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  1. Ordered mine 1/28, so I should be seeing them any day now?
  2. Anyone heard / received anything lately?
  3. Challengeboards.net hosts a ladder for our ELO games. Two players agree to an ELO match, duke it out, and report.
  4. I'm newer as well. So determination: since it says discard immediately; does that negate the damage as well?
  5. Those are super sweet. I'm sure I will be ordering more once my shield tokens and templates arrive. (I forsee a mass order once my buddies see this stuff. lol)
  6. I flew that "Three Amigos" list at my last store tourney. Im sure youre a better player than me; but still.... good luck.
  7. Nice. As a newer player that jumped in with both feet and bought a lot of stuff (ex 40k player); its nice to have a base line to start.
  8. Gotta get me some of these!
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