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  1. Hi there, I was wondering about what happens in a given scenario. Could anyone confirm if I am right please? Scenario: One or more boarded centurions on the boarding party track, with the most advanced on the track not being close enough to end the game with a single activation. No heavy raiders in space. One or two basestars around Galactica, still able to launch cylon raiders and heavy raiders. Heavy raiders are activated by a crisis card or cylon fleet. I understand the rules to say that cylon centurions are not heavy raiders, although they activate together. Also, that when there are no HEAVY RAIDERS on the board, each basestar launches one heavy raider when heavy raiders are activated. So here, if I am right, the boarded centurions will advance and each basestar will launch one heavy raider. The fact that there are centurions on the board does not remove the fact that there are no heavy raiders. I accept that I may be wrong about this, but this is the best sense I am able to make out of the rulebook. Any feedback would be appreciated
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