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  1. I have to say I played with mouse and keyboard and I found it WAY easier to control than with gamepad. I agree the sliding is a bit annoying, BUT the one scene I meant (after you reach the wookie hut on that one tree) was very cool made, with all the things happening around you (don't want to spoil, you know what I mean..)
  2. Finished the game a few days ago, it was awesome. Especially for an EA game. The boss fights were really cool, even some of the sliding sequences (Kashyyyk, you know what I mean) were really cool. Definitely stealing some ideas for my various rpg groups. Also, really big respect for the designers of BD-1. Putting so much emotion into a droid that doesn't have mimics.. simply awesome.
  3. Another real life form of military encryption (also used for athentification) is the dryad table: https://goto.pachanka.org/crypto/dryad-pad
  4. Then let him flip a destiny coin to make it work. So he can make use of his great idea, but it comes with a cost.
  5. I would totally allow it. It's a nice idea after all. In the movies door controls get blastered all the time. Give it setbacks, but that's all what I would do about it. Would it permanently shut the door? Well you could also say, that it cuts the energy / controls to the mechanics that hold the door shut, so the pcs can easily open the door without any pneumatic / hydraulic force holding against it. And if the players start abusing it, just use your role as a GM to say "no, that doesn't work that way"
  6. Like jumping a ship to hyperspace can destroy entire fleets and no one used this tatctic in thousands of years?
  7. Why are you at all discussing about scientific correctness in a science fantasy game, especially in star wars? Heck, that discussion could easily go on for many parsecs.. If the story needs atmosphere, there is atmosphere. Period.
  8. With nothing there reducing the oxygen level, I would say yes. But this is science fantasy, make it work so that it fits the story you want to tell
  9. First that comes into mind are mechanic / computer rolls to modify the droids. But you can also bring that up to full adventure scale if you maybe want to let them know, that a company has some blueprints or program codes for some cool modifications, so the players have to infiltrate the facility, copy the plans / codes, get out of there (alive as a bonus objective) and then get the right parts and do the upgrade job
  10. I found this whole race mechanic too complicated. I just narrated what happened according to the dice rolls, creating some interesting fights for position
  11. I have a similar session planned, but in my game the players find an abandoned asteroid base. Hazards include rooms, that are still pressurized (see if they get the idea why the door to this room is so hard to be opened.. make sure to place an opening into space in their backs when they try to open the door, for some extra destiny / despair fun), a nest full of mynocks protecting their offspring, a meteor shower damaging sections of the base (probably those sections contain player characters at that moment), booby traps placed by space pirates that already visited that place, a room full of dead floating bodies (a good starter encounter to make them think about what happened here), and overcharged consoles that zap players trying to use them.
  12. It's your game, everything you want is possible. Heck, TlJ gave us unmanned fleet destroying hyperspace projectiles...
  13. Ah thanks. Well hidden
  14. Where can I find that agreement? Or is it still for a limited, chosen number of content creators? Section 8(f) could indeed be a showstopper for me. I really want to hire an illustrator for the book I'm writing, but I absolutely can't pay him in advance, not knowing whether my book sales will cover these costs..
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