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  1. I also foresee a lot of people not reading their cards correctly and doing things the wrong way. Sun Fac is going to be a very feast or famine ship in a way that almost no other ace is in the game. The fact he pretty much needs to be at range 1 constantly is a big downside, and he has no native boost or barrel roll either. Flip side is putting a tractor token on a ship in front of four shell charge droids is going to be very real.
  2. If it saves you from two damage it's providing value over not taking it, and has a fair potential of saving you from more. There are a few ships I can think of that this would be troublesome with, but I'm not exactly afraid of it yet either. Sure, but when was the last time you saw Poe? Also in that case just murder the ship Holdo is on, since it's the one stuck holding the check. It's likely to be a powerful ability but it has its downsides and limitations too.
  3. The only thing that gets me about deflectors is that the reinforce action on it probably should have been red. Though I'm betting it will be costed out of viability on most ships, and if it isn't it will be eventually. I can think of several ships it will be decent on, but reinforce tokens are fundamentally a losing proposition since they don't stop all damage.
  4. I'm going to go with the sky isn't falling, for a couple of reasons: 1. POINTS. We don't know them, and likely won't for a week. That kinda makes all the difference. If Leia is 16 I doubt she'll see much play even still. 2. The Resistance is actually rather weak right now, especially T-70s. Their best list has only gotten a max of top 8 at a SO, respectable but by no means overwhelming. I didn't see a single Poe at my SO, when he should probably be a thing. Powerful cards are good for the game because they give options and are actually competitive as opposed to binder fodder. I'm getting really tired of binder fodder in 2e. 3. We need some faction identity, and these definitely give the Resistance that. They're supposed to be the powerful ship ace faction. I was still enjoying the latter part of 1e, and so trying to solve combowing power curves was something I enjoyed. I'm glad to see some stuff that echoes that.
  5. The constant addition of utility cards like Retreat is making conflict deck building for me a problem. LftD is interesting. It's a fan that costs your opponent two cards when you're done with it for a fate. Maybe not worth it in the end, could see it in a dishonor deck for hand hate. 2 influence kinda hurts it there.
  6. All of them. I started the policy in 1e and I'm not about to stop now. Haven't played Scum or FO in a bit though.
  7. For me the idea that Poe has a worse dial than Anakin is hilarious considering that he's basically married to R4, and Poe has a one straight. Further Poe can take torpedoes and natively double mod them, which is a massive firepower advantage that Anakin has no hope of equaling. I don't like to consider ships in vacuums because they're always part of a list. The Republic equivalent of three Amigos is a whopping 216 points for Anakin, Plo, and Obi with 7B. The Resistance version with Poe/Ello/Nien is 179, and the Rebel is 162 for Wedge/Thane/Luke (enough to give them all proton torps and have two points left over). One of the major problems with these sorts of pilots is that initiative really matters when they're fighting each other. I'd give naked Wedge decent odds against Anakin with 7B simply because of how punishing his ability is against aces and the fact he will be moving second because he costs less even though Wedge costs a full 26 points less (that's proton torps, ABs, and outmaneuver with two points left over for initiative). Vader with Hate/FCS/Afterburners is 2 points less than naked 7B Anakin, has the same level of action economy, has a third agility die, has an ability to get precious force tokens back when things go **** up, and will hit much harder with a crit conversion and offensive reroll. That doesn't even get into the opportunity cost of taking Republic instead of Rebels and Imperials. If I take Vader over Anakin I have access to numerous quality wingmen that can leverage Vader's strengths. The Jedi don't have access to that and won't for some time I think. Palps is decent but way too expensive and cumbersome to be a quality choice. Quite frankly I don't think Aethersprites have the support ships they need to really succeed in the competitive meta. Yes I've flown with and against them. They seem decent but not amazing. Anakin is good in a 1v1 with lesser I ships, but then what I6 ace isn't? Soontir with Predator would kill my opponents faster than Anakin.
  8. I'm always amused when people say this and then completely ignore that Howlrunner has been a card in the game since wave 1. The game has always had manipulating the dice to your favor being a key portion of the game. In fact TIE swarms dominating everything almost killed it before it took off, and was a chunk of the reason FFG made the Phantom the way they did.
  9. As opposed to just taking a 4-6 ship efficiency jousting list and then running at your opponent and then K-turning? K-turns that are now often white because of Leia? Yeah, right. Nothing stops people from taking Soontir, QD, or Poe with a 15 point bid. Why don't you and win every game, if moving last was such a massive advantage? As for myself: Reinforce needs to go back to being able to reduce damage to zero. It was hardly the only thing that made Auzitucks good, and without repositioning Ghosts and Decimators just get mulched. I'd never take either ship while there are lists like 5Ys running around. You can still flank the ship, and you can jam the token off. TIE Advanced should have had an evade action, and its linked action should have been focus into red TL.
  10. People like shiny things, in this case it is quite literally shiny, and often like to acquire them. Wanting something isn't in and of itself entitlement either. Neither is providing feedback that you do or don't like particular policies. Of note I haven't noticed anyway saying that they really like that FFG is doing this. I think it's a good thing if FFG knows that a large chunk of the playerbase would like access to special paintjobs like this. Because they'll keep doing this if they don't. I think an alt-paint ship is a bigger deal than a alt-art card by a fair margin, and wish there was some way for the general public to get access to this. Like I said earlier in the thread, I think a lot of people are blowing this off because it's a vulture droid and many people aren't planning on playing them and it isn't a loved ship. But what if this was the only way you were getting a official moving wing Poe's T-70? ****, what if they decide to do the Blue X-wings this way? Because at this point I can almost guarantee you that that's going to be a thing if FFG keeps this up.
  11. I have to wonder if people would be so flippant about it if it was Poe's black and orange X-wing, or a red-stripe interceptor, or one of the varied Jedi paintjobs? I.E., ships people are much more likely to care about. Because I can guarantee that they'll keep doing this as time goes on, and with likely far more popular ships.
  12. Sure. I've long been a proponent of giving Vader a talent slot. He'll have to take a stress to get the evade token about half the time (which means it probably won't happen or makes him more predictable), and he will still go pop a fair amount of the time. This is still a ship that requires a ton of skill to pilot well. At the very least I would like for them to put it in and see how it turns out.
  13. Also both the BB astros scale now. Makes them a steal on the low PS T-70s while still costing the same for Poe. A nice buff for T70s I think.
  14. I've been running them with instinctive aim, FCS, and concussion missiles. I think that concussion missiles are being underrated by people, you get three charges and if they're shooting after your two other ships they can royally destroy a lot of ships.
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