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  1. Not sure if it would work but I agree with the Firefly idea. Serenity also showed a large volume of capitals and unique ship designs. Seems like the game would be more asymmetrical, though. Unless you set up during the war, you'd basically have the Core defending shipping lanes or high value targets from raiding parties (reaver or otherwise). That being said, it could be a blast. I also like the idea of Starblazers. Someone already makes a fleet game / minis, but if we're dreaming, it would probably adapt very well. And the lane / quadrant / board clearing super weapons would be a blast to yield. I imagine Homeworld, Halo or Battlestar Galactica would be the easily adapted. But would probably be the most likely to eat market share of future Armada releases as they could be very similar. Other random thought: Last Exile. Not sure it would work, but I specifically remember flying ships of the line pummeling each other over rolling countrysides. At the end of the day, I'd just like to see more Star Wars support.
  2. Intrested in hearing more about the campaign and how the fleets are started and persist through the game. Would have loved to see a true co-op game system. I got all excited when I saw the title. I thought they were making an official "Heroes of the Aturi Cluster" for Armada. Especially after the articles on using xwing minis for their rpg system.
  3. Not sure where I saw it, but someone has embedded tiny magnets in the hull of their VSD, one per hull point. Each damage card they got, they added on flame to the VSD model. I want to say I saw this on WWPD or something.
  4. I've always been intrested in GripMats, just too cheap to spend money on single use mats (I only play one space tabletop game)...
  5. Might be going off the deepend, but Star Fleet Battles / Federation Commander are pretty fun, might be something there.
  6. Why not make the super weapons a ship title card? "Discard this card to attack one ship in your front arc with x-color dice." Or something to that effect. Then you wouldn't have to nerf the rest of the ship's weapons/arcs.
  7. Just trying to continue the joke. Not sure that Armada is going to do an EpVII wave, anyways. They've only just started the civil war era...
  8. A new wave were declared: http://www.miniaturemarket.com/ffgswxtfa.html
  9. Starblazers online sells most ships/nations at 1:4185 scale. Not sure about the mounts to armada stands at this scale, however.
  10. All the fighters I have, the pegs are just a hair too big, causing them to fit very snugly onto the clear plastic stand. But they did fit, with no issues. To that end, they don't fall off when using or storing the models. I assume this is by design. If they are litterally too big to fit, contact support. It cannot hurt.
  11. Contact support? Theres a very easy to use page to report miscast pieces. I had a problem with my GSD support stand right out of the box. They instantly sent me a replacement, no cost. And didn't want the miscast piece. In your situation this would net you proper support stands while still letting you try and fix the ones you got.
  12. My FLGS has 4 VSDs, 12 CR-90s and a few cores. It's slowly drying up... MM still has 500 to 900 of everything. At least they did last week when their stock was on the news page.
  13. I'm starting to consider removing the ships and flight peg from my squadron bases. It makes me sad that the models wont be there, but think about how much less you'll have to move the bases during gameplay.
  14. That is quite stunning. I'm always too nervous to depart from the fictional painjobs. But it looks great.
  15. I had a serious problem with my Gladiator support. Somehow the support is larger than it's supposed to be. When I tried to attach it ot the Gladiator or Core VSD, they go shooting off with some force. I submitted a support ticket and got a response within the day. It'll be replaced at no cost. There are disclaimers, however, that they will not replace warn parts. So I'm not sure of a solution there. The two things I can think of are: 1. Replace it with a magnatized flightstand used in aircraft games. http://corseceng.com/omni-stand/ is a good example of an aftermarket solution. But you can make these yourself with relatively cheap magnets. https://www.kjmagnetics.com 2. Look on shapeways for a replacement peg (there are several people in the armada paint/modeling forum that have made items available).
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