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  1. @JollyP, I just registered at RPoL so that I could join your game. Unfortunately, you've flagged it as an Adult Game, and RPoL will not allow accounts under two weeks old to even request access. Also, even had I been able to send a RTJ, I would not have filled out that ridiculous statement you are demanding, providing you with my age, year of birth, and physical location. Asking for mature players, then treating them like children before they can even beg your permission to play seems counterproductive to me. I would have liked to join a PbP DH2E game. Guess I'm not going to be able to this time...
  2. MorbidDon, am I right to see shades of Darkest Dungeon in those facilities and their effects?
  3. I for one think something like this would be great. Something similar to the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer and the Imperial Munitorium Manual. It would be a great way to corral some of the fluff conflicts into one place and set the tone for Askellon. Frame it as an Administratum Report on civillian life in the Askellon sector or some such. This would be very cool!
  4. After searching around a bit this seems a likely place for you to get good answers. All of the topographical map generators I found produce maps from the real terrain of the earth. If you can find realworld locations that are close to what you want, try this generator. Good luck!
  5. Hopefully the impending release of Enemies Within will help out with this. It seems pretty clear from what has been written so far that the book will introduce and develop a mechanical system for investigation. I'm also hoping for a system (although it'll probably be a later book, if ever) that lets the PCs build NPC organizations. Each step away from scene dressing hanging on a combat simulation is a step in the right direction!
  6. Echoing Lynata, I have three stylistic 'complaints' about these. Why, oh why, would you bother to make a hulking armored walker and then have the crew completely exposed? Forget falling off (they seem pretty securely attached). Got a Skitarii walker problem? No problem, just shoot the pilot-guy in his exposed and unprotected head. Especially as an AdMech force, with their technological superiority, this is grating. The Sydonian Dragoon's lance-thing is neat. But... leverage. It looks top-heavy, and increadibly unwieldy. It seems to me that wieldiness would be important for something that is to be wielded. This one is silly. Why does every (with one exception) model seem to have puppet strings pulling up the corners of their robes? Or are they pulling a Marilyn Monroe perhaps? Otherwise, it'll be pretty neat if they build out the lore a bit more! edit: what are the forked things sticking up from the troops' shoulders?
  7. Huh, thanks for letting me know. I guess that I need to dig into my browser settings. So scratch the first suggestion/request, but I think the second still stands.
  8. I was wondering if FFG was going to release a useful Askellon Map, perhaps as a standalone .pdf like the Character Creation Supplement. Is this likely? In any case, I haven't done a detailed study of Meriba's beautiful map yet - is it accurately 'cannon' (or does it include Homemade locations as well)?
  9. I have two one suggestions/requests that would massively improve my experience on these forums: 1) Can we get a "Go to first unread post" button that actually goes to the first unread post? Its current behavior seems to go either to the last post, or the first post on the next page. This 'functionality' is actively anti-helpful when trying to keep abreast of multiple threads that are of multiple (occasionally many) pages long. 2) Forum Organization. Under the Roleplaying Games section there are 22 separate forums. Of these, 8 are for various Star Wars games, and 6 are various Warhammer 40k games. I know that many of the WH40k posters are interested in material from several or all of the 6, and I would imagine the same is true for the Star Wars games. Navigating this can be a huge pain, especially as the "View New Content" options are subtractive rather than additive (filtering by forums and items I've posted in only looks for items I've posted in in the forums that it filters by. This means that I have to either deselect and then reselect the forums I am primarily interested in to actually see all the threads I've posted in (which are occasionally in different sub-forums). Or, I can just use that for forum filtering, and then manually search through for my postings. It seems to me that this could be alleviated by grouping all of the WH40k forums into a super-forum, maintaining the current sub-forums (and doing the same for Star Wars). While this post is selfishly motivated, I expect that many other users would find that these two suggestions (if implemented) would significantly improve their experience. Thanks!
  10. You might be looking for the Dark Heresy book Disciples of the Dark Gods Chapter V: Malleus.
  11. Roll20 is one of the most popular options. Obsidian Portal is another. You can always just use skype or some other communication platform and otherwise treat it as you would at the table. I'm sure some of the good folks here will have some more suggestions for your group. Good luck!
  12. Check this out for more information on these. (Gotta love Google!)
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