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  1. Not having any tournaments to prepare for has really sucked the life out of X-Wing for me. I've been playing for a long time and there aren't any ships I haven't put on the table a few times. Before anyone mentions online tournaments, that doesn't work for me. My 6y/o can't help but bug me if I'm at my PC and my 6m/o is.... a 6m/o and if I'm home, then I'm helping. No time to sit at the PC for an hour and a half and concentrate. It doesn't help that FFG hasn't been hot on putting out interesting articles like previews or announcements(interesting to me anyway.) Occam's razor: FFG has had some slow down in production and information due to the pandemic and it's no one's fault, they aren't ignoring X-Wing on purpose.
  2. Bistan let's you take a second shot at a different target so long as you have a Focus, hence Perceptive Co-Pilot. It isn't great, it probably isn't good, but it does let Dash get a few more 4 dice attacks in before he inevitably gets taken off the board. I found that it works the best out of the set ups that I've tried so far as me trying to earn Dash's points back. It's still not good, but balancing the YT-2400 is never going to be easy with the numbers printed on the card and Dash's ability.
  3. the cheapest/best set up I've seen for Dash would be Expert Handling, Perceptive Copilot, and Bistan. The double tap that Bistan provides helps Dash to earn his points sooner and/or mitigate unlucky rolls with additional attacks. Still tough to fit half decent wingmen in with him.
  4. I take Heroic on almost any ship that will be rolling just 2 dice at some point. What do you need a bid for anyway? Go for the 'ol block and kill box.
  5. Jess with a droid for charges and three Red Expert T-70s with Heroic is a solid list and has points leftover to season it to taste. Set up a box formation in the center of your side of the board, but be mindful of obstacles in your path. Head towards the middle of the board and pick a target and use the board edge to try and trap them. When one of your T-70s gets some hull damage use it to block or, if you have the higher initiative, disengage with it and try to come back around on a flank. Four hull and three shields behind two agility with Heroic(or Jess' ability) makes for some pretty durable ships. Three dice guns with a Focus(and Jess' rerolls) make for some solid offense. They seem a little boring at first glance, but when you take into account their native boost action and the closed side of the S-Foils card they really have a lot of flexibility in movement and once you break formation they can actually be a very dynamic squad.
  6. Like a few others have mentioned; it's a meta call. The last tournament in my area we saw a lot of I1s and I2s(M3As, CIS, T65s, TIEs, etc) and one fella brought a CIS list that was majority I3 Hyenas with Torps and he cleaned up pretty well. He saw what people were playing in the two weeks leading up to the tournament and went with I3. This was a local 20 person tourney. For larger tournaments it will be tougher to know what people will bring. For an upcoming tournament myself and a buddy are headed to he is bringing I1s and I am bringing I3s. It's match up dependent but the out come for each of us will be interesting.
  7. My FLGS has had multiple issues with Alliance, but the owner feels that he can't do anything about it because Alliance handles all Asmodee products and he doesn't want to get cut off. Alliance did not deliver the latest wave of X-Wing on time, my FLGS was told to expect it Thursday the 6th. The 6th came and they only received one box of TIE/ba fighters. The Fireballs came in the mail on Saturday. As to the rest of the order he reached out to them again Monday and today and only just found out that they did not allocate him enough stock and that they were all out. This is not a one time issue. Every wave in 2019 had some sort of problem, either late delivery or not the requested amount of product. We preorder so that he can tell Alliance exactly how many he needs and they still fail to deliver time and time again. Where can the owner of the FLGS file a complaint(s) against Alliance without fear of retribution?
  8. It isn't exciting, but I wouldn't go so far to call it boring. Lining up the bullseye is pretty satisfying. What is so bad about the Kimo dial? All the 1s, 2s, and 3s, with only two maneuvers being red and a red 4k. It's a medium base so it is a little faster than the dial seems, but small enough to not be too much trouble to navigate obstacles.
  9. T-70 I did for a friend, put a little aurebesh "S" under the cockpit on one side for him.
  10. Yeah, makes it harder for me to goof off at work when it is full screen lol.
  11. Yeah, my friend didn't have tractor beams in the list. He was messing with GG, Maul, and Sun Fac, but no Ensnare, no Tractor Beams. Just using Sun with Predator and Crackshot for a 57 point I6. I was skeptical but he won more than he lost in friendly games. I've not tried a Nantex without Ensnare myself, but I plan to. Just to see what, if anything, they can do without their signature talent.
  12. A buddy of mine was trying Sun-Fac without Ensnare over a month ago. Just using him for his I6, I think with Predator and Crackshot. He seemed to be pleased with results in open play, but never figured out how to work him into a list. I want to try them out with Gravitic Deflection beside Maul/Dooku/O-66 with a Tractor Beam and Vulture/Hyena swarm and see how it works out, just for fun if nothing else.
  13. 8 points? change a Scyk to a Quadjumper?
  14. Some thoughts and opinions after thinking things over for a day: Aggressors: All went down by a point, but with the exception of Jamming Beam all the cannons went up by a point. Contraband Cybernetics(CC) went down a point as well which I already liked having on IGGYs. Not sure if this is enough of a change. Y-Wings: Generics went down by a point each, but Veteran Turret Gunner went up by two more. The big winner here in my opinion is Drea Renthal. With all the discounts generic pilots received you can make a solid looking Drea Swarm again. Customized YT-1300 & Escape Craft: The title dropped three points. I love the Scum 1300, so I'm not going to complain about a few points being freed up. Fang Fighter: The generics got a generous three point discount. That's nine points in the old Fenn Rau and three Zealous Recruit list. The Recruit was already a great blocker, but 44 points felt like a lot to pay for it. 41 definitely feels more reasonable. I was already a fan of the Skull Squadron Pilots after playing with them for a few games. At I4 they act as great little pocket aces, maybe they have a future as disposable flankers? Firespray: Bomberman Azzameen, Krassis, the generic Bounty Hunters, Slave 1, and Andrasta all got a discount. The FS is a solid piece, but everyone was priced on a similar scale to Boba Fett which is why there wasn't much variety in pilots being chosen. Another hidden winner here could be Kath Scarlett. You can fit four or five generics in with her and have points left over for gizmos. Is it her time to shine? Jumpmaster: Cannon slot added, title got cheaper, all pilots got cheaper. The addition of the cannon is pretty big, all the ships can have 180 degrees of arc coverage to help over come their terrible dials and Dengar has an additional way to proc his revenge shot. I don't think I'd bother with the title now unless I really wanted a droid. Expert Handling got two points cheaper for large bases which could also help this ship a lot. I already had CC stapled to Dengar when I tried him, it's good on every Jumpmaster with their crumby dial. Kihraxz: The I3 Black Sun Ace came down a point to 40 which enables the five of list.....or you could stick with the Cartel Marauders and add CC to all of them. Lancer: Cheaper across the board, title got cheaper by two points. With the changes to the tractoring mechanics the Lancers really needed some help. Once again, CC is a nice upgrade to have on this platform. (Can you tell I love CC yet?) Kimogila: Generic and Dalan got a discount. For some context, the Cartel Executioner was 43 points. A point more than a 104th Battalion ARC-170 which has dual firing ARCs, the same hit points but a better hull to shield ratio, and arguably better upgrade slots. Great change. Kimos can bring the pain, but can burn down fast when focus fired upon. At 41 points the Executioners may just fit better in more lists, even if as a one of anchor type ship. They also like the discount on Expert Handling and CC. Scyk: Nearly everybody got a three point discount! Serissu went up a point, because of all the cheaper generics that would enjoy her company. Cannons all went up by a point, but that is still a net gain of two points and at these prices they can be swarmed so those savings are going to add up. 25 points for the Cartel Spacer is on par with the TIEf/o, well done I say. Drea/Kath may pair well with these. Quadjumper: discount across the board, well warranted with the tractor changes and another ship that likes CC. Probably good to stick one or two in a Drea/Kath swarm. YV-666: Two point discount for everyone, no big crew discounts though. Still a reasonable side of beef for an opponent to chew through and a solid 180 degree firing arc. Contraband Cybernetics plus Jabba the Hutt may be fun in extended. Z-95: More discounts and cheap generics. Bossk is priced competitively for a cheap filler ship, the Binayre Pirates and Black Sun Soldier are finally on par with Rebel Z95s for cost. Great ship to include in a Drea/Kath swarm. It seems to me that Scum is turning into a swarmy faction. Ace/Anchor/Support ship + gaggle of random, well priced stuff. I'm eager to put some ideas on the table for Scum again, and it's been a while since I felt that way.
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