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  1. the list that RStan threw up has 46 points of wiggle room before you need to lose a Torrent so plenty of room for him to fit
  2. what if you were to turn 1 target lock Matchstick with all your ships also if he can bolt VTG and Dorsal it becomes even more scary
  3. gonna say this now: Matchstick + Friendly Target Locks = run away from Matchstick cause consistent hits are coming your way
  4. Neos472

    Overlooked ships

    i feel the E-Wing is a real overlooked one due to its cost but dear lord the places it can go is terrifying making this ship just a little more cheaper might make this thing viable for more than one or two in a squad and i could easily see E-Wings being the best blockers of X-Wing on account of the sheer volume of maneuvers it has available to it
  5. after reading my 1E Tycho card i am starting to fear Psycho Tycho with something like Composure and maybe even daredevil he would be hard to pin down and could really make his 2 dice have some real good efficiency if he does come back at his 1E capabilities expect him to show up on more than a few lists as he would be an amazing arc dodger
  6. i feel the RZ-1 A-Wing is going to get a real nice buff near the end of July with the return of its best pilot "Psycho" Tycho Celchu since we got a big hint that card packs are going to be announced at GenCon
  7. i bet it will survive the point change cause Wedge only shines if he is able to avoid fire and opponents tend to single him out quickly the B-Wings, Leia, and the U-Wing however are not going to be as fortunate as Leia allows the B-Wings and even Y-Wings a chance to really unload on a foe and as she is commonly on a U-Wing expect it to jump in price as well
  8. ah that does make sense thanks for the advise might as well remove for the bid then
  9. really? why? it give Wedge options in engaging through obstacles
  10. decided to do that and here is how it looks now Luke Skywalker (unchanged) Wedge Antillies (Open S-Foils and added Trick Shot) x2 Cavern Angel Zealots (removed Dead Man's Switch and added Inertial Dampers)
  11. Luke Skywalker (Open S-Foils) Wedge Antillies (Open S-Foils) x2 Cavern Angel Zealots (Open S-Foils and Dead Man's Switch) was thinking of bolting on inertial dampers on the Zealots but would like some input on this build though i doubt it will go far in any tourney
  12. i saw that gold squad match it was extremely clutch at that moment trading Fel for Norra was big and honestly had you not taken him out when you did i feel like it could have gone real wrong real fast for you with all 3 shooting at Han still way to go on that win got me considering that list given it's ability to deal with larger forces. I am curious though why you did not slap an Astromech onto Norra as you have the points for your pick of the lot.
  13. I actually fielded this list recently against a friend with x2 Obsidian Squadron TIE Fighters, x2 Scimitar Squadron TIE Bombers with missiles and bombs, and Captain Jonas with Cluster Missiles and Proton Bombs (the bombers might have had other stuff but was not paying attention) he took a pincer approach to Ten and Dutch in the asteroids but ended up losing a Obsidian when Hera point blanked him from behind saving Dutch from some potential damage, second kill was a bomber when Dutch nailed it with a proton torp, second TIE fell to Ten, and Captain Jonas fell to Wedge he called it after that with only a Scimitar Bomber left. can't for sure gage it since the dice were literally on fire for me and absolute duds for him when I did fire, each kill bar Jonas was a one shot I guess birthday luck was with me during the match.
  14. sounds interesting the only reason I would not replace lando is that he does synergize well with Norra's power but I also see where Leia is also amazing
  15. I have had some success with this build but I would like some possible ways to improve it so that it can be more reliable squad name: Gold Squad, Faction: Rebel Dutch Vander Y-Wing: Expert Handling, Ion Cannon Turret, adv protons, R5 Astromech, Hull Upgrade, Seismic Charges, Skilled Bombadier Norra Wexley ARC-170: Expert Handling, Lando Calrissian, R5 Astromech, Ablative Plating, Veteran Tail Gunner Evaan Verlaine Y-Wing: Expert Handling, Ion Cannon Turret, adv protons, Chopper(astromech), Seismic Charges, Hull Upgrade, Veteran Turret Gunner total points: 199/200
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