is my new favorite, proxied her up and had a romp through Carcossa with Pete. Now I'm just half-expecting her weakness to be brutal to "balance" it out.
  7. I had a thought today, can Knowledge is Power be used to put Essence of the Dream into your hand when Dream Diary(lvl 0) is also in your hand? I think so, but I've certainly missed things before. I looked at the basic rules for bonded and it didn't seem to have anything preventing it. Also the Dream Diary doesn't have any text stating to remove Essence from the game if it isn't in play like most of the bonded cards do.
  8. I like the idea of re-imagined investigators, but Parallel Daisy's front seems far worse compared to her regular front and honestly I don't really understand what they were going for here. Her willpower boosting through tomes and ability to use a bunch once per game seem to encourage breadth of tomes, but the payoff to get it all set up is quite weak. Spending actions on your turn to activate 1 or more seems like it would be a really bad idea in a game. Being able to activate them all once per game doesn't strike me as nearly that great. Maybe in actual play it will be far stronger than it seems, but I can't help looking at it and saying it's Daisy but worse.
  9. Thanks for answering. So I usually play with a group of 4, but recently played some solo and two-handed. Solo investigators, and to a lesser extent 2 investigators, are very fragile and it really only takes a bad draw or two to go from a situation that's fine to completely hopeless. I tried playing with an extra action when it was true solo and felt it helped smooth out the challenge without drastically changing my odds of success. I feel like the core scenarios are still some of the most difficult ones, though I haven't played any of the Dream-eaters scenarios. There's a fair amount of times where doing the thing the game expects right away can be a waste of time or screw you over. Yes you can "fail" scenarios and progress, but this usually comes back to bite you in the *** hard later. I still think the game is quite entertaining though and feel that any expansion is an improvement on the core scenarios. On daisy, it's a bit unfortunate that there's really no choices for tomes in the core. Old Book of Lore and Encyclopedia are good cards, but I think Medical Texts is pretty bad. There's definitely more tomes to improve her consistency in some of the later expansions. You didn't mention what difficulty you play on, but I think naming one of the difficulties "easy" and saying you just want to experience the story was a mistake. I think it can make people feel like playing "standard" is what they're supposed to do. For the core scenario, "easy" can still be a brutal beatdown to the investigators. Point is, playing on easy doesn't mean you're bad at the game.
  10. That's correct, but drawing extra encounter cards will lead to an acceleration token faster, so Hyperjayman isn't technically wrong.
  11. So the game is certainly difficult, but could I ask a couple of questions that might help inform a better response? 1. Are you playing solo? 2. Do you own just the core? 3. Are you using the starter decks in the guide?
  12. Too true, I don't think I've actually played as her since the Return to Night of the Zealot. Funnily enough, I had a daisy deck put together to start playing soon, but it was temporarily tweaked to try out Amanda.
  13. No, just someone who has too much time on their hands right now. She looked so interesting from the preview that I played a couple of quick solo games with her. I'm also dying to know what her special cards are, hope they're even more interesting than her!
  14. I will sing Amanda's praises to anyone who'll listen just from looking at her card, so count me as baised, but I think she might become my favorite investigator. With cards like Eureka, Perception, Dr. Rook, Practice makes Perfect, I think it's going to be really easy to find what you want when you're going to want it. Amanda has lowish stats, but I bet that you get a magnifying glass or two down and you can investigate just fine. Pack some wilds in case you need to be flexible during your turn and I bet she's good to go.
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