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  1. Lecitadin

    Meneldor's Flight

    Oops... You're right! 😅
  2. Lecitadin


    I think the first action for Boromir was errated... with a Once per year limit or something... but I'm not sure... I donn't remember seeing any mention of it around here...
  3. Lecitadin

    Meneldor's Flight

    It works well with Gandlaf paid full price before he is discarded.
  4. Lecitadin

    Organizing cards

    I keep all my cards in a garbage bag, I shuffle them all and the just draw 50 cards from the bag and then choose my heroes.
  5. Lecitadin

    New Nightmare Decks announced!

    Yes! These are going right now on my Christmas list. If they ship before Christmas... 😳
  6. Wow... I beat Flight of the Stormcaller in pure solo the first try with this deck... and winning at stage 4 by destroying the Stormcaller! This is the Noldor deck I always wanted to build! 😊
  7. I'll try this deck for sure!!
  8. Hi fellow players! If I attack Na'asiyah with the Mirkwood Runner, because she ain't immune to player card effects, I can kill her in two turns, right? Thanks!
  9. Lecitadin

    Crossing of Poros on the boat

    Since the ally version is unique, it doesn't,t change anything.
  10. Wow.. Super nice site!!!
  11. Yep, I saw the demo and I quite liked it, feels different and difficult enough.
  12. Lecitadin

    Athelas & Taking On Water

    It would be nice to see an ally that could repair ship allies...
  13. I'm just happy that the digital version is like a light version of the physical card game, so it won't cannibalise the physical game. It's a smart move from them to produce a cash grabber, like Tragic calls it. It may also make some new players of the digital version try the real cards.
  14. Lecitadin

    Crossing of Poros on the boat

    I really hope this delay will only happen this once...
  15. Lecitadin

    The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    ... and there's our big FFG announcement.