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  1. Thanks for the fast reply. Read the rules book cover to cover and still somehow missed these. Silly me ...
  2. Two simple rules questions; if a win a highlight where the Team Zone Payout is 2 Star Players Icons and the Central Payout is 1 Star Player Icon. Do I then; 1) Look at the top 2 Star Players from my faction and choose one, then take the top Star Player and add both of these to my Improvement Pile 2) Look at the top 3 Star Players from my faction and choose one, and put that player in my Improvement Pile and, if i commit a player to a Highlight with both the Passing and the Tackling skill, does the order of the skill icons on the player matter? Which order do I resolve these skills in? If I want to tackle the ball carrier, can I choose to use the Tackling skill first and then use the Ball Passing skill after the ball has been dropped on the midfield to pick it up? I tried to find the answers to these questions through the FAQ and the Message Boards but to no awail. Hope you guys can help!
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