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  1. E-Wings are back, and ICT VTG Y-Wings with or without bombs are out there and very solid. I'm interested in trying ICT VTG Scurrgs but I probably won't have time for a bit, I have a big tourney to prepare for in a couple of weeks
  2. Burius1981

    Han/4-LOM/Viktor Hel . . . Stressful extravaganza!

    Yeah I noticed that when I went to build it in a squad builder, but you can get it in there if you make some cuts: Han: Trickshot, title, BT-1 Assaj 4-LOM: Adv Sensors 199 points. It might work, dropping Han to Lando loses the I6 but the opportunity to put L337 on there to expand the Blue maneuvers is tempting when considering Lando's ability.
  3. Burius1981

    Han/4-LOM/Viktor Hel . . . Stressful extravaganza!

    Viktor Hel, I want to like this guy, I really do. The biggest problem I have with him is that my opponents can read, and so will ignore him until it is convenient for them to shoot at him. If he could take a really threatening missile then I could see him working, but the best you can do right now is Proton Rockets and those require bullseye and a Focus on a ship that can't do that on it's own. (I really wish they could link a Barrel Roll into Focus or vice versa) Stealth Device is nearly a must have, but I'm not convinced on Cloaking Device. If you are cloaked you can't shoot so why would I waste shots on a ship that can't return fire this round and I get punished for doing so? Afterburners, Stealth Device, Proton Rockets and Outmaneuver could add up to him being a fairly threatening flanker, but his cost(67pts) would be way to high for what he will do on that platform at I4. Han looks pretty good for what you want to do, but I would lose Zuckuss. Not a lot of options for Blues on the Scum Falcon and you will want to occasionally do the red boost to arc dodge so you wouldn't be able to use Zuckuss anyway. 4-LOM only needs Adv Sensors to really shine, everything else is optional. I'm coming around to IG88D crew on him for an extra Calc token though. I like kempokid's idea minus Maul. So hateful Assaj, Han, 4-LOM. Could be a nasty stress control list and it has a fair amount of beef to chew through.
  4. From the time Palpatine appeared in 1.0, I've enjoyed "Where is that shuttle going?" right before my opponents would flip the Lambda's dial.
  5. Burius1981

    つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ

    ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON THE ELECTOR COUNTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
  6. Burius1981

    If you had to play only one faction, what would it be?

    The next list that I plan on spending some time with is: Fenn Rau: Predator Han Solo: Trick Shot, title, Hot Shot Gunner Ahhav Cpt Seevor
  7. Burius1981

    If you had to play only one faction, what would it be?

    Gotta go Scum for #1. I enjoy all the dirty tricks they can pull. Before Scum I mostly played Imperials, and I missed their low durability highly maneuverable ships until I got my hands on the Fangs. Gotta say that I've really enjoyed trying the Resistance though.
  8. Burius1981

    What are the most underrated pilots for each faction in 2.0?

    ::Waves:: I've been on the BSE train for a while, nobody else I know has even put them on the table. I was messing with Boba plus two I4 Fangs, which btw are also really good for 50 points. I threw crack shot on them and had a stacked Boba, when my opponents had ships that were less than I4 or I moved after it's like having two mini-Fenns. But after I tried the Fangs I noticed the cost on the Vipers and put a pair of them in and added some stuff to Boba, they were fantastic. Going from I4 on the Fangs to I3 on the BSE hurts a little but the trickiness of the curved barrel rolls made up for it because my opponents could never be quite sure where the Vipers would end up. Having the shield on top of the four hull is just icing.
  9. Burius1981

    Lets make Brobots great again.

    I used to fly them a lot in 1.0, I tried them a few times in 2.0 with mixed results. The smaller base makes them a little slower but they can weave through obstacles easier. Like others have already mentioned, losing their 1.0 action efficiency hurts them the most. I never settled on a favorite talent, but I would avoid any cards that rely on the bulls eye arc because of them being I4 and plenty of popular ships have re-position actions. A case can be made for the likes of Crackshot because it is cheap and you may force your opponent to barrel roll or boost out of your bulls eye to avoid it rather than staying put and taking an Evade or Focus Adv Sensors is still great on them, though a little worse for Charlie and a little better for Alpha because of the one action rule. The tough part that I found was that their offense is just average three red dice. This is tough to deal with when a pair of them are the majority of your list. FCS 2.0 is helpful, but then again it is tough to find the opportunity to grab the Target Lock without eating a load of damage because you didn't Calculate or Evade. Having L337 in "The Nose" helps, she can coordinate the action for Calcs or TLs for the crucial early rounds so you can get your (much needed) dice mods. It still comes down to having two real shots and one two dice throw away shot, which doesn't seem like enough to me in 2.0. Bombs have some utility, so do illicits like RCC or CC. I haven't play tested much with those yet. The best I found with Brobots was Alpha +1, Bravo if you want to use cannons or Charlie if not along with Adv Sensors and L337 with Tac Officer, Delta crew, or both and playing hot potato with Calculate tokens to load them up on the ship that looks to be taking the most fire that round. I've been trying a lot of other ships in the last two months, though the MGT have me thinking about seeing what I could do with a Brobots list again.
  10. Burius1981

    Fenn Rau vs Guri... who you got?

    Fenn Rau. Every time. The Starviper is my favorite Scum ship, but Fenn Rau is my favorite Scum pilot. Fenn with Outmaneuver, Predator, or naked. If flown well he is a monster, if you fly him like I did last night he goes down in flames quite quickly. Guri is great, but I think she could stand to be a couple of points cheaper. Adv Sensors is so good on her, it might as well be stapled to her card which makes her base cost 70 points. Fenn with Predator is the same cost, can cover more distance with access to 5 straights and 3 hard turns and most importantly has I6. Drop her cost by two or three points and it makes it a harder call for me though.
  11. Burius1981

    The RZ-2 A-Wing

    My FLGS finally got wave 2 last night (Alliance gave them a hard time). Lu'lo is the A-Wing I've always wanted. I found it challenging and rewarding to fly, feels great dialing in a 5 straight and focus>boost for a 4 dice range 1 shot then hooking to the side Focus>rotate and take another 3 or 4 dice shot. A-Wings have always been my favorite Rebel ship in X-Wing, but the RZ-2 has taken the cake. I included Poe in the list, so my opponents keyed in on him and Lu'lo and a bomber just went to work.
  12. Burius1981

    How do you avoid buying every faction..?

    In 1.0 I collected nearly everything, the Tantive and Raider being the only exceptions. For 2.0 I'm going to limit myself to three factions or less, but I haven't figured out what two factions beyond Scum that I want to keep/collect for. At first I was going to keep collecting for the five I already had ships for but I can see that it's going to get very expensive and I don't have the time to play with all of these things. I'd have to have three or four X-Wing nights a week to use 50-60 percent of all that stuff. I'm hoping that as my five year old son gets older he will want to come with me and play some Xwing and get some more use out of all this stuff.
  13. Burius1981

    worst ship in the game - E-Wing

    Some guys at my LGS have been trying pair of the I4s with Proton Torps, FCS, and R3 astromechs along side a third ship, which has been a variety of things. I4 isn't bad, 2x Proton Torps with TL and Focus hits like a Mac truck. You aren't terribly likely to take one of them off the board before they get a torpedo off. I'm glad you can't fit three of them with Torpedos in a list together.
  14. Burius1981

    How to fix the Scyk; The answers are in the lore.

    I've been erring on the side of hit points over agility, especially on ships that don't arc dodge very well like Scyks. That Laetin build is fun, but the B-Wing has a 3-dice gun and twice the health when the green dice inevitably fail you. A Scyk can easily pop from one Proton Torpedo, a B-Wing never will. This isn't the whole story of course, but 4S/4H isn't anything to sneeze at, even though B-Wings could also stand for a points reduction. I agree with you on the dial 100%. Scyks don't need more blue maneuvers, but I don't know why they would need to be removed either. Having the 2-banks being green was handy in 1.0 after a 5k.
  15. Burius1981

    How to fix the Scyk; The answers are in the lore.

    I'm very happy that the designers sorted out all of the unique pilots abilities for Scyks. They are all interesting and useful, but as you said, a bit too expensive right now for what they bring to the table. (I really wish Genesis Red was made an I5 in 2.0 ::sigh::) Hopefully we get some new hard point options that make their cost justifiable or all of the Scyks (minus Sunny maybe) get a small points discount. I also want to lament the lack of blue maneuvers on the 2.0 dials. I wonder why the designers felt the need to make their 2 banks white, just feels un-necessary.