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  1. /joking is necessary I guess. So far as Genesis Red is concerned; I went to Atomic Empire's HST, lots of 4s and 5s, not a crazy amount of 6s. I played against CIS swarms 3 times, so no love there. Finn was present in more than a few lists including the over all winner's list. Red could lock him for the double Focus tokens but I wouldn't plan on actually shooting Finn with a 2 dice attack, the odds of doing damage are too low and that is what your opponent wants you to do anyway. (Yes I know M3As aren't HS legal yet, but HS lists and Extended lists are getting closer and closer in make up as the HS format includes more things.) I assumed, possibly in error so correct me if I'm wrong, that the thread was about making M3As work in competitive lists. If I just feel like goofing off on casual night, then they are fine as is and there are plenty of goofy builds to mess with. Serissu with Autoblasters, Elusive, and Afterburners is fun, also Quinns with PRockets and Afterburners. But I'd be hard pressed to take any of them except maybe Sunny to a competitive event and that is a pretty big maybe since Seevor is also 30 points and is a pretty solid annoyance/support piece. The M3A could have really used a Barrel Roll linked to a red Focus action. It would have made them(along with the juicy bullseye cannons/PRockets) much more playable competitively. As it is, it is pretty tough for them to earn their points back against efficiently built tournament lists. Another points drop of 1 or 2 across the board is what it will probably take for us to see them show up at large competitive events.
  2. Yes he can, and that is a neat trick. I was looking into a lower Initiative, somewhat tanky Perceptive carrier as a way to consistently get value from Red when your opponent either abstains from taking Focus/Evade actions or is moving all of their ships after Red. The Firespray and the Scurgg are the two platforms I like the most for this because they have enough health to stick around for a little while. But then you put all this effort into getting Genesis Red's ability off consistently and then proceed to roll all successes and blanks. Then you remember that M3As are still over costed.
  3. Genesis Red can get two actions if your opponent has ships moving before him that take a Focus or Evade. I've been experimenting with Genesis with a Perceptive Copilot carrier in the same list so if the other side of the table is all 5s and 6s then Genesis can Target Lock his buddy and get two Focus tokens. The ideal candidate for this trick is an I2 Bounty Hunter. Moves early with a great dial for blocking, has front and rear 3 dice attacks, 2 agility, 10 hps. Give Red a Cannon and let him go to town, maybe Elusive too. BUT. That is putting more points onto what feels like bad points and it leaves less than 100 points left to squeeze in one or two meaningful ships. Interesting pieces/combination but I haven't found a solid list there yet.
  4. Burius1981

    Scum inspiration.

    I think Scum is hurting a bit because of their Hyperspace restrictions. A lot of the more fun and interesting pieces aren't in that format and the ones that are are challenging to build lists with at the moment. In my area most local tournaments are Hyperspace and when so much of the good/interesting Scum stuff is locked out people just look at other factions instead. In extended I think Scum are better than people generally think.
  5. My thought process was Alpha + any of the others. So you can prime Passive Sensors with the one more likely to have a good shoot while Calculating with the other. Start of Engagement you pass a Calculate and on engagement use Passive Sensors to take a Target Lock and you have a double modded shot. It's not hard to pull off, but I'm not sure if it is worth the points yet. I need to get some more table time with it.
  6. I tooled around with them on Fly Casual a bit. Major downside is not having Calculates or Evade for defense against anything shooting before you and then you still might rather have Calculates for defense for what ever is firing after you. Basically, not a fan. Passive Sensors are mostly to enable low Init ordnance; there may be a set up with them for Aggressors but it I don't see it yet.
  7. Burius1981

    The Hyenas

    Yeah, that's a fun trick too. I haven't gotten the Bombardment Drones to the table yet, but Prox with Delayed Fuses is the way I'm going to try them.
  8. does anyone have some table time with an Aggressor and Passive Sensors? I'm tooling around with it in a squad builder, but I was curious how it has worked out for others
  9. Burius1981

    The Hyenas

    How long has it been since you saw Nym my man? I won a small tournament in Charlotte and Nym's little trick was no small part of that. Drop a seismic between two obstacles and hold it for a turn or two. Most ships don't want to eat bomb damage, when they do it's usually a mistake. Delayed Fuses is similar but worse, but only 1 point. It doesn't close off an area of the board but as a deterrent it works really well and can help you out maneuver your opponent.
  10. I have a hard time running Scum Han without Hotshot Gunner anymore. Makes his 2 dice gun worthwhile when you don't get to go to magic-trickshot-land.
  11. Haven't seen this thread 'til now... neat. My wife decided to start playing X-Wing and is going to the NOVA Open with me and playing X-Wing. She isn't a Star Wars fan, but she doesn't hate it either so she didn't care what she was flying so long as it was decent and not too complicated. I had her running YIons until the points change. After the change I handed her Jess w/ BB, and 3x Heroic Red Experts. We played between 4 and 8 games ahead of a small tournament that she was going to attend for NOVA practice(she had never been to a tournament before and I wanted her to have a better idea of what to expect at NOVA.) So long story shorter, she went 4-0 in swiss, 1st place out of 20 players before the cut. She ended up 3rd place because we haven't went over counting points towards the end of a match and how that changes target priority and lost by 12 points when there were multiple Vultures to shoot at. She had some luck on her side, her opponents made some key mistakes and more than once under estimated 4x T-70s. So yeah, super solid list.
  12. Burius1981

    The Hyenas

    404 has been fine with swarms for me. Basically I treat 404 as a flanker, but I don't go too wide with it because no 3 banks and no Boost(I'm not sold on putting Afterburners on 404, just gives my opponent more points when he kills himself.) I also like ESC or an Adv Proton Torp on 404. The fun thing about APT is that I take a lock on an Ace or fat ship early with the DRK probe and, so far, my opponents do their best to stay away from 404 with that ship. That 6 dice threat is plenty to make 404 the biggest bully on the playground, and when I've played against more swarmy/beefy lists 404 still flanks but has that sweet Barrel Roll > Target Lock to set up those big shots. I haven't tried the DBM Baktoid, I'm not going to make my FLGS X-Wing night this week and I've been itchin' to try some ideas out. That Bak looks like a solid piece to add to a swarm on paper, I really want to give it a try.
  13. Burius1981

    The Hyenas

    I'm not getting these ships to the table as often as I like, so here is a question for some of yall that have: Along side a mini-swarm including DRK-1 probes which is more points efficient?: DBS-404 w/ Energy Shell Charges and Landing Struts(or just Adv Proton Torps) 36 Points Baktoid Prototype w/ Diamond Boron Missiles and FCS 36 Points
  14. Burius1981

    The Hyenas

    We've tried it locally. The results are mixed but generally not great. Having 5 health and 2 agi means the TUBs aren't going to one shot barring cascading crits, but they can be two shot. I1 means you are usually shooting last and have spent your Calculates to keep them alive. Network Calculations begs you to fly them in a formation, if you split them up to spread out your firing arcs you lower your defense profile because Calculate is just worse than Focus. Against large based ships that can't boost 5 Proton TUBs will do some work, it's a lot harder against something like Resistance 5s that don't have to try very hard to outmaneuver your Hyenas.
  15. Burius1981

    The Hyenas

    Myself and a friend have had success with this list: General Grievous (44) Crack Shot (1) Impervium Plating (4) Soulless One (6) Ship total: 55 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 4 DBS-404 (30) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Landing Struts (1) Ship total: 37 Half Points: 19 Threshold: 3 Techno Union Bomber (26) Energy-Shell Charges (5) DRK-1 Probe Droids (5) Ship total: 36 Half Points: 18 Threshold: 3 Trade Federation Drone (19) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Ship total: 24 Half Points: 12 Threshold: 2 Trade Federation Drone (19) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Ship total: 24 Half Points: 12 Threshold: 2 Trade Federation Drone (19) Energy-Shell Charges (5) Ship total: 24 Half Points: 12 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 I think that in general Hyenas are not efficiently costed with the exception of 404. I don't think that they should be swarmed. The reason the TUB has an ESC in this list is so that we had 5 points left over and better to have a 3 dice missile than rely on the primary. Also people tend to shoot at it since it is worth more points than the Vultures, but the 2 extra hull makes it harder to one shot. In this list my friends and I were brain storming different pieces and it all congealed into this thing. The TUB and Vultures fly in formation slowly and kick out the two probes. Grievous looks to swing out to flank, but not too far because he is the most expensive piece in the list and while he can soak some shots, you don't want him taking hits without retaliation from the rest of the list. 404 is the weird one. What he does depends on your opponent's list. If it is an ace list I keep him near the formation and take a lock on a precious ship like Poe or Anakin and slow roll, daring them to come near. If it is a jousting list 404 can flank to the opposite side of Grievous and be pretty effective. The glaring weakness to me is the lack of a Tac Relay, specifically Kraken, but you can't have everything. Grievous is a monster if left unchecked but it is unwise to lower your defenses against 404 and the ESC crew. In practice this list has been 3-0, competitively it didn't fair so well but I haven't had a chat with my buddy to find out the specifics. I don't know if he was having a bad day and made mistakes or was unlucky, or if he had some tough match ups, or if the list is crap but we hadn't played enough games to find out yet. Random Hyena Thoughts: Baktoids are interesting to me, but I haven't put them on the table yet. DBM + FCS seems great so long as you have a TUB with DRK-1s in the same list to set it up. Barrage Rockets are an option, but I haven't tried them yet either. They are good on TIE Bombers, might be good here as well. I can't bring myself to pay the extra 3 points for Separtist Bombers for I3 and no talent slot; but that is mostly because there is a lot of Initiative 4 and up being played in my local area. I understand why they don't have a Talent slot, but it makes taking them purely a meta call. Bombardment Drones slapping Prox Mines onto enemy ships sounds fun, but Hyenas aren't so durable that they are guaranteed to live through the first engagement to pull that trick off. Trajectory Simulator makes this 32 point ship 42 points before bombs and makes it a 5 health points pinata for your opponent. DBS-32C is overcosted. Engagement phase coordinate is potentially awesome, but it is limited to ships with Networked Calculations and they are all kind of fragile. I can see the synergy with 404 or maybe a Precise Hunter, but 42 points is a lot to pay for that trick. I've tended to leave 32C at home and bring DFS-311(Butterbot) with Grappling Struts instead. He has a similar enough effect at a longer range for 18 points less.
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