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  1. Excellent! Been toying with the idea of running a DH game using Genesys with the old edition that you put out, with this new edition it's not really a doubt anymore about running a game. Imperial Armour would also definitely have my vote as to what to do next. Both myself and my players always enjoy having vehicles in any setting. If the intention with that supplement is to also add more on foot equipment, whether armor, weapons, and/or general equipment that would be a plus as well. Maybe do something similar to the idea of alternate patterns of equipment? Kinda like in Only War's Hammer of the Emperor.
  2. Well, if we go based on the artwork provided for Stormtroopers (I refuse to call them Tempestus whatevers apart from this post) I would have to go with the 10kg backpack is the ammo source. If you look at the 2nd column, 3rd paragraph of the Only War Core Rulebook it states that the Hot-Shot Laspistol & Lasgun "use a 10kg backpack power source rather than a standard plug-in pack..." which blah blah blah "make reloading more impractical." Considering the tradeoff's of easy reload in conjunction with the murder death cannon (especially combined with certain talents and a certain Sergeant ability) that las weapons can become, the Hot-Shot weapons with their impractical reload, I would say just stick with the RAW and keep Hot-Shot's complicated reload. No reason to blow regular las weapons out of the water.
  3. Eh, with this talent I think that this is one of those instances where it entirely up to the GM. By RAW, the Stormtrooper should be allowed to use it as often as he wants, and personally I would keep it that way. If the player uses it left and right to save comrades from dying, well obviously his character probably isn't going to have a long life span. Heroic tough guy sure, but long life span? No. You gotta consider that a Hot-Shot Lasgun has an PEN of 7, which will rip through his Stormtrooper Carapace armor (AP 6), and obviously if they use that ability to intercept something like a Lascannon well, probably time to burn a fate point. However it all depends on the type of game your running. If your game is primarily dealing with routing out start-up Chaos cults, renegade PDF and such then you may want to consider limiting it to once or twice per turn. If your game involves enemies that could easily one shot party members, like Chao's Space Marines or Necrons, then sure let the player run wild. Just make sure they have a backup character.
  4. It would all depend on the circumstances and the game your running. To start, if the player acquired it through requisition and your playing a fast paced game, I'd make it easy and either have it be that it's a "Plug and Play" and he's done and back in the action, or he's only down for a short time determined by the GM. If he acquired it through requisition but it's a more serious game, then no. I would say follow JupiterExile's suggestion and make it only be a 1d10 roll rather than the usual 2d10 roll (There just installing a higher quality system of the same type, not something completely different.) However, if he "acquired" it through other means, I would probably follow the above for a more serious game, plus tack on finding someone to do it for him, unless he wants the Mechanicus to know that he acquired something he shouldn't have. Finding someone to do this could easily be a little subplot for the group to do (assuming that the other members are on board with the idea,) be a good way to have a game even if your short on time. Whether or not the recovery time is shortened would be dependent on the skills of the installer plus the facilities.
  5. If we go by the RAW, I would say no. There is no mention of the Talent "Technical Knock" requiring a BS test, nor does it mention anything in the Errata (unless I missed something. Don't think I did.) Personnally, I agee with SgtLazarus's reasoning. It was my same train of thought exactly before I got to his post. Also, first post. Don't know if that's required to be announced on these boards, but here you go. Long time lurker however.
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