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  1. Wow.. Super nice site!!!
  2. Yep, I saw the demo and I quite liked it, feels different and difficult enough.
  3. Athelas & Taking On Water

    It would be nice to see an ally that could repair ship allies...
  4. I'm just happy that the digital version is like a light version of the physical card game, so it won't cannibalise the physical game. It's a smart move from them to produce a cash grabber, like Tragic calls it. It may also make some new players of the digital version try the real cards.
  5. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    I really hope this delay will only happen this once...
  6. The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    ... and there's our big FFG announcement.
  7. A LOTR LCG companion app (free) like the one they have for Mansion of Madness would be super nice!
  8. Mountain of Fire

    I'll sure give it Try!
  9. Mountain of Fire

    Well, after so many attempts (around 30), I've given up for now : Mount Doom in pure solo is madness. I'll probably restart the whole saga soon and try 2 handed. If someone beats this in solo, please share your deck!
  10. FAQ 1.9 Released

    I think that we will be surprised to see how good Boromir still is. For Caldara, I think they basically killed her : to put a max a 4 allies after a few turns, don't know about that... But Caldara decks always bugged me because they always lack attack power (in nightmare mode).
  11. Big news?

    Whatever it is, I hope it's not too expensive.
  12. FAQ 1.9 Released

    Yep, some quest like Blood of Gondor or Escape from Dol Goldur, your usual super tough quests. Maybe Imrahil tactics with his allies ability could be a good replacement. And maybe the erratas should not affect nightmare play? I'm thinking about that house rule.
  13. FAQ 1.9 Released

    Wow... Those erratas make some quests now really, really hard to beat in pure solo nightmare mode... In a positive twist, maybe we can call it replayability value?... I do wish they would have nerfed up some heroes, like lore Bilbo or tactics Dori.
  14. Mountain of Fire

    I think that the best strategy is to have the less allies possible, because : -your threat raises based on how many characters you control; -some treachery and locations punish you for having allies. I wonder if a secrecy deck with Gandalf ally and a few powerful allies (not Ents to be thematic) could be good. With ways to give heroes a ton of ready effects and questing power (like songs), because the quest doesn't punish you for having attachments. Like a Sam deck with Spirit Beregond or something.