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  1. For me, that last cycle did not show any killer player card for me that would justify starting to buy any of it. Seems too me that most of the new cards are old acrd effects recycled. I love the gem and always will, but this las cycle... I won't bother.
  2. Great work! A must for new players, also. Cheers!
  3. Yes... Is there a link to printable versions of the quest rules cards that are included in the OCTGN packages? I tried ti find it, but without any luck...
  4. I always use the Ultra-Pro penny sleeves, the cheapest. They are so inexpensive that I always have some sleeves around to replace the ones that brake, but they do not brake that much, actually.
  5. That's why I'm not buying the Rhovarian cycle. When they put out the nightmare cards for the Hardrim cycle, I'm not buying anymore.
  6. Hi! In Canada, you can try : -http://www.meeplemart.com/ (but they seem to be late for stocking new LOTR LCG stuff lately) -https://www.starlitcitadel.com/games/ -http://www.levalet.com/ ...but I buy my LOTR stuff at https://www.miniaturemarket.com/ They are in the US, but there shipping fee is super cheap, and it takes around 10 days to get your stuff. And even with the money exchange rate, they have very good prices. Le Valet de coeur also have a good shipping rate, around 5 $.
  7. I'm still waiting for a Spirit Aragorn... nut at this point, I've made my peace with it.
  8. Indeed, I totally agree with your suggestions. But my credit card, on the other hand... ?
  9. Some quests have super nasty locations, this card can save you a lot of pain.
  10. You can always play easy mode with the physical cards. ? I should also have mentionned that I always play nightmare mode 100 % solo, so the digital version felt like a Fisher Priced version of the game... ?
  11. I did, and it's not for me. I think it doesn't have the tension of the physical game. And so much less is hapening.
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