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  1. Totally missed that, have to watch the series again ^^
  2. I'm not sure whether I know what you mean with this ^^
  3. You can use this: Jobs are generated by the same rules. Difference is, you choose a starting region rather than planet. You can then use the generated job for any planet in that region It still lacks a bit in diversity of the transported goods, if you have any ideas, let me know
  4. The project starts to take shape.. I have nearly finished the controller script for the npc groups, and while coding I continously think about implementing some sort of multi group support. Currently I think that I will keep this page for my group, but maybe can use the finished project to build some sort of living campaign platform, where the timeline will be set, but multiple groups can play their adventures in, post news and use a galaxy-wide-group-overarching bulletin board for freight jobs, smuggling jobs and bounties. No promises here, but that is a plan I could flesh out a little bit more..
  5. Look at the example above. Basically it saves the status of every product from the ffg upcoming page and then checks every morning at 10 am gmt+1 if any status has changed. You then get an email with all product names (for example "TIE fighter expansion) and the collection name (in this case "X-Wing" ) and the status it had before and the new status
  6. I have to disappoint you, the first eMail was sent on 27th of September..
  7. Well maybe I can build in some multi group support and english language.. but I have to double check that when it's finished
  8. You can enter the mailinglist via: To give you an example this is what the mail looked like today:
  9. Honestly there is not that much skill needed. I'm a very beginner in php and learn with this project. Mostly I run into problems ad then google the solution Basically you can break it down into: - Writing into a MySql database (or text file, I began with text files, moved to json files and then to database) - Reading from database - Picking a random element from a list - a little html to present the data Maybe a little css for the images in the ship name tooltips Everything started with this one here (pick a random line from some text files and present it via simple html):
  10. I have made a little script which sends me an e-mail whenever a product on this page changes its status (actually 10 am GMT+1 a list of all products that changed, if any). If there is enough interest I could build a little page with an input field, so you could add your address to that list
  11. Let me fix that sentence: "Roleplaying is about a bunch of friends having fun". However that fun comes from. If you like setting up a complete sandbox and your players like doing the creative work: fine. If you like pre-made adventures and your players just want to play the roles in the pre-made story: fine. If you and your players like something in between: totally fine. Just why keep those "My way of roleplaying is correct and yours isn't" threads popping up everywhere? I personally like a mix. I play the Iron Gods adventure path in Pathfinder with a group of players, and we keep very close to the pre-written adventures. We have a lot of fun doing this. Here in Star Wars I have a more sandbox-y approach, I let them go where they want to, but I have some plots and hooks set up, that will happen in specific locations. Some lead to pre-written adventures, and if I want some others to happen, I move them to the location the players travel. And pre-written does not mean, that everything is proceeding as the emp.. author has forseen. Who are you to judge that this is a waste of time?
  12. If we can assume the gas just knocks them out but otherwise does no lethal damage, and if we can assume, that whoever pumps the gas into the room the PCs can't escape keep on pumping until everyone is knocked out, then we can also assume that any form of rule or check makes no difference in the end. Just handle it narrative and say that after a short while everyone is knocked out.
  13. When it's done: yes. The players have to pick the jobs they want to do manually, but the rest is done via script. As GM I have the option to tweak some things, of course..
  14. Why does everyone want to cross X-Wing with the RPG? In fact getting shot to tiny little pieces is much easier in X-Wing than in RPG. If you want that: go for it!
  15. The dynamic is a huge misconception imo. Classified as a light freighter, but you have to haul the cargo through half of the ship to bring it to the cargo hold..