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  1. MasterZelgadis

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    The main reward / motivation was intended to be exploration of the station in order to power it up and then keep it as a base of operations. Most hazards are more intended as traps, so things happen, while they explore. The main problem for the SC should be spotting those in order to "disarm" the trap or find a way around it. Of course there will be some chances to find nice stuff
  2. MasterZelgadis

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    I think I have now fitted out my base. It was once a resupply post, that has been taken over by pirates but was then abandoned. Still have to come up with a reason for that. Regarding the rooms for the base, I start on hangar level, because this is where the PCs will enter: - Hangar (big enough for a few SIL 4 ships + a few fighters), 2 badly damaged M3-A Scyk with light lasers - Storage Rooms for supplies - Space Traffic Control - Main area for visitors From the hangar level going up, we have at Hangar Level (HL) +1: - Officers quarters - Officers mess hall - Library / Archive - Observation Deck further up at HL+2: - Control Room - Comms-Room - Manager's office - Office of the Security Chief Back to the Hangar level, and one Level down: - Fuel Storage - Weapons storage (for ship weapons), maybe they can find a few old missiles or torpedoes here. They still have no launcher though. - Tech Rooms / Workshops - Brigg further down at HL-2: - Crew quarters - Crew mess hall - Med-Bay - Training-Room - Hydroponics (to be independent from food suppliers) And one level down again at HL-3: - Engineering Room / Power Core - Computer Core - Environmental Control (O2, Gravity) On the surface: - Shield generator - Laser Turrets - an Ion Cannon I really liked the idea of having two phases, phase I with the station cold and dark, no atmosphere, no gravity, no lights. For that phase I have the following encounters, but could use some more ideas.. - A band of raiders set some Anti-Personnel Mines in one room, if the players fail to spot them, they explode. Possible consequences beside from the obvious direct damage could be a cut off corridor, damaged equipment or with a little help of despair getting blown out into space - A nest of mynocks, obviously they would attack the PCs - The frozen bodies of the last band of raiders floating in a room, maybe one still has a grenade grabbed, that could go off if it slides out of his dead frozen hand - A still pressurized room, failure to spot this before forcing open the door will result in decompression of that room, hurling all kind of objects into the PCs general direction - A small ship with raiders jumps into the system and docks with the station, PCs have to hide (what, if they find the ship in the hangar? ) or prepare an ambush. If they fail to spot it, they get surprised by the raiders - A meteor shower hits the station. Spotting this lets the PCs leave the endangered areas. Failure will result in damage, cut off corridors or maybe drifting out into space Not really an encounter, but an overshadowing thing could be a limited amount of oxygen, especially if their way back to their ship was cut off. But I'm not entirely sure about that, apart from finding some O2 bottles, there would be nothing they could really do against that problem. Except from maybe trying to clear the way (which is hard labour and results in even more oxygen consumption) or finding another way. But what if they fail all of this? I don't want to let them die because they ran out of O2.. Part II will be when they managed to re-activate the power core, but did not get to the control room to get control over the station. Plan is, the station will be quite different then, so they can't just say "We go back through the corridors we came, we already cleared and explored them, nothing will happen". On their way back they have to manage their way through a powered up, but severely damaged station now. Basically all of the encounters from phase I can also happen here (with some slightly changed effects, for example the raiders will be warned, because the station they expected to be dead is now powered up). But some other encounters could be: - Malfunctioning / Exploding consoles causing damage and further malfunctions - Failing gravity (environmental control will only run on an emergency level and will have malfunctions) - Rooms without atmosphere, basically the same as in phase I but vice versa - Meteor shower, success spotting the meteors enagbles the PCs to man a turret to shoot the meteor down - The obvious fire spitting pipes we saw in Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy - An activated defense system, with light turrets shooting at the PCs - Activated security droids / mad maintenance droids Here I need a few more.. any ideas? I don't really like the idea of a mad station AI... In Phase III (when they gained control over the station), basically the showdown, the raider class corvette, that they escaped at Bespin, could jump in after calculating the vecors of the PCs mis-jump and start searching the system. If the PCs want to use this station as a hidden base of operations, they should destroy the corvette, or come up with an other plan to prevent that it can send the coordinates to the empire. The PCs could use the station turrets, ion cannon and support with teir YT-1300 or even jury rig the Scyk fighters in the station hangar to support in that final showdown.
  3. MasterZelgadis

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

  4. MasterZelgadis

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    All nice ideas, thanks so far. The station is definitely powered down, no atmosphere, no gravity, no AI, no defenses. I like the idea of making this a two part exploration, part one navigating through the dead station, trying to reactivate the power core, and part two getting control over the station, having a mad droid AI and defense systems against them. Especially if they have to take some ways, they already explored in part one, that are totally different now with power restored. The thing I struggle with is finding more ideas for "environmental encounters" in a completely dead station. Hm.. maybe it could be also an option to have some raiders appear halfway through the exploration, so they would have to fight off a rivaling group.. have to think about that
  5. MasterZelgadis

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    Yes, I wanted to leave this open for now and base the purpose of the station on the ideas that come, or I develop. One idea I had was, that the location is not the original location of the station, that it got pulled into hyperspace by something (maybe a research accident, which leads to a research station..) and left hyperspace at the location where it now is located. But I'm not entire sure that I like that idea. This works in Starfinder or maybe Star Trek, but in Star Wars you need an actual hyperdrive to accelerate.. Question is, when the players use it as a home base, what kind of station could be of any use for them? A research station would be not my favourite then, a refueling or trading post would fit better.
  6. MasterZelgadis

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    Last session my group finished the jewel from yavin module, fleeing from bespin, with a raider corvette behind them. After an intense chase, they jumped to hyperspace, and bam.. came out in an unknown area of space. Classic jump calculation error. But that area is not empty, right in front of them is an old, damaged, abandoned space station. That's the cliffhanger where I ended the session. So much for the backstory. My intentions were that they dock, explore the base, investigate what happened and then maybe use it as a hidden homebase. The exploration part should get a little touch of horror, but no zombie stormtroopers, or sth like that. But now I seem to lack ideas how to pull it off. First of all, what rooms should such a base have? Hangar, Control Room, Fuel / Cargo / Ammo Storage, Crew Quarters, Medbay are quite obvious, but what interesting rooms could be there? Also, what could happen to the players while exploring? The station will be completely cold and dark, so sudden decompressions are very unlikely. Oxygen shortage is also unlikely, they could just get to their ship and refill the oxygen tanks. Oh, except.. their way back gets cut off.. Then they need an other route to the ship (will probably hard to pull off, 1 player quit the group, but her character is still on board, she could just maneuver the ship to a position they can get to..). So what horror elements could they encounter? Mainly non combat encounters, I want the base to be really abandoned. So no mystical creatures (á la Alien) or pirate raiders or force ghosts.. Well maybe encpounters that let the players conclude there has to be some kind of creature hunting them, but in fact there isn't.. Any ideas? I feel kind of uncreative right now..
  7. MasterZelgadis

    Spooky One-Shot

    Maybe a crashed down starship full of ghosts of old jedi that went mad?
  8. MasterZelgadis

    Slugthrowers: Pointless?

    Didn't say it would be an easy shot, only talked about range. Also, we play a game in a universe, where such heroic things happen. Like hyperspace jumps to just above a planet's surface
  9. MasterZelgadis

    Slugthrowers: Pointless?

    Maybe very niche, but a disadvantage would be, that you can't fire them in space (needs oxygen to fire a round) Well, Firefly taught us, you can work around this problem, which leads to a big advantage: When you manage to fire them in space, their range should be infinite
  10. MasterZelgadis

    My scenery thread

    I like the big red-silver water tower building
  11. MasterZelgadis

    Are we ever going to see the Spy book?

    Another question regarding this: Are there any further books planned? The whole production seems to have been abandoned a little. But in all games (eote, aor, fad) there are books missing (specializations, not to speak of other supplementals or adventures..)
  12. MasterZelgadis

    Heist Campaign Security

    Basically, don't come up with ways to beat the security measures. Just think, which security measures make sense. Let the players do the hard work.
  13. MasterZelgadis

    Running Crates of Krayts as a Starter Character Game

    Retreat is a valid option. No one says you have to take them out. And no one says Encounters have to be fair or even winnable by the players
  14. MasterZelgadis

    Hyperspace Report

    Ghosts of Dathomir a disaster? Come on, you had to wait for one book. We german players still don't have more than a hand full of books. At least we got all the core rulebooks now (but not the reprints). The supplementary books can be counted by the fingers of one hand. And absolutely no info about further books (not the ones that were already confirmed, and of course not all the other books out there). Now tell me again GoD was a disaster...
  15. Hey, again a long time without update. I had some other things to do, but now back on the project.. I paused the development on the event mechanism to come back to player bases. Not quite satisfied with the look of the module / room list, but nevertheless added a very basic function. The function to add decks and rooms, and of course remove them again. Goes without saying, that only the GM can configure bases and rooms. Each room "widget" shows the type of the room, the responsible officer, the amount of crew working there, damage status and power level. Not sure if I stick with these status, but for now they are in there.. Also did some improvements that were more under the hood, like shrinking the count of cronjobs for the event system from 5 to 1. that one now controls all the other jobs (cronjobs are limited by my webhosting service provider)..