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  1. My sister is playing the team BH, everyone else has their book and she just fumes whenever anyone points that out. My brother is hoping it will cover Mandalorians.
  2. I have just started to wonder if I took this too much to heart when at the death of an NPC, two of the four players at my table exclaimed "I loot his body!" While inquisitors and stormtroopers poured out of Lamda Class Shuttles just outside of the compound they were in.
  3. Awesome, sharing a link to this post on my blog!
  4. Well done! I will show them to my group as a refresher!
  5. There are some really great resources out there for beginners, YouTube videos, blogs etc. Matthew Mercer from Geek and Sundry's Critical Role has a short series of DM tips, there are a few how to be a better player articles too. I started with a beginner box and it is very easy to pick up.
  6. I would love a new set of mini's for the games! I don't have older versions and am using imperial assault. Ones that tie into both games like the new IA smuggler ally based on Pash's art from the EotE beginner box would be great. One of my players is using Oskara as a continuing character and I can't find a female Twi'lek mini that isn't a dancer at all (not counting Diala Pasil who is clearly not a Bounty Hunter). I would love some male and female bodies in various armor types and some different alien heads to switch between so I could make my players their own character minis.
  7. Hi, sounds like a rough but interesting start to your GMing career. If your group plays with another group comparisons are inevitable but they need to consider that you are brand new to RPGs and GMing. Complaints from players when you have put effort into a story for them can sting, the important thing on your end is to remain diplomatic, if they get mean, ask them to keep it constructive. Try not to get offended or discouraged, every GM has their beginner difficulties and having the group split up can mess up a lot of planning. Going forward I recommend three things. First talk to them, remind them that you are new to GMing and like anything you will grow more skilled with practice and if you work together it will go faster. Remind them in a non defensive way that they asked for a more potentially lethal game and you gave them that and they were unexpectedly a man down, it will take some tuning to find the right balance. IMHO starting a session on a crashing ship sounds like a blast! Second look up some podcasts, YouTube channels and blogs. They don't have to be related to the FFG game you are playing, though that will help. Order 66 is probably the most well known podcast, I don't follow any YouTube channel consistently but the last Edge of the Empire one I watched was by a group called Dicestormers, Critical role is pretty well regarded fantasy game series with voice actors as players. I know of one Edge of the Empire/FFG blog on tumblr devoted to GM tips and a few good ones with a more general focus. Just search Edge of the Empire, RPGs, tabletop RPGs or GM tips on tumblr or any other blog site and you should find a bunch. I have a link to my own in my profile. If you don't have the beginner box or a published adventure book already, seeing how they set up the info needed for each encounter could prove handy and running something published by FFG could help with structure. The answer to your question though is no, you are not a bad GM, you may be new at it but you are imaginative, trying to improve and want to give your players a good time. Those are the most important things
  8. I want to see - More of Poe. - Rey training up under Luke and kicking more ass. - Kylo Ren become scarier but also realising that what he did doesn't make him more powerful. - Leia use the force, also how she copes with what happened with Han. - Chewie mourning Han - Finn being a hero some more and maybe facing off against Phasma. - Phasma being a badass. - A better looking Snoke (I hate that he is CG) - Hux's hopes and dreams crushed and all he loves coming to ruin. (I came to hate him during his speech)
  9. I think some people are possibly overestimating Kylo Ren (in general not particularly in this thread). He can't pull the information on the star chart out of (strong in the force but untrained) Rey's mind. Rey beats Kylo Ren when they both try to pull the lightsaber to themselves and after he is defeated Snoke tells Hux to bring Kylo Ren to him because it is time to complete his training. He doesn't seem to be quite as big of a bad some are making him out to be. I am going to watch again soon so maybe I will see something I missed before. I know everyone likes to assign extra badass points to Dark Force Users because they are so edgy etc but he seems far more fail than win. The blaster bolt thing was badass though. I know people have a tendency to get overly sensitive when a fave character is criticised, I don't mean this in a mean way or disrespectfully, just how I see things.
  10. I really am enjoying Rebels though I am only at the end of season 1. I'd enjoy it more if they were made for a mature audience instead of kids though. As something made for children it's going to have cliched use of tropes and annoying kid protagonists for them to identify with. I was pleasantly surprised that there was more than one female crew member, it at least seems to be doing a bit better with representation of women than some cartoons.
  11. I forgot, we're still in the archaic school of thought where we expect villains only to brood. No actually, It was that moment that humanised him for me. Even though I knew who the actor was under the hood he was an unknown to me until then etc it was the tantrum that made me feel like I understood him as I did all the other villains who have shared his tropes. I find things like cold fury and emotionally distant villains scarier than emotional messes, people who vent are less scary to me. You don't always have to go to snide condescension right off the mark, you can wait until you find out where someone is coming from before you leap to a fictional characters defence, maybe ask a probing question? I realise I didn't communicate why I felt like he wasn't scary as well as I could have so I get why you went where you did.
  12. Kylo Ren was scary til he threw a hissy fit. Edit: I don't usually find characters that have emotional outbursts as scary as those who are cold or emotionless. When I see people vent I find it almost reassuring, the whole tempted to the light thing and the hope Leia had for him to be redeemed also makes me find him less scary. I thought Luke's hope for Vaders redemtion was futile, not sure why I think Kylo's is possible, perhaps because I just don't find him as scary.
  13. When I bought the Edge of the Empire Beginner game it came without dice :-/ I don't know who their manufacturer is but they might need better quality assurance.
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