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  1. I agree, you should only be able to leap to short range then move into engaged, same goes with getting out of combat...you have to disengage to short then leap away. I have had this happen a few times now and it makes melee combat against the individual very difficult with them leaping around like in the scene with Yoda vs. Count Dooku! lol
  2. That makes a lot more sense. Thanks guys!
  3. One of the final control upgrades to the Enhance Force Power, it states "The user only needs to use a maneuver to perform a Force Leap, instead of an action." I initially thought that meant you would no longer need to roll an athletics check because normally when you roll some dice that is your action. However after thinking about it further, I figured you probably need to still roll the athletics check (as you would have before unlocking that upgrade), it would just count as a maneuver instead then you get to roll your action. What do you think is the proper way to roll it?
  4. I think that would make sense, a D4 if you are 90+, D6 if you are 80+, D8 for 70+, and D10 for everything else...the higher you go the harder it is to stay there and you can't rely on lucky die rolls to save you.
  5. I think this would work with a weekly/bi-weekly game, my problem is that I have a monthly session that lasts between 5-7 hours...so after that is over usually there is enough time passing to warrant a roll.
  6. That's more or less how I think it should be. You can't be this good and moral person, then suddenly kill a person because you don't want to deal with them...even though that would warrant 10+ conflict per RAW, I would say that something along those lines means you are instantly Dark side.
  7. So, 2P51, I know you tend to be more direct if any BS happens in game (at least from looking at your previous advice) so if a Light side Paragon straight up murdered someone would you count that as the 10 listed on the chart or would you say they are "insta-dark side" because of their horrible choice?
  8. I really need to figure out either a new system or some new ways to give out conflict during my F&D sessions. I have 4 PC's and 3 of them are Paragons of Light because they consistently roll well during our monthly session and keep going up in morality. I have tried to give out conflict based on the chart in the CRB, but even if they get 8 conflict during a session they end up rolling a 9 or 10 and go up by 1 or 2. Has anyone else had any issues with this? Has anyone made a house rule for conflict to make it more prevalent? I was debating on changing the end game morality roll from a D10 to a D6 to help lower the chance of going up in morality, but then I would be worried they would never even try to utilize the Dark side pips on their Force rolls and would start getting frustrated (as players).
  9. I got this from customer service when I emailed them: Hey!Thank you for contacting us with your inquiry. Unfortunately we do not have any updates on when The Ghosts of Dathomir will arrive as we have been experiencing some shipping and manufacturing difficulties. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us again!Thanks!–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––ZachCustomer Service Representativecustomerservice@asmodeena.com651.639.1905Asmodee North America
  10. What stats did you use for a death trooper? I wanted to use some in my game but I wasn't able to find any stats anywhere...
  11. I didn't want to read all 3 pages so I'll just put in my 2 cents and hope someone didn't say it all yet... I proposed this idea awhile ago in another thread and got the same sort of feedback...basically that the initiative system works you just have to make it work better for you to get things moving along quicker. Some of the takeaways were to 1. Delegate this task to a player, allow them to deal with it while you prep the encounter 2. Use a Tracker sheet to make it easy to write down who rolled what (Like THIS - I printed it out and laminated it so I can use dry erase markers on it) 3. Have your players get used to announcing their roll number in order of Success then Advantage and announce a Triumph separately (ex: I have 1 & 3, or I have 2 & 0 & a triumph) 4. Pre-roll your enemies ahead of time, before the session jot down some rolls for certain enemies then pass that along to whomever is prepping initiative All of these tips have helped me combat the slow setup for initiative that I ran into as well. Hopefully they will help you too!
  12. I tend to agree, if the content was free then it would be warranted...but charging for it may qualify as a normal post, but not a compiled resources link. 😕
  13. So I wanted to follow up on this since I decided to run this scenario this past weekend. The PC's had just been wrung through the gauntlet during the Trial of Skill from the Nexus of Power and passed (mostly). I had them meditate and rest and told them there was one more challenge to come... I introduced the scenario as them entering a shared Force vision and set the scene above. They ended up swimming to save the sub, 2 of the 3 were eaten in a single bite by the monster! However before the last PC bit the dust, he managed to roll a double Triumph on his mechanics check to fix the airpump, so I allowed him to figure out how to fix the engine at the same time! He ended up distracting the creature while they got away and got eaten himself. All in all, they all died but they managed to save the people aboard the submarine...so not too shabby! I will talk them through some things next session and present rewards, but with them knowing that if they died they wouldn't lose their character did seem to enable them to take more risks than they normally would...so I would say it was a success.
  14. Right, but what I meant is what would really break if I made a house-rule that his lightsaber had active stun with 0-1 advantages to activate it, and no breach? I mean there are already mods out there that lower the crit, increase damage, etc., so why would giving the quality active stun then adding a mod to reduce the amount of advantage it takes to activate be that game-breaking? I can't really think of much... I understand the Kimber crystal exists with a higher damage output to combat having to go through soak, but it still seems like you could just make a crystal have active stun instead and then no having to deal with giving a weapon 11 damage, only to have 5 nullified by soak. Instead you could do a base of 6 damage with active stun and do 6 straight stun damage without having to spend any advantage or deal with soak at all.
  15. You're probably right. I have already had a talk with him about it so even if I gave him a regular lightsaber he should know better...I just know him, and I know if I give him something that's full power he will probably end up abusing it because he has the "must win, player vs GM" mentality. True, except without active stun it has to deal with soak and unless you make the damage extremely high then it isn't nearly as effecting at incapacitating enemies.