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  1. DarkArk

    Happy Friday- What ship is surprising you in 2.0?

    I've been running them with instinctive aim, FCS, and concussion missiles. I think that concussion missiles are being underrated by people, you get three charges and if they're shooting after your two other ships they can royally destroy a lot of ships.
  2. DarkArk

    Happy Friday- What ship is surprising you in 2.0?

    Generic Inquisitors. I've done pretty **** well with a pair of them so far, complimenting two other ships.
  3. DarkArk

    So, let's talk first balance patch

    I'd rather they just got rid of the second missile slot on the bomber and see how it pans out. The reload on it was what they shouldn't have given it.
  4. DarkArk

    1.0 upgrades you hope will find their way to 2.0

    Pulse Ray Shield. The fact they made the HWK a two shield ship now gives me hope. Scyks are awful without it.
  5. DarkArk

    Scum First Impressions

    Dengar is still pretty decent. The thing that probably hurts him the worst is the lack of white rotate, and the lack of easy mods for all the dice he throws. He'd be way better if getting the third die didn't take his crew slot because then he could take perceptive copilot. He's also married to proton torpedoes so he's still pretty expensive. Scum Han is fun, and really tanky with the shuttle docked, but I found his abilities to just be too situational to be tournament worthy, forcing people to not use their linked actions is pretty great though.
  6. Come down to Phoenix Comics and Games for our first second edition tournament. It will be a standard 200 point affair. We don't have new tourny regs so I'll use 1e ones, except for half points on all ships. Start time is at noon, and we usually end about 5. Phoenix is at: 113 Broadway E, Seattle, Washington 98102
  7. DarkArk

    Anyone used Dengar Gunner yet? He ok?

    I watched a Firespray with him destroy a Defender in 1v1. I think he's pretty **** good, especially because green tokens are hard to come by for a lot of ships.
  8. DarkArk


    Y-wings and Z-95s were also used by the Republic, though I wouldn't be too surprised if they made them different. Also Scurrg; we're pretty liable to get Republic Nym.
  9. No, not Vader. He lost both double reposition and the ability to token up. He's going to be easier to chip to death, since he also didn't get any more hit points for either of those changes, and won't be able to dodge nearly as much as he used to. People will run him because he's Vader and now they don't have to buy a Raider, but I really doubt he's going to make cuts and win major tournaments. So the force point at ten is more a conjecture of what a generic crew that just gave you one force point would cost. It mostly matches up, but it obviously comes in at more than that for the crew since they also have abilities. In the instances where they clearly didn't value one force token at ten points, looking mostly at the generic Inquisitor versus the Baron but also Ezra in a TIE, I think it will end up being fairly competitive. But the big name force users cost so much more than their often times higher initiative co-pilots that I just don't see it being worth it. Vader, Kanan, now Kylo. I can't even imagine what Rey is going to cost. None of these ships are going to be competitive against swarms or even efficient four ship lists.
  10. So FFG seems to think that a force token is worth about ten points, and I think that's played out here with Kylo being 23 points more than Blackout for the same I and ship. I'm really glad that FFG can change points now because I don't think it's worth that much, especially when virtually all force abilities require you to spend one of those tokens. I'm really doubting that any of the force pilots are going to end up in the meta, except maybe Luke but he has effectively infinite force. The rest of the pricing actually looks pretty fair to me. OL going up 2 points from 1e in exchange for I6 sounds about right. There does seem to be a real lack of pilots though, especially for the TIE/fo which is getting a box. They needed to put out like 10 of them, not the 6 that we got. I wonder if 7 Zealots will actually be good.
  11. DarkArk

    Your Favorite 1.0 Memory

    Beating 4 Z-95s with Vader to win a System Open.
  12. DarkArk

    Confused by Firespray title prices

    You're overreacting. Yeah it's a decent title, but a conditional reroll is probably worth about 3 points in 2.0, and that's all it does for the three points. The gunner crew you then have to pay for, and that brings it in line with the other titles. Giving the Firespray reload is a solid addition that should cost a few points, it has some of the best bombing capability in the game. Also I think the ability to switch maneuvers on Slave I combined with white boost gives you ridiculous movement shenanigans.
  13. I really don't see much of a problem with this, certainly not one that would require a hard errata. Very few ships don't have linked actions that don't involve focus. Punishers don't have EPTs, so bombers with their BR > TL, and E-wings with their choice of boost or BR. That's it, those two ships are the only ones that can do it. One a fairly fragile ordinance platform, the other being one of the most expensive small ships in the game. If anything, this explains why the E-wing costs so **** much.
  14. No, they did get nerfed. A lot. More than that, Phantoms got redesigned to the point that they basically look nothing like the ship that came before it. For that reason, as someone who loved flying 1.0 Phantoms and is having a blast with Krennic/Whisper, I probably won't be flying Phantoms much in 2.0. About the only thing they did right was nerf its cost ridiculously too (something the Jumpmaster can't say). I can only hope when they get around to its rerelease they give us some config cards that make it closer to its 1.0 iteration. It feels to me like FFG went out of its way to target nerf everything that was ever competitive in the game into the ground. We'll see how that pans out, but I don't think the competitive lists were that overpowered in comparison.
  15. DarkArk

    Tonight's new pilots for lore lovers

    This. She should have lived. Probably the only new Resistance person I gave a **** about in TLJ: and she's just gone.