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  1. I don't think so it looks like there's only one which makes sense to me
  2. ok so im guessing its not shipping to the mid west.
  3. I live in the states and I have gotten nothing yet..
  4. I found it weird when i went to my local gamestore to check on it and they said it hasnt showed up pn wedsnday or friday.
  5. IS it me or has anyone else noticed that the wrath of the gods is back to the in development stage again??
  6. I went up to my local LGS and ordered from there wont be getting till either Wednesday, or friday cam't wait!
  7. Well I'm having a hard time keeping my players in the mind set of this world is different from the actual world because two of them are in the military and one of them went away from the party and said how the military would do this and that and just went ahead and did it (totally not part of my story) and one other person always tries to use his heavy lifting advantage when slashing someone with a kukuri. got any tips on how i can keep them in the mind set of this world is different from the actual world??
  8. I have a question I showed this game to my group and we played for a month and I tried doing the whole story telling and it didn't catch on to my group. so do we have to tell a story while playing this game or can we let the players do what ever they want?
  9. Maintaining them isn't a problem when you have superior magic recovery 2, and a my GM is generous because of my back story to give my fire salamander zero zeon to summon, plus hes not my familiar but i treat him like one . But i can easily get rid of my skeletons which only costed 5 zeon each to summon so i'll take your advice. the only thing that my character would have trouble dealing with is trying to feed them... which would take a lot of pressure on him.
  10. Hello i'm playing as a summoner and as i was reading those who walked among us i stumbled upon a succubus, my character was intrigued by what he was reading from his book of monsters/ creatures he bought from a library. I was wandering if i should go ahead and start practicing the rituals for the summoning or just let it go. would like to hear your thoughts! PS. the summons i have are 2 skeletons, 1 fiery salamander, and a balzak which i obtained, and 1 fire sheele.
  11. Thanks that cleared things up a lot. but the funny thing is they are not using guns, they are using swords!! so ill just use what you said about not being trained with the weapons rather than the guns, and add negative dice for being surrounded, or the weapons to heavy or to short to reach them.
  12. Hello, I played my first session with my group last weekend and as they were fighting off zombies one of the players wanted to go for a head shot with his kukri i was wondering if i should add more negative dice to that because of the called shot or not? Also another player was running over zombies with a truck he stole how do I accumulate the damage to the truck because of all the zombies the player ran over? If anyone can answer those questions i'd appreciate it!
  13. From what i hate talked about with my GM and the only way to drain the dead from their zeon is if they can accumulate it. Thats all that we have confirmed but I will keep you updated when we find something new.
  14. What I would do is when the character fires i have him roll his dice and resolve the dice and how many positive dice are in the pool thats how many the character fired and have the player knock off that much ammo from his inventory. Thats what i'd do
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