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  1. Nice idea. Actually I have already prepared that But I wanted to implement the player bases feature first, which needed the NPCs as a prerequisite. For the PCs I am still thinking about whether I keep it simple like the NPCs or allow some more info up to a full character sheet. But I think i will keep it fairly simple (Name, race, gender, profession) History is a feature I hoped I would not have to think about.. but maybe I can implement that, too. But at the moment that is very low on the list
  2. I just removed the WIP mode from the Personnel page. You can now create (basic) NPCs. Just a name, race, profession and payment (money tracking is still the GMs job, no effect here). When I have generated some more NPCs I will also unlock the NPC Job Board where you can hire pregenerated NPCs. Maybe your group is looking for an NPC to do a special job, like cooking? Here is the place to look for him Oh, I will extend the list of professions and races, give me some time for that In the meantime you could give me a lit of professions, you really want to see there. I plan to implement the professions from the books, but maybe you find more for me Have fun and I would appreciate some feedback
  3. With the npc job board nearly done, it was time for a page to manage your hired personnel. et voila: This is what the GM sees, of course, as a player you can't edit here. Now I have to add a ton of NPCs, then I can remove the WIP mode and release both pages for you to use
  4. VTT recommendation

    I would use We use it for pathfinder and star trek adventures
  5. Hm, no, I think this is something different. With travellertools you can generate certain things, but on my site I generate things, you can use them as background in your games. But I will take a look at these supplements, thanks
  6. Just a small feature, but an important one. If you are invited to a group now you get notified. Also changed a few code lines, so now you can create ships and groups with german umlauts..yay
  7. And another quick status update before I go to bed... Thanks @Squirrelsan for the inspiration, I hope I am allowed to copy your design here (if not, let me know..)
  8. A little lifesign from the project. Bases feature got a little stuck, because I realised I need another feature before the bases. NPCs! You can hire these NPCs and assign them to stations and station modules to make them work more efficiently. Also the ship page will be modified, so the captain will not only be a name in an input field, but rather a character you can create there. Stay tuned...more cool things to come...
  9. Running a split party for an entire session

    If the two groups are clearly separated you could run two sessions, one with the group, second with the separated part of the group. There will be no possibility to interact between them, obviously. Second option, if you don't mind the players are present, when the other part of the group is "active", you could split the session into short, timeboxed scenes, alternating between the two locations. You could support that with a page of paper, split vertically into two columns, with a timeline, or scenes running from top to bottom. Left side is for group A notes, right for group B notes.. if you get what I mean
  10. FFG Notifier for upcoming products

    Changelog: Fixed minor bug - missing space in string when products are new on the list
  11. Just one basic guideline: Make them offers they can't refuse
  12. Dealing with loot - new GM

    Said it in an other thread, and I can just repeat: Remember, everything you give your NPCs to beat the **** out of the PCs will be in the PCs inventory after the encounter At least as long as you don't make sure, they won't get it (loot gets damaged / destroyed, they get overwhelmed by enemy reinforcements and have to flee before they can grab the equipment, ...)