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  1. Now, that playmat (or Playmap ) is amazing!!!!
  2. YES!!! Can't wait to get those... probably in 2019!!! (It takes forever since last year until FFG products become available in Canada )
  3. Nope... those alternate art cards don't do it for me : the text is too small, icons are all over the place, and you play one alt. art hero with regular art heroes, it looks like a card from another game. It's a matter of taste...
  4. For me, the nightmare version (in solo) of the Ninhin... the Nihn-inch... the Nine Inch... the Nin-Inh-Ilph... frack... the The Nîn-in-Eilph (!!!) is one of the toughest quests to beat... and I was never able to do it without Lore Aragorn.
  5. Fastest method (if you get lucky): start with 2 heroes in secrecy mode, one of the heroes is Leadership, than mulligan for Timely Aid if it's not in your starting hand, and if you're lucky, NT will be in your 5 cards.
  6. Yep, I see your point. And I stand corrected!
  7. When you drive your car and a song you hate plays on the radio, you just change the channel. When you play LOTR LCG and a card you hate exists, you just don't play the card. I fail to see why this often turns into complaints or discussions... or why we never hear about encounter cards that are too powerful...
  8. I managed to beat (not in the first try) the nightmare version in pure solo with this deck: http://www.ringsdb.com/deck/view/61788
  9. Bastion Defender, Pipe of the West, Dunedain Refugee and Song of Eorl by themselves justify buying this deluxe pack.
  10. LOL! Like this whole debate about ''problematic'' cards according to some players is such a useful debate.
  11. Just don't play the **** cards. Or play the nightmare decks!
  12. Do this : buy a few Magic decks, play Magic for 2 or 3 months, as much as you can. Then, one day, instead of starting a game of Magic, open your LOTR LCG boxes, randomly pick a quest, build a deck... ... and see the light.
  13. Hi!I would to know when will the following NIGHTMARE decks for Lord of the Rings LCG will be available in CANADA :-The Lord of the Rings LCG: The Dread Realm Nightmare Deck-The Lord of the Rings LCG: The Treachery of Rhudaur Nightmare Deck-The Lord of the Rings LCG:The Battle of Carn Dum Nightmare DeckThank you!
  14. Yep, Banania,s site is a must, It even presents erratas!