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  1. I play casually, but I really enjoy playing 2 Phoenix with intimidation and prockets and then mix in Wedge and another ship of your choice. The idea is the a wings block, reduce Dodge dice with intimidation and wedge knocks another die off with his special. If I miss the block the prockets are nasty.
  2. Unfortunately red but what can you really complain about when the laser cost less than $6.
  3. A custom holder my harbor freight line laser
  4. I'm a casual player to but I bought into 2.0 to update my current collection so I can play newer ships that appeal to me with the older ones that I still enjoy. That said I am going to generate my own dials/bases/accesories where possible with my 3d printer. There's a lot of x wing content on thingverse. If your school's STEM program has a printer you might be able to do a cross over lesson/project.
  5. I read somewhere that the EU wanted to develop proxies for the main characters because they couldn't have Luke, Leia, Han and everyone else everywhere at the same time. Dash was the proxy for Han and Corran was the proxy for Luke. That's why Corran was force sensitive and eventually a Jedi.
  6. Wretch

    2e on the cheap

    I've been thinking about this too. I am lucky enough to own a 3d printer and there are dial kits that can be printed and I will draft up and print any medium bases that I might need I will probably end up with third party templates and look for a damage deck on eBay. I can also print models to use as proxies
  7. Servo say when you reveal a 3 hard you may treat it as 3 hard with 180 degree facing change. With SoT can you use any speed 3 maneuver and then use servo to change the maneuver to a 3 hard and change facing or do you have to set your dial to a 3 hard and then have the ability to either get the facing change only for the maneuver set on the dial or change to another 3 speed maneuver. Or am I completely misunderstanding everything ?
  8. I'm looking at Porkins with stay on target and servo. If I understand the interaction Porkins can be all over the board with a 3 maneuver and then shed the stress. Jek Porkins(28) [Jek Porkins(26), R5-D8(3), Stay on Target(1), Integrated Astromech(0), Servomotor S-Foils(0), Renegade Refit(-2)]
  9. A heavy swarm of scum Z 95s with glitterstim, guidance chips, and your missile of choice can throw some pain for a jousting alpha strike.
  10. I put seismic torpedoes on Corran Horn when I have spare points.Since it's an action not an attack he can use it after he does his double tap on targets of opportunity.
  11. I was thinking about Green Squadron Test Pilot Deadeye Calculation Harpoon Missiles Guidance Chips or Auto Thrusters depending on available pointds I was thinking of running 2 with FCS Corran Horn. I've run a similar build with prockets, no deadeye obviously, which is fun and can erase ships from the board. Thoughts?
  12. I was thinking about trying Blue Squadron Pilot with torpedo of choice extra munitions, advanced sensors and guidance chips for around 28-32 points depending on torpedo choice. Advanced sensors would allow for actions prior to movement to allow you to mitigate being blocked. And helps after the torpedoes are gone in dog fights. I know they will get burned down fast if targeted but 2 clocking in at 60ish points gives some space for some other priority targets.
  13. I've been a gamer for 30+ years and most games that are played for a long period go through this. Battletech is a perfect example. The original rules were relatively simple and unit choices were limited but the accounting, involved with the game didn't scale well. On top of that the designers started introducing new units and new special rule sets that scattered the rules across multiple expansions. The games designers additions magnified the minor flaws and broke the game. In the intervening years they released a version 2.0, alpha strike, that uses the same miniatures as the original and they support both games. It took them a long time to realize the issues, and the BT community is much smaller now than it was. I think the nerfs have been a step in the right direction but I think other steps are required like releasing a revised rule set that incorporates all of the changes in 1 location, offering replacement cards for those cards that have changed, etc. They could also take that opportunity to fix some glaring game balance issues without replacing the games with a 2.0, maybe more of a version 1.5.
  14. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/TIE Tie Striker is an atmospheric fighter, just sayin. Ninja'd
  15. If it's obstacle couldn't you equip a ship with tactical jammer and fly in formation. There might be combo that could work with Biggs with ept astromech the new ept, integrated astromech, and a Uwing with tactical jammer.
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