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  1. Thanks guys, great answers and much appreciated RoV
  2. Hi all, I've been off playing other games for a while, but am planning to get back into competitive X-Wing. Can someone give me a quick run-down on what the different formats of event/tournament are, and how that effects the playstyle? Thanks
  3. If someone's silly enough to pay those prices for it, more fool them. The game is expensive enough lol.
  4. As an Orc/Ork player of many years (not anymore) I can relate to that...
  5. Lol, yes there are some ships that ore overcosted, but Rebels are far from useless. Whining about it doesn't make things any better.
  6. You already have been. Rebels isn't ascendant right now, but they are by no means unplayable or non-competitive. Don't overdo the panicking...
  7. Low pilot skill pilots be like;
  8. No. I'd rather have Ewoks in the game ?
  9. If they've got experience playing Armada, I'd not be too concerned they won't pick X Wing up pretty fast. Perhaps take lists that don't do a lot of viffing about with boost and barrel rolls, just to simplify things a tad.
  10. Sounds like you need to make an example of your dice, more than there's a problem with the game.
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