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  1. I need some ideas for raising the stakes

    Don't let them rest or heal, make so much happen over a 24 hour period that they max out how many stim packs they can use and they're no longer effective. Throw them in jail and take away all their weapons. Kill their mentor and destroy their home base. I have done all of these things and my characters have been thoroughly stressed... #evilGM
  2. Typical End of Campaign XP Total?

    I believe my current FaD campaign is around 700 XP, as Force users they are quite OP with their Force powers and lightsabers. While the EotE and Aor have more room to expand it gets more and more difficult to challenge 4 full fledged Force users on a regular basis. I am concluding my campaign next month and will be starting AoR with another person GM'ing. It might just be me, but I feel that the Force Powers are very OP when you get through most of the tree and then it can be used on a whim once they are Force rating 3+.
  3. Transitioning GM to a player...

    I actually watched this back when it came out, but it does make some good points. Unfortunately for my situation it is more that the player in question seems he would rather be playing a video game rather than an RPG and it disrupts the table, both players and me (the GM) alike. I have read about being the passive-aggressive d**k GM and doing this, but I feel that it doesn't really solve the problem. Yes, he might find out how I feel about his messing around and differing attitude, but ultimately I look like more like the "bad guy" because I keep killing him off. I guess I read that wrong...however after 3+ years of playing with him and talking to him about his play-style and mindset multiple times it feels like his version of "chilling out" is that he doesn't mess with my story as much anymore, but therefore he doesn't tend to participate as much and gets bored. It tends to be one extreme or the other, either he plays and screws with me (with the PC vs GM mindest) and HAS to win, or he goes very passive and then goofs off because he doesn't have anything to do because he is not engaging. I honestly just don't think my version of RPG's (or maybe RPG's in general) are for him IMHO. I'll have to read that myself...I think it might be lost on him though. We've come this far and his mindset hasn't changed.
  4. Transitioning GM to a player...

    True, I could tell him that he could come over to hang out but not play...but I have a feeling that would probably be even more boring for him since he couldn't interact with the story at all. I don't know...I realize the right answer for the group is to kick him but I can't bring myself to do it. I have 2 of the other 3 players saying they are fine with either kicking him or starting with a new GM, so I do have the majority in favor of whatever I decide, and I really don't want him to do this to my successor who would be a "brand new" GM for all intents and purposes. So the conundrum is we either keep him around because we are friends and that's the only day a month we hang out, or kick him out so we can finally play a game with everyone on the same page but risk him holding a grudge and being mad about the decision. Life can kinda suck sometimes, I don't want to adult right now.
  5. Transitioning GM to a player...

    I know... And that's my problem, I really don't want to be"that guy." The group of us normally only get together once a month to play for about 6 hours. We see each other online and occasionally IRL, but mostly this is our one time a month that we are physically around a table hanging out. This player even told me that he shows up mostly to just hang out with us, not because he enjoys playing the game. I really don't want to boot him out of the group when we get together so infrequently. On top of that he is one of my best friends and even though we have differing styles in gaming, we still have a bunch in common and like hanging out outside of RPGs. I think kicking him out would put a strain on our relationship as well as the entire group, even if it would be better for the game. I'm torn.
  6. Transitioning GM to a player...

    *Update* After my last session I talked to the player in question for a couple hours regarding some things that bothered me during the game as well as his overall gamist mindset with RPG's. We eventually came to find that our mentality about RPG's are fundamentally different, I like to run my RPG's as a collaborative storytelling game, he thinks of it more as a video game and always has to win. I pretty much knew this going in, but after talking it out for awhile it solidified everything. I told him I had a problem with him running a game with this mentality and he ended up agreeing that he would probably not be the best GM and would probably end up trying to screw with the players. At this point I have 2 options, kick him out of our monthly game, or transition the mantle of GM to another person and see if it's just me and him butting heads. I spoke to my entire group and of the 3 other players, 2 were fine with either decision and 1 person said they would rather not kick him out if we had another option. At this point I think I will end our current campaign in the coming months and transition from GM to player and pass the GM mantle on to another player I feel comfortable doing so with. I am honestly not too hopeful that this will make much of a difference as the person I would be transitioning GM to said that the particular player would probably always be the "problem child" regardless of who GM's due to his mindset. I know this is probably true, but it will be nice not always being the bad guy for once, and if we see that it continues with someone else at the helm then we know for sure it's not just me. Hopefully we will be able to figure it all out, maybe the problem player will eventually not play on his own accord, idk...but at least after transitioning to another GM I won't have to stress about it as much anymore.
  7. OP PCs

    Glop Grenades or any of THESE weapons with active ensnare quality. If he is ensnared then he can't use his lightsaber...if he can't use his lightsaber then he can't parry or reflect.
  8. OP PCs

    I've had issues like this with a player I have and talking to him outside of the game usually is the best way to resolve it. Stopping a game mid session to look up rules is never good practice and the player should take your ruling as law because you are the GM...if they wish to argue it later then you can tell them you will examine it via RAW later but to push on for now. Players like this make it hard to want to continue GM'ing sometimes IMHO because if you feel opposition all the time it stops being fun. If this player has already caused other people to quit and talking doesn't work then it may be time to either do the "rocks fall he dies" moment, or stop hosting at his place and find a new place to go. Another way is to give the players multiple points of combat, like when Darth Maul and Qui-gon are fighting behind those force field walls and Obiwan is busy waiting....instead make your group get caught behind the force field and allow your mechanic to try and solve the problem while the OP player gets to fight a ton of NPC's at once. It breaks up the combat and allows everyone to feel useful. Another thing to try would be to start utilizing snipers...give your players an opportunity to "defend" by rolling a vigilance vs the snipers stealth...whereas normally an initiative roll doesn't require a difficulty, in this case it could be their Vigilance vs. 2-3 red and 1-2 purple along with some setbacks or boosts depending on the situation (noisy streets, night time/darkness, stealth suit, etc.) A bounty hunter that is coming after a Jedi that powerful is bound to be a powerhouse himself, so utilizing traps that they won't be able to get out of easily, or using Glop Grenades to not allow them to parry, reflect, there are quite a few options out there...you just have to look for the weird ways to use them!
  9. Advice for a brand new GM?

    Give this a read! NEW GM GUIDE by Timequake To echo what other people have said, just have fun...make sure you know the dice pool mechanics and if you have a bit of money to get the GM screen it can be a real help. I played the base EotE beginner game with my friends (non of whom played any RPG's before) and we ended up playing for about 7-8 hours because they loved it so much I just kept making stuff up and using Kainrath's Mos Shuuta Supplement made it pretty easy! We ended up using the included characters for that first session and then everyone created their own characters for the next session and we just swapped them out since they had similar backstories it wasn't too hard. The beginner game is quite fun and The Long Arm of the Hutt is also pretty cool, so make sure to download that after you are done with the main story!
  10. Transitioning GM to a player...

    I was thinking about some of these questions myself and I am not sure my group would want to start new characters and play in a game where their main PC's are not receiving the experience. I could definitely ask them to see if they would be interested in creating some new ones to make this a mini-vacation from our regular campaign so it doesn't interfere. We only play once a month so it may be hard to convince them to replace that with this new game, but maybe we could find time to do it alongside it separately... My main goal is to make sure the players are having fun yet are challenged, so if he can do that better than I...well I may just hand over the reigns for the campaign too!
  11. Transitioning GM to a player...

    I am going to be GM'ing for the next few sessions at the very least. If anything this will probably transition somewhere at the beginning of next year so we can finish out this story arc. I know of one of my players who I feel would probably be a more fair minded GM since he does enjoy reading and likes to RP...but that is also because the player who wants to take over has the "play to win, GM vs. Player, min-max" mentality and I like to play more roleplay heavy games where the story is the most important part, not the loot or gear. An example I have for doubting this particular player involves his newer character...like I mentioned, he wanted to fall to the dark side with his old character even though he was in a light side game. I allowed this per RAW and advised him that if he doesn't actively try to redeem himself then his fellow players will notice that he is dark and will probably not want him around anymore. I gave him 6 months to rise up and he never did, he said he didn't see any way to do so, but I gave him multiple ways to save people while risking his own life, being selfless, and things of that nature but he always took the easy route which lead to more conflict, meaning he stayed on the dark side. I spoke with the other players and they saw that I was giving him opportunities but when I explained them to him afterwards he always used the excuse that "his brain doesn't work like mine so he didn't see the situations that way." Now I would understand that if he was new to the game, or if no one else at the table saw it, but everyone did but him and I think that doesn't bode well for a GM. However that wasn't even my main point to this story, the real issue is that he created a new character because we talked and decided to kill off his old dark character as he couldn't figure out how to redeem himself. Once he created the new character, with some restrictions (non-combative to start out), and some help with the background, we got him up and running. When I would ask him any questions about his characters, likes/dislikes, what he would do in certain situations, he would say he didn't know because the character is too new and he needs to figure him out first...to me that feels like a cop out. While you may not be able to delve deeply into a backstory and give exact answers for everything you should be able to answer some easy questions about your character right off the bat because you are the one who created it. I feel that if he can't even answer basic backstory questions and what his motivations are, then how is he going to create NPC's on the fly and embody them rather than make them the exact carbon copy every time...?
  12. With the Ghosts of Dathomir possibly making its way to the US (again...) I am thinking of transitioning as my groups primary forever-GM to a player who actually bought the book to run the module. I am glad to experience playing as a PC in this game as I have always been the GM spanning all the campaigns we have had since we started 3 years ago...however I have a few hang-ups about it. Since I have been the only GM, I alone have had creative control over the direction of the story (to what extent a GM can have control) and giving that up gives me pause. The other factor is that the player who wants to GM has never GM'ed before in his life and has been a problem child in my game from very early on...but with communication and being friends outside of the game, we have been able to move through most of our issues in-game. Mostly he likes to min-max, played as a dark side evil Jedi among a group of light side Jedi and actively didn't try to redeem himself, has a very PC vs. GM mentality, plays to win, and up until the past year he has always tried to mess with me to throw a monkey wrench in my plans. I am worried that even though he has played as a player all of these years he will revert to his player mindset and not that of a GM. I also know that he doesn't like reading that much, so I am concerned he is going to make rulings based on how he has thought I should (but usually didn't due to RAW). I am not sure he fully understands the concept of GM'ing and I don't want the group to end up either falling apart or getting killed because he makes questionable decisions as the GM that I could no longer overrule. I may be thinking too much into this because I am very invested in the game and my players, but I think some of my concerns are valid. What do you think, am I being crazy and controlling? Should I just get us to a point to transition then hand over the reigns? Do I need to setup some guidelines before I pass it off?
  13. Pathfinder Companion Questions

    Just an FYI, companion animals do not roll initiative checks for combat (contrary to what I stated in my initial post.) If you have a companion you wish to utilize in an encounter, then you have to burn a maneuver to command the animal which allows them an action and maneuver themselves immediately after you make the command. Who would you be assisting, your companion animal? I don't really see why you would waste your turn assisting your animal, but I suppose if you are directly assisting them then I would say any boost dice could be applied if you are interacting directly with an animal. In the sourcebook Savage Spirits, on pg. 70 it mentions that your bonded animal companion can use the assist action with their master and generate 2 boost dice to their masters next check instead of the normal bonus from the check as long as they are within short range of their master...however that is the other direction, the animal helping their master.