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  1. Or order your commander and support, but leave the two trooper groups to be the "random" ones.
  2. So this means if I want a basic paint job on my Legion models, I'll be able to start playing the game just over half-a-year after I buy it... Because that 3-4 hours I get once per month to play something like Legion would be spent painting instead. Looks like I'll be playing it unpainted, since I would rather enjoy the game with boring gray models than not play at all.
  3. Have you looked at the fan-developed fantasy conversion, Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom? Redshirt Down put magic in there without using the force die, and I think it works quite well. At least so far, anyway! I'm really looking forward to see how Genesys has handled it! P.S. Phil, I wonder if you could run a beta Genesys game for the d20Radio Patreon group! Aren't we covered by some kind of NDA?
  4. The Runebound setting is where many FFG games already take place. Descent, Battlelore, etc. They've already developed a rich lore for this world, it makes sense for them to use Genesys to make it an RPG setting.
  5. I was actually going to sign up for one of the Genesys sessions, it would be worth a day trip down to Indy, especially since I haven't gone to GenCon in quite a few years. Unfortunately, I discovered that you can't just buy the $6 session ticket, you also have to by a con badge. Really? I though that was bad enough - then I saw the price; $75 per day?!? GenCon can kiss my gamer-white posterior! I guess I'll have to wait for Genesys to go retail to experience it. Perhaps FFG will have something at Origins. Please?
  6. So then, if not a login, what the heck is it asking for? Channel Name User Name I'm pretty sure I'm missing something here... Also, why is there a "Logout" button in your screenshot?
  7. Wow, did I just post under the pseudonym of NonekiTheHutt? Because I have done the thing, including WHFRP 3rd!
  8. The character sheets to which I am referring are part of They are built using HTML/CSS, but I don't know if they could be extracted to work in anything else. They are also tightly integrated with the Roll20 Edge dice system API.
  9. For the die rolling, do you not use the character sheets? They're amazing!
  10. Wow, you're lucky to live in Melbourne - I'm stuck here in the USA *still* waiting for mine to arrive! I pre-ordered mine back in December from Cool Stuff Inc (normally very good at this kind of thing), but they *still* don't have any to send out. I've even called the stores around me that would normally carry it (not very local), but they don't have any either.
  11. Ok, that's interesting. I've been seeing lots of posts on Facebook of people sauntering into a local store and buying a copy. *shrug* Who knows? (certainly not me, but I want to!)
  12. Yes, they are, but per Asmodee's new rules, they have to separate their business between BnM and Online. I'm envisioning the actual retail CSI store in Florida has them sitting on the selves, but the online CSI doesn't have them in yet.
  13. Has anyone received a copy from Cool Stuff or Miniature Market? MM says they have some, but CSI still says they don't have any to ship... two days after release! This is the first time ever CSI hasn't shipped me a pre-order on release day. (in years of ordering from them) Oh, before anyone tells me I should buy locally - stop. I'm not driving 86 miles round-trip to buy a book. I just want to know what's going on! I'm concerned that this is another Asmodee strategy to f$@ over online buyers again.
  14. It's February 2nd... ...and "No Disintegrations" is NOT sitting on my front porch! WTF?!? FFG's site still says, "not released yet" and "Release Date: February 2" Gah! Gimme, gimme, gimme!
  15. I believe you are correct! I've not seen these before. Are there others besides Feldherr and Battlefoam?