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  1. Hi there, just picked up the Core Rulebook (finally) and found a couple of errors (I think) in the Adversary section: 1) pg 402: Corporate Sector Authority Security Viceprex. I think the Defense values are wrong based on the equipment. From the description of the Personal Deflector Shield, the Defence bonus should probably be 0 Melee / 2 Ranged, but the Viceprex's Defense box shows 2 Melee and 0 Ranged. 2) pg 406, Black Sun Vigo Here the text for the Crippling Blow talent reads "may increase damage of check by 1.", but form the description of the talent on pg 133 it should instead read "may increase difficulty of check by 1". 3) pg 412. Forsaken Jedi Similar error I think as with the Viceprex....with Defensive 1 and Deflection 2 qualities on the Lightsaber the Defensive values should be 1 Melee and 2 Ranged, but the statblock shows as 2 Melee and 1 Ranged. Thanks for the game. Slightly late to the party, but can't wait to get stuck in.
  2. Thanks - I thought as much. Definitely not a complaint from me - love everything about the book, and with as much content as there is a few errors/typos are to be expected. I'll drop an email to the support team with the details. Found another one as well under the Black Sun Vigo (Nemesis) adversary on page 406. The text for the talent Crippling Blow reads "may increase damage of check by 1", but I'm pretty sure it's supposed to read "may increase difficulty of check by 1" based on the Crippling Blow talent description on page 133. I'll post under the Core rulebook Errata topic as well
  3. Hi there, Late to the game, I know, but just picked up the EotE core rulebook and have a question about the Personal Deflector Shield (PDS), particularly relating to the CSA Security Viceprex In the Gear/Equipment section. the PDS is listed as having 2 Defense, but described as being effective against Blaster Bolts. From this, I assume that the Defense rating would be 0/2 (Melee/Ranged) based on the text, or potentially argued as a 2/2 going just from the table. However, in the Adversaries section, the CSA Security Viceprex statblock shows (2/0) under Defense, which is titled as Defense (M/R). This would imply that the PDS gives 2 Melee defense and 0 Ranged Defense... Any idea on this - can't find a straight answer elsewhere in the forum, just a discussion on whether it's 2 ranged or 2 general. Is the statblock for the Viceprex wrong, or are Defense values perhaps given as Ranged first rather than Melee despite the M/R in the header? Thanks everyone
  4. (Casual squad, doesn't have to be tourney competitive - just looking for some ideas) Basic idea, Esege and Dutch use their abilities to provide a third ship with the benefit of free target lock and focus every turn. - Esege w/ Recon Specialist (31) - Dutch (23) - Presumably I'd want a turret on both so they can help a little - either Ion or TLT. That's another 10-12 points, totalling 64-66 so far. I usually just throw stuff together and see what happens but for some reason I'm struggling to making a decision here - can't work out on whether to put everything else (34-36) points into a 3rd ship (and what ship...) or keep some additional for the K/Y e.g. R2 / R5-K6 on Dutch, or some ordnance perhaps seeing as I'll have spare TL/Focus laying about at times Some of the thoughts I've had are: - Can't use anything too fast as the 3rd ship needs to stay in range of the K/Y) - Seeing as it won't need to use TL/Focus, but will be dealing most of the damage from one source, I need an action on the third ship to really make the most of the support every round) - Ions might be better than the TLT, as delaying enemy ships from returning fire (by controlling their dial) will probably be important Leaning towards a B, but not sure who... Anyway, thought I'd ask the community for some suggestions - maybe get some ideas flowing and take it from there other info that might be useful - I have original base, and 1 of each rebel expansion apart from Z-95. transport and corvette (no force awakens) - I only have rebel expansions (a mate collects imperial) so can't use upgrades that only come with Imp ships any thoughts?
  5. Thanks for that. From a fan's point of view it would be awesome to have one of each "-Wing" -type ship. I too like the idea of a Y-Wing, and there's some definite appeal to the thought of working out how to best use a "Wallowing Pig" in-game Not heard much about the E-Wing, but the pilot Corran Horn has some nostalgia value from the EU Rogue Squadron books. I might save that one for later though with the price, as I already have enough trouble working out where to save points on ships at the moment.... I'm fairly certain I'll pick up a second A-Wing at some point as it seems that it would be simple to run 2 of them without feeling as though I'm sacrificing elsewhere, plus throwing that speed/maneuverability in there when I first got the rebel aces pack was a lot of fun from a tactical perspective, Also it was my favorite ship to fly in X-Wing vs Tie Fighter which is a nice bonus Long story short currently a split decision between a Y and a second A....if I can't choose i'll just flip a coin Oh, and Stone37 - I have seen the falcon but it will most likely just be a spontaneous buy if there's an opportune moment rather that a planned purchase - we're both focusing on the smaller ships for the time being
  6. Hi there, So I'm collecting rebel whilst a friend of mine does imperial. We each bought a core set, then I bought the x-wing and rebel aces expansions whilst he bought a phantom and the imperial aces expansions After a few sessions with the above I'm starting to feel the need for one more ship just to be able to truly mix things up, and am having some difficulty working out what to go for so was hoping that I might get some positives/negatives on here... My first though was either an A-wing or B-wing expansion would be the logical choice - more options for pilots on the ships I got in aces, plus having more than one of a ship other than an X-wing would be nice for some genuine variation in squad setup. However, I also thought a Y-wing could be fun as presumably it would play pretty differently to the 3 ships I have already, and then the E-wing looked pretty interesting too..... Can anyone give me some of thoughts on what they think be the best to buy first? I'm not looming specifically for a counter to what my friend plays, just something that will compliment my existing list. Thanks
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