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  1. To add on this this, **** 4BZ versus TIE swarm meta. That can go die in a fire and I hope it never comes back. It's far more like work than playing a game.
  2. I'll give you three guesses as to why I got into X-wing and the first two don't count. Didn't get one so I'll wait for the 21st, after that it's off to eBay. I will have this ship, I quite adore playing Padme.
  3. Getting rid of it would allow intimidation blockers to actually do their job against him, which would allow some listbuilding counters to him, and give Boba something he'll need to think about in the planning phase instead of going wherever and getting most mods anyway. As is he just dances around them. Slave I is my only real problem with Boba/Fenn. I've done alright against it with several different lists in HS while never having bid on it.
  4. They need to do this for new ships for Rebels and Imperials, no need for new factions. Ignoring the two biggest factions for new ships is just stupid from a game and product line perspective. If Naboo's will sell, XJs and TIE droids will too.
  5. Since I am apparently the first person to do it: Thank you FFG for letting us buy these even if we aren't going to the event. The completionist in me thanks you. It actually looks like a pretty cool repaint.
  6. Why did VTG go up to 10? Like, actually. I was not expecting that, and it basically makes the points buffs for bombers superfluous. And yeah, Hyper is going to be a super weird format now. Honestly wish that SOs weren't it. Not sure I want to travel for them now.
  7. I wish they had thrown a bone to the I5s and 6s that didn't see play much, if they weren't going to change the costs of the other aces much.
  8. It's a really good change, and shows that the designers have some good brains behind what they think. Tractoring to just deny shots now isn't much of a thing, but if you're not paying attention you're likely to still get wrecked by asteroids and debris, and it still punishes aces that want a stress by forcing them to double stress to rotate. I like it. Also basically makes tractoring your opponent off the board impossible. Also Sun Fac + 6 droids won't be a thing anymore anyway, so I'm curious to see where all this lands.
  9. Seriously this. Has no one run into 5 SFs? Nasty list that doesn't die easy and hurts quite a bit more than you would suspect. Also unlike As it doesn't care about rotating its turret or being forced to take stress tokens, and it gets more goodies on top of that.
  10. Or stupid action economy. Hint to everyone else: Resistance was designed as the faction for us old 1e fogies that actually liked playing the game in the later part of it, and enjoyed coming up with the lists that made the rest of you cry.
  11. A few people have already said ones that I would do. Generic resistance bombers down to 51-52, with the named pilots going down accordingly. All Resistance falcons go down another 3-5 points. A sprinkling of points cut from T-70s. Advanced Optics to 5 Passive sensors on Vader up to 6. Base Vader doesn't change. He's been 70 before and few played him. Hate back to 3 for all ships. Non-Vader /x1 comes down 4-5 points across the board. Republic force users not nerfed nearly as much as people want, but congruent with their actual tournament results. 2 point increase on Obi and Plo, Ani unchanged, 1-2 point decreases on I4 and below. Wildcard: 4x7B Jedi Knights is made legal, Anakan comes down 2. Nantex not changed much at all because tractor rules changes. Chertek and Sun up 2 maybe. I'd rather droids went to 21 myself. I don't even want to try and guess what happens to the YT-2400 and Corran.
  12. Which is good, because the ships this can go on aren't that great. God forbid the FO actually gets a good upgrade card that will put them on the mat for competitive play. This upgrade makes most of my hesitation about the TIE/Ba go away, and gives the FO a card that lets their aces compete with those of other factions. Kylo can't take it, which ironically probably makes him worse than Vorneg for the points now, cost depending. The regen aspect of it has to be decided in the system phase, so it's even more of a gamble than R2s are. I actually think the regen is secondary to its ability to shed tokens you don't want. Those usually end up causing you more damage than a single shield. And again, this is an upgrade for ships that are universally considered to be uninspiring and not competitive. I'll take it. Now we just have to wait for how many points it will cost. Edit: Also, I realized in 1v1 endgame situations where you are both going to be k-turning PT is an exceptionally potent card. Forcing a crit onto your opponent if they want to deny your red action economy is a steep cost, and most FO ships can deal with it.
  13. New bomb in the gunship, along with some more new ordinance. Also looks like there might be a new illicit with the Xi. Overall looks like a solid wave, wonder what the reprint ships will be.
  14. I would not sleep on the token switching part of Power Cells. Twice a game you can laugh at Sun Fac, or once a game you can regen and then ditch the disabled token. It also works well for using with the ships ability, take the deplete and then discard it, and gives you something to do with it if you're ahead or they're not shooting your regen ace. It's a really well designed card.
  15. Before the July points update a 12 HP list would have had significant problems dealing with all comers, and Vader and Soontir were cheaper then. You needed something beefier to stand up with them like a Lambda, because there were a lot of generic efficiency lists and they did well. Also Handbrake Han was a thing and he just kinda laughs at that list.
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