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  1. @JollyP, I just registered at RPoL so that I could join your game. Unfortunately, you've flagged it as an Adult Game, and RPoL will not allow accounts under two weeks old to even request access. Also, even had I been able to send a RTJ, I would not have filled out that ridiculous statement you are demanding, providing you with my age, year of birth, and physical location. Asking for mature players, then treating them like children before they can even beg your permission to play seems counterproductive to me. I would have liked to join a PbP DH2E game. Guess I'm not going to be able to this time...
  2. MorbidDon, am I right to see shades of Darkest Dungeon in those facilities and their effects?
  3. I for one think something like this would be great. Something similar to the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer and the Imperial Munitorium Manual. It would be a great way to corral some of the fluff conflicts into one place and set the tone for Askellon. Frame it as an Administratum Report on civillian life in the Askellon sector or some such. This would be very cool!
  4. After searching around a bit this seems a likely place for you to get good answers. All of the topographical map generators I found produce maps from the real terrain of the earth. If you can find realworld locations that are close to what you want, try this generator. Good luck!
  5. Hopefully the impending release of Enemies Within will help out with this. It seems pretty clear from what has been written so far that the book will introduce and develop a mechanical system for investigation. I'm also hoping for a system (although it'll probably be a later book, if ever) that lets the PCs build NPC organizations. Each step away from scene dressing hanging on a combat simulation is a step in the right direction!
  6. Echoing Lynata, I have three stylistic 'complaints' about these. Why, oh why, would you bother to make a hulking armored walker and then have the crew completely exposed? Forget falling off (they seem pretty securely attached). Got a Skitarii walker problem? No problem, just shoot the pilot-guy in his exposed and unprotected head. Especially as an AdMech force, with their technological superiority, this is grating. The Sydonian Dragoon's lance-thing is neat. But... leverage. It looks top-heavy, and increadibly unwieldy. It seems to me that wieldiness would be important for something that is to be wielded. This one is silly. Why does every (with one exception) model seem to have puppet strings pulling up the corners of their robes? Or are they pulling a Marilyn Monroe perhaps? Otherwise, it'll be pretty neat if they build out the lore a bit more! edit: what are the forked things sticking up from the troops' shoulders?
  7. Huh, thanks for letting me know. I guess that I need to dig into my browser settings. So scratch the first suggestion/request, but I think the second still stands.
  8. I was wondering if FFG was going to release a useful Askellon Map, perhaps as a standalone .pdf like the Character Creation Supplement. Is this likely? In any case, I haven't done a detailed study of Meriba's beautiful map yet - is it accurately 'cannon' (or does it include Homemade locations as well)?
  9. I have two one suggestions/requests that would massively improve my experience on these forums: 1) Can we get a "Go to first unread post" button that actually goes to the first unread post? Its current behavior seems to go either to the last post, or the first post on the next page. This 'functionality' is actively anti-helpful when trying to keep abreast of multiple threads that are of multiple (occasionally many) pages long. 2) Forum Organization. Under the Roleplaying Games section there are 22 separate forums. Of these, 8 are for various Star Wars games, and 6 are various Warhammer 40k games. I know that many of the WH40k posters are interested in material from several or all of the 6, and I would imagine the same is true for the Star Wars games. Navigating this can be a huge pain, especially as the "View New Content" options are subtractive rather than additive (filtering by forums and items I've posted in only looks for items I've posted in in the forums that it filters by. This means that I have to either deselect and then reselect the forums I am primarily interested in to actually see all the threads I've posted in (which are occasionally in different sub-forums). Or, I can just use that for forum filtering, and then manually search through for my postings. It seems to me that this could be alleviated by grouping all of the WH40k forums into a super-forum, maintaining the current sub-forums (and doing the same for Star Wars). While this post is selfishly motivated, I expect that many other users would find that these two suggestions (if implemented) would significantly improve their experience. Thanks!
  10. You might be looking for the Dark Heresy book Disciples of the Dark Gods Chapter V: Malleus.
  11. Roll20 is one of the most popular options. Obsidian Portal is another. You can always just use skype or some other communication platform and otherwise treat it as you would at the table. I'm sure some of the good folks here will have some more suggestions for your group. Good luck!
  12. Check this out for more information on these. (Gotta love Google!)
  13. Seconded. Also, from a security standpoint, HQ should not be in the center. You might consider creating a staff enclave that surrounds the main gate, but is separated from the main camp. Entering the camp, one would see and be in the staff/guard camp with separate living/dining/logistics support facilities. These would (ideally) be staffed by non-prisoners, but they might need prisoners for these tasks depending on how well manned the guards are. One would then need to pass through a second layer of security to enter the prisoner's camp. Imagine two 'concentric' squares. The inner square is divided with perhaps the top quarter reserved for the guard's camp. The space between the squares is the killing zone giving guards a chance to get escaping prisoners before they are outside the perimeter. Filling the rest of the inner square is the prisoner's camp. I think that something like this will help improve your camp's verisimilitude.
  14. This sounds like a really neat concept! Go watch The Great Escape. Prepare yourself for some sweet Steve McQueen motorcycle-jumping, Nazi-dodging, tunnel-digging awesome. Make the prisoners do the work needed to sustain themselves (like gardening, latrine-cleaning, building camp improvements [better watch-towers, or clearing fields of fire outside the camp perimeter], etc.) first, and then give them a larger project that they are contributing towards like a massive temple or building roads or a large weapon's installation. There's nothing else quite like being forced to help create the instruments of your own enslavement! Good luck with your concentration camp!
  15. I am in the process of rewriting the module to incorporate much of the given feedback. Fixes include: Terminology Shift: Assessment -> Trial Revamping the 'mechanics' to eliminate rolls other than for Characteristics and Combat. Revisiting the Physical, Social, and Mental Trials. I think the Physical Assessment is the weakest and needs a serious overhaul. The Fellowship Trial needs work. This will look different when I am done with it. I like Cognizar's idea about the mock trial. I might incorporate this into a later revision. (This might also absorb the interrogation scene as aggressive questioning!) cps is right that the mental assessment is contrived and barely there. I will get this into better shape. I am having my first actual playthrough of the module this evening. I want to get as much of the above list in at least working order for tonight's session. Is there anything I've overlooked that needs immediate attention? Is there anything on the list that I should save for later? Help me get this module ready for tonight! Update: So the first actual run through the module is complete! It was a heck of a learning experience, both in terms of the module and more generally as a GM. A lot of things went really well (one or two things went phenomenally well - at least it seems that way to me) and perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of things didn't go so well. I'll type up a thorough review and evaluation of the session soon - probably later in the week as I am about to get slammed with work. Thanks for all of the help and suggestions and advice so far!
  16. Why not? I've been thinking/wondering about this lately, and I'm not sure why FFG wouldn't want to do something like this. Why they came out and said there won't be 2E's for anything but Dark Heresy. The only thing I can think of, and this might be a bit out there, is that GW is getting ready to kill 40k. The timline keeps inching closer to 41k, the time of endings has arrived... Maybe they are getting ready to let the Golden Throne fail, see what happens and move in WH41k - Something New! Do you have any better idea/information about the rationale behind not creating a Grand Synthesis?
  17. Great concrete suggestions! Thanks for them and for the explanation of why you dislike random generation. I need to ponder for a bit and digest your suggestions. I'll edit this into a proper response later on. As far as taking the criticism, its not too hard to do. It is clear that you are passionate about rolepalying games, and that you therefore have strong opinions. It seems like (from your posts that I have encountered) you have a wealth of experience and knowledge, so those strong opinions are probably based on something solid. And I'm the new guy, and I pointed out my near total lack of experience, and I'm doing something new with the game without a solid base of experience with the RAW. It also seems like you've probably hashed these exact issues to death many times. So I can see that you were only trying to save me from myself and getting frustrated with the noob who is asking for your advice and then ignoring it. So, no hurt feelings here, and thanks for the specific actionable suggestions. edit: I've taken a lot of your critique onboard and am working on a first revision. I should have something to show here in a few days.
  18. cps, thanks for the feed back. First off, I want to be clear that I appreciate your opinions and the effort you have expended in reading the module. I don't want to sound defensive or like I can't take criticism. But I think that some of your critique is coming from a fundamentally different perspective than that shared by my table. As such, some of your criticism is hard to use - it isn't aimed at my implementation so much as the approach to RPG's that it embodies. Railroading vs. Linear Design Linear Design does not equal railroading. But then, Justin Alexander has recently written about this, far better than I could: I think, and this is now backed by at least a partial live playtest, that I've managed to design the module so that railroading isn't necessary. The PC naturally and organically faces the various assessments. Random Generation I get that you dislike this. But we do not share your white-hot hatred for random generation at my table. Perhaps instead of generalizing your personal preference and assuming it as a general Law of Gaming, you might explain why you hate it so much. Rather than declaring that by using random generation I am: (and yes we agree that the point of playing a game is to have fun) you might deign to demonstrate how it undermines fun. I've had a lot of fun playing randomly generated characters with randomly generated stats over the years. I have met others with similar experience. At least for us, random generation does not undermine our ability to have fun. To claim otherwise is ridiculous. Excessive Rolling This is a topic about which I am concerned. I have attempted to prevent excessive rolling in these extended tests by having a narrative cut after failing as many times as the relevant bonus. This places a maximum of 4 failures (and likely less than 4) on each test. In the case of the Strength Assessment in particular, this is probably still excessive. The later assessments have more narrative support for interesting interactions at each step of the way. But not so much with the door, and even the dart. Hopefully I can improve this aspect with more playtesting and further advice here. PC Choice This obviously relates back to the railroading. But I want to directly address something you wrote: You are right that the PC cannot choose other tests and tasks. The are in a tightly constrained environment. But there is massive room for choice with cascading effects built into this module. I often point out such possibilities although I didn't attempt to write a comprehensive flow-chart for every possible action any PC might take. Further, each test is designed (though admittedly the Physical Assessments are less effective in this regard) to let us learn about them. Especially from the Resistance Assessment onwards, this is explicitly addressed in both commentary and mechanics! Again, thanks for your time and thought. But it seems that most of your critique is once again simply an attack against a playstyle different than your own. I don't know if you routinely attack different playstyles or if there is something about me in particular that grinds your gears. In any case, I know that there is a lot that I could learn from you, and I hope that you will continue to provide feedback. If you are interested in helping, then I challenge you to think about how I can improve the module while retaining my table's gaming preferences! edit: spacing
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I can see your point about the DoS/F. I should either rename my mechanic, or at least give a more thorough explanation. I am trying to keep as close to the RAW mechanics as possible, so that I create as little confusion later on for the Players. This definitely needs a second look. As to the second point, I agree that this is a potential point of difficulty. Without a complete redesign to make the entire testing sequence not a sequence (turning the currently very linear module into a mini-sandbox) I think that I have to rely on the GM's discretion. I just had my first Playtest (which was unfortunately interrupted partway through), and it was far more successful than I was prepared for. The PC avoided confrontation with the 1st Ragged Cultist, just as in your example, but it wasn't too much of a problem as the I had the Cultist press the issue. As the PC has no skills or talents during these scenes, I think the GM can relate the PC action to the relevant characteristic without too much difficulty. As long as we get that first roll, determining the characteristic, the rest of the test can be altered/discarded as needed. For the Playtest, I ran a friend who is an experienced Pathfinder and D&D DM through. He is relatively unfamiliar with 40K, and completely unfamiliar with the DH2 system. I started with a brief fluff intro - enough to have an idea of the universe's flavor, and some of the relevant history and organizations. We then ran through RAW character creation to provide a baseline. Finally, we started my character creation module and got through the first two assessments (Physical and Martial) before other obligations reared their head, forcing us to stop. This was my first experience as GM, so I had plenty of questions and learned a lot that wasn't directly relevant to the module. The main mechanical issue that was raised is about Fate Points. I can save myself some headaches by just moving the Fate Point Threshold roll to after the assessments. There were a few other suggestions that came out, but were pretty minor. Overall, I consider the Playtest to have been a success. If nothing else, I now know that I can GM and that the module is at least playable - through the Martial Assessment anyways! I should be gathering more feedback over the next week or so as I run my Players through. In the meantime, I hope to learn from the highly experienced GM's here!
  20. Sorry, about that. Here is a link to a version with no background images that might be a bit easier on the eyes.
  21. Greetings, I have completed a first draft of my In-Play Character Creation Module for Dark Heresy 2. I will be conducting a first play-test later today (hopefully) with an experienced GM who is new to WH40KRP. I have also already received a bit a help from another member of the boards here. I intend to use this with all of the players in my upcoming campaign, and I hope that it will serve as a useful tool for me in the future as well. Please read through it if you have a few minutes, and give me any feedback you might have. Anything I've overlooked or over-thought, mechanical problems or contradictions, layout suggestions and typos; I want it all! My Players and I want our characters to have existence independent from us. While this isn't literally possible, we can simulate/emulate/approach that ideal with a more narratively-based chargen process. We are going to play a game that emphasizes player-built organizations using indirect and subtle means to achieve the PC's goals. Combat is not the primary focus. These preferences have heavily influenced the design of the module. So, if you disagree with those preferences, please don't make suggestions for change based just on this disagreement. I am hoping for advice on how to make this module service our preferences the best that it can. The module is in a single, multi-page pdf file hosted on Google Drive. It can be viewed on this page and downloaded there as well. Please be gentle, this is my first attempt at something like this. edit: Link for a version with white backgrounds for easier screen reading
  22. SirRunOn, Many people purchased copies of the Core Rule Book with binding glue that failed almost immediately. I received one of these, and had never encountered anything quite like it. It was literally being held together by the stitching. There has been widespread speculation as to the cause. Most common seem to be 1) Too many pages for this binding method or 2) A substandard printing run. Of course there have been others as well, but last I checked these were the leading contenders. It is important to note that FFG has been replacing copies for those who report it. I bought my copy from Amazon. About a week after I filled out the online form for replacement (with photos, but no other proof of purchase, or identity), I got an email informing me that a new copy had been shipped. They didn't hassle me, ask for more information, or anything. That was some of the better customer service experiences that I have ever had. I have the new copy but, to be honest, I haven't opened it yet. I'd hate to have the binding go on this one too. Hopefully others will chime in with their experiences, and we'll all get a bit smarter about book production!
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