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  1. Work in progress generator for game masters
  2. Ok, I think it works. Now I have to translate everything..
  3. I can try
  4. Just set up some situations, then let the situation come to the players, not the players to the situation. You want the players go to Tattooine, because you set up a super cool adventure there. But the players want to go to.. let's say.. Coruscant. Just let the adventure happen there. Maybe swap out some details, the sandfolk people tribe that captured an NPC is now a gang of black sun members, or sth. like that.
  5. Here in Star Wars this is not such a big problem, but when you have problems to align a gridded map to the roll20 grid, right click on the map and select advanced -> is drawing. Then you can freely transform the map and are not bound to the map snapping to the ingame grid. This drove me crazy in Pathfinder, until I found this out.
  6. Yes, that's why I based my reward calculation not so much on the items that are shipped, or more the other way.. I the items have a base reward that gets multiplied by a multiplier based on the cargo container they are shipped in (the cargo itselt should not be that interesting, the cago space it takes up however should), then multiplied by a multiplier based on the distance traveled (not accounting outer rim to the other side of the galaxy outer rim however..) and finally by another multiplier when the job is illegal (aka smuggling). In that case I count in another multiplier based on the presence of imperial troops on the destination planet. In any case there will be another multiplier if the destination planet is under blockade. And I also want to count in a modifier, if there are hyperspace routes between the two planets. If you find this too much to calculate, i won't do this manually. It's for a generator. Don't know of how much use it would be for you, because it's in german, but here's the link.. Don't look too closely at the rewards, they have to be tweaked a bit. That's why I asked, what amount of credits would be "realistic". And I agree.. these are just basic job offers, the interesting part will come, when it comes to pirates attacking, hyperspace jumps failing, cargo being not the cargo that was on the list, imperial customs, and so on..
  7. Ah, so for normal "not smuggling" cargo hauls it's the column "unrestricted" in 3-1? Ok, then I have to calculate different, now I calculate based on the size of the cargo container and modify based on a value I attached to the goods.. Example: A medium crate full with data pads would bring a base price of 15 cr for a crate full of data pads, times 2 for the size of the container (medium crate, encumbrance 10), times 2.5 for the transport route (Core world to an Outer Rim world), would be a profit of 75 credits per crate. If the job is illegal (maybe a job for a rebel cell) the same crates would bring 187 credits. I will try to calculate it based on the book, see what profit values that will bring..
  8. Mh, not really. At least at first glance I didn't find anything about cargo runs. There is an something about smuggling, but I'm talking about normal, legal cargo runs. Hauling 10 crates of apples from a to b, for example.
  9. I plan on creating bulletin boards for some star ports, where the PCs can enlist for some cargo jobs. But how high should the reward be for such jobs? Let's say a few crates with food to an outer rim world, or a crate with blaster pistols for a mid rim imperial outpost?
  10. What about an evil AI that is in control of the ship? Some kind of mix between the Red Queen (Resident Evil) and Shodan (System Shock).
  11. In the rule books in every general weapon enrty (e.g. Blaster Rifle) there are also model examples below (e.g. E-11). So there is no reason to make up names. But this allows for making up new model names. Imo a nice way to do it.
  12. Just throw them into a bag, like all other "draw a random card/tile" games work..
  13. Generally this seems to be true, more units = slower. But with the exception "Standng orders". 4 pips but only 1 unit. But you can play it again. But with this exception, you can't say the pips show the number of units activated. There is a reason, why it is separated on the cards. Maybe we get other cards in the future, that can command more units but also activates fast, or vice versa.
  14. Aren't these "positioning lights" the ion engines?
  15. Some of the passages are definitely wrong according to what we already know from the demo games. "The command phase decides how many of your units go before your opponent activates any units." The command phase decides which player goes first, but then it's alternating. It does not allow you to activate multiple units before the other player can make his first activation. "These cards are assigned a pip cost; the higher the pip cost, the more units you get to place a command token next to" The pips don't say anything about the unit count you can give commands to. It says, if you have higher or lower initiative. For example the standing orders has 4 pips but you can give orders to only one unit.