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  1. MasterZelgadis

    Spooky One-Shot

    Maybe a crashed down starship full of ghosts of old jedi that went mad?
  2. MasterZelgadis

    Slugthrowers: Pointless?

    Didn't say it would be an easy shot, only talked about range. Also, we play a game in a universe, where such heroic things happen. Like hyperspace jumps to just above a planet's surface
  3. MasterZelgadis

    Slugthrowers: Pointless?

    Maybe very niche, but a disadvantage would be, that you can't fire them in space (needs oxygen to fire a round) Well, Firefly taught us, you can work around this problem, which leads to a big advantage: When you manage to fire them in space, their range should be infinite
  4. MasterZelgadis

    My scenery thread

    I like the big red-silver water tower building
  5. MasterZelgadis

    Are we ever going to see the Spy book?

    Another question regarding this: Are there any further books planned? The whole production seems to have been abandoned a little. But in all games (eote, aor, fad) there are books missing (specializations, not to speak of other supplementals or adventures..)
  6. MasterZelgadis

    Heist Campaign Security

    Basically, don't come up with ways to beat the security measures. Just think, which security measures make sense. Let the players do the hard work.
  7. MasterZelgadis

    Running Crates of Krayts as a Starter Character Game

    Retreat is a valid option. No one says you have to take them out. And no one says Encounters have to be fair or even winnable by the players
  8. MasterZelgadis

    Hyperspace Report

    Ghosts of Dathomir a disaster? Come on, you had to wait for one book. We german players still don't have more than a hand full of books. At least we got all the core rulebooks now (but not the reprints). The supplementary books can be counted by the fingers of one hand. And absolutely no info about further books (not the ones that were already confirmed, and of course not all the other books out there). Now tell me again GoD was a disaster...
  9. Hey, again a long time without update. I had some other things to do, but now back on the project.. I paused the development on the event mechanism to come back to player bases. Not quite satisfied with the look of the module / room list, but nevertheless added a very basic function. The function to add decks and rooms, and of course remove them again. Goes without saying, that only the GM can configure bases and rooms. Each room "widget" shows the type of the room, the responsible officer, the amount of crew working there, damage status and power level. Not sure if I stick with these status, but for now they are in there.. Also did some improvements that were more under the hood, like shrinking the count of cronjobs for the event system from 5 to 1. that one now controls all the other jobs (cronjobs are limited by my webhosting service provider)..
  10. And the last update for this week, going on a short trip over the weekend.. Screenshot speaks for itself https://starwars.rpg-duelmen.de/en/planetstatus/
  11. They can not only build, they can also repair what was damaged And the planet status page got a little addition, now you can see what facilities are damaged, offline (not visible in this shot) and which ones are in repair mode.
  12. ...aand to prevent this system from getting too confusing: Planet Status page (of course still work in progress)
  13. MasterZelgadis

    1 PC Separating from the Rest of the PCs

    That's exactly what I wanted to say
  14. Yes, npcs will get some basic skills, but nothing too fleshed out, just some sort of skill level on their jobs. Momentarily I have inserted some npcs manually, have to implement the automatic generation (still have problems to generate suitable names..) But the whole payment is totally up to you and your group at the moment, so the credit value is more some kind of...guideline ^^ Meanwhile the "attack on planet" event type is completed, and as ever... I am not satisfied with it. This is how it works. Every planet has a presence value for imperials and rebels, and both sides can attack planets based on these values. If the difference is too big, a fleet is called in to support from the orbit. if the attack is successful, the enemy presence value will be decreased (by the number of successes). Currently I change this system. This is how it will be: On every planet there can be different facilities. Garrisons, bases, resistance cells, factories, cities, and so on. Every type of facility can be built and then attacked by the enemy. Each facility has a value for troop presence and defense. If a faction builds/establishes a facility on a planet, it gets a presence value according to a base value + successes + advantages. Which facilities can be built depends on how high the presence value on that planet already is. If it is at 0 there can only imperial garrisons and rebel resintance cells be built. With higher values (and more troops) there can then be factories, bases, and so on. Each faction can then attack enemy facilities, damaging or destroying them, or try to infiltrate and take control over them. This means the simple "attack / assault" event is split up into four separate events. Also the target of the attacks are now more versatile (base, hidden base, supply base, checkpoint, factory, ...) rather than just imperial garrison or rebel cell. But, pictures are better than words, so here the obligatory screenshot
  15. MasterZelgadis

    1 PC Separating from the Rest of the PCs

    Absolutely, it's a decision between: - it is ok that someone stays behind: reward them for that planning and - it is not ok, that someone stays behind: show them, that it is not necessary You should decide early which way you go, if 5 times nothing happens during guard, the 6th time no guard stays back.. the worst that could happen is that exactly then someone shows up and steals their ship