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  1. Awesome work @Kualan, incredibly professional design and some very good stats. I don't suppose you could do one for one of my favourite characters from the Clone Wars comics, Sora Bulq? Thanks!
  2. It's also eminently adaptable for a range of other contexts. After I showed it to the GM of the starfighter campaign I'm in he saw it as an opportunity for encounters featuring "Far Too Many TIEs". My own speculation on that use is that perhaps while the GM could be quietly noting down losses, all you're seeing is the finite strength of the cloud actually able to engage you at once and have to keep carving out a space within it. If only, say, eight TIEs can engage you at once from the swarm boiling out of that ISD's hangar, while the rest circle round for a clear shot, you have to kill that many per round or find yourself swamped, when evasion becomes impossible. Or perhaps it's a way to simulate crowd mechanics: you're facing down an angry mob on Coruscant protesting the war and have to score so many successes on a social check to convince the leaders, of they will surge forward. It's an extremely simple but infinitely variable set of rules, and one I hope to get a lot of use out of. Thanks, @KRKappel!
  3. Already found said thread, I need to explore the forums more before I post next time! Plus hopefully mine is arriving today, but that seems a little too good to be true.
  4. But then the numbers don't make sense, and my brain melts out of one ear trying to square the many circles of Star Wars writer logic.
  5. I believe it can carry 192 fighters and 36 bombers, per Star Wars: Complete Vehicles and Wookieepedia, source of all knowledge. These craft are stated in Ep.III-era sources as V-Wings/Eta-2 interceptors and ARC-170s. I've switched those for Torrents and Y-Wings in the early stages of the war for my campaign (coming to gaming tables near you as soon as the **** book arrives). For my money it's a very odd ratio, I'd be more likely to want 192 bombers and 36 fighters. Fighters only really need to protect the ship while bombers are your strike arm, and while on contemporary carriers everything's multirole anyway in WWII (which Star Wars carrier ops seem much closer to, at least in the Clone Wars) the ratio was heavily skewed to the more useful and versatile bombers. Though against the massive swarm of fighters a droid ship can put out I suppose it makes sense to have a large fighter escort. And expecting the fantasy stories with space wizards and laser swords to follow proper military logic is definitely a bridge too far 😋
  6. Is anyone planning on providing spoiler duties? The suspense is killing me!
  7. So does anyone have anything more they can spoil? Equipment lists? Vehicle lists? I'll take anything at this point! Anything to stop the thread getting locked anyway...
  8. Likewise. I have a group of players raring to go on character creation and getting eyes-on the new trees would be a fantastic help!
  9. No no you're wrong, it's just an admin error, FFG is sending out Rise of the Separatists and they just mislabelled it. That must be it! They can't be releasing A&A already! They still owe us RotS! Sobs into a preorder...
  10. Yes, I realised that after I'd posted. Curse those colonials and their backwards dates! 😉
  11. I reckon the next book after this will be Fall of the Jedi, a book about Order 66 and the Rise of the Empire, where the Jedi Career gets its own expansion, including both some sort of Jedi Temple Guard-variant, and a Jedi Runaway type. There are interesting similarities between the ACW and the Clone Wars, but that's where it ends. Funnily enough that's also the one where you might suggest there were 'war profiteers' (heavy inverted commas there...), as both sides did come to Britain to purchase arms as we were at the time the world's leading manufacturer. I would be happy to discuss this further off the board, as it's heavily off-topic, but to affirm: there's very little similarity between the Clone Wars and either of the World Wars, and the British (not jsut the English, please remember we're a broader nation) did not somehow conspire to bring the United States into the World Wars. If they wanted to just reprint Only War's Regiment Creation system I wouldn't really object. Some Star Wars flavour would make it excellent!
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