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  1. Does anyone have custom Oggdude datasets updated with the era splat books? If so would you mind sharing?
  2. @OggDude What books are you currently missing?
  3. AOR Core p. 393 sidebar "Rebel Alliance Military Ranks" mentions "Light Cadet" in the Starfighter Command column. Was this a typo and supposed to read "Flight Cadet" or is "Light Cadet" correct? Thanks in advance!
  4. Yup, there are dice roller apps, an app for Imperial Assault and one for XWing in the works. Worst case scenario they make an agreement with EA?
  5. I have donated and would gladly pay FFG for an official version
  6. FFG should just hire Oggdude or pay him as a contractor to make the software official! I know I would gladly pay FFG for an updated polished version of the software. Thoughts?
  7. @OggDude You've done an incredible job with this program for FFG Star Wars! At this point, since it seems like you've been extremely busy, would you consider transitioning the project to GitHub as Open Source? Perhaps some of the community here are programmers and could assist you?
  8. It's called Technical Debt. Collect too much of it without refactoring makes one bankrupt (in the technical sense).
  9. Paging Mr. @OggDude, paging Mr @OggDude , you have a telephone call at the front desk.
  10. Oh where, oh where Has my little @OggDude gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?
  11. Has anyone thought about an approach to hack the F&D career specializations to use them as non force-sensitive specializations? For instance: How much XP should be added at character creation if a PC decides to take a F&D career specialization w/o force-sensitivity? How many additional starting skills would they get? How might the GM swap out Talents that require the force with regular Talents in a balanced way? As an example I really like the Investigator and want it to be the starting specialization for my PC but I don't want him to be force sensitive.
  12. @Oggy How can I create an item in my dataset that when equipped gives a force sensitive character a force rating +1. Context: In my campaign one of the PCs found an ancient Jedi artifact that grants this ability.
  13. I found a work-around for anyone that is experiencing the issue where you increase a skill and your Unused XP does not decrease: Go to one of your specializations. Buy any talent by selecting its check box. Deselect that same talent's check box. Go back to your skills and increase the skill (your unused XP should now be decreased).
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