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  1. The character sheets to which I am referring are part of They are built using HTML/CSS, but I don't know if they could be extracted to work in anything else. They are also tightly integrated with the Roll20 Edge dice system API.
  2. For the die rolling, do you not use the character sheets? They're amazing!
  3. Wow, you're lucky to live in Melbourne - I'm stuck here in the USA *still* waiting for mine to arrive! I pre-ordered mine back in December from Cool Stuff Inc (normally very good at this kind of thing), but they *still* don't have any to send out. I've even called the stores around me that would normally carry it (not very local), but they don't have any either.
  4. Ok, that's interesting. I've been seeing lots of posts on Facebook of people sauntering into a local store and buying a copy. *shrug* Who knows? (certainly not me, but I want to!)
  5. Yes, they are, but per Asmodee's new rules, they have to separate their business between BnM and Online. I'm envisioning the actual retail CSI store in Florida has them sitting on the selves, but the online CSI doesn't have them in yet.
  6. Has anyone received a copy from Cool Stuff or Miniature Market? MM says they have some, but CSI still says they don't have any to ship... two days after release! This is the first time ever CSI hasn't shipped me a pre-order on release day. (in years of ordering from them) Oh, before anyone tells me I should buy locally - stop. I'm not driving 86 miles round-trip to buy a book. I just want to know what's going on! I'm concerned that this is another Asmodee strategy to f$@ over online buyers again.
  7. It's February 2nd... ...and "No Disintegrations" is NOT sitting on my front porch! WTF?!? FFG's site still says, "not released yet" and "Release Date: February 2" Gah! Gimme, gimme, gimme!
  8. I believe you are correct! I've not seen these before. Are there others besides Feldherr and Battlefoam?
  9. Which foam insert? Those don't look like any of the Feldherr foam trays I've seen. They look professionally done. Did you make those yourself? Either way, they're pretty cool.
  10. For many months, Cool Stuff Inc. has had an expected release date of "December 2016". However, they just updated the status to a specific date. "February 2, 2017"
  11. Ok, I'm officially old. I read that title, and my brain saw this:
  12. I agree that it would likely be similar to Descent's Road to Legend. However, I thought it worth noting that Road to Legend does not allow Overlord-less play of the existing material, it instead gives you new co-op material to play with your existing tiles and figures. ...which is fine with me, I love being able to play a Hero for once - I'm ALWAYS the overlord/imperial player!
  13. This is what worked for me. Place the gun on the edge of a table, and then press the AT-ST down onto it. Just make sure you have a sturdy table. No heat needed. It's simple. When I bought my game last year, I had the same problem as everyone else here. My fingers were raw from trying to push the gun into the head. There was a similar thread back then. 1) Place the gun down on a sturdy table or counter, right-side up. 2) Align the head above the gun, as if you were going to push the head down onto the gun. 3) Push the head down onto the gun. That's it! It snaps into place without any issue. No boiling water, no hairdryer, nothing. couldn't believe how easy it was after all the struggling I had done. I tried it again with Weiss, and sure enough - *click* - right in with no hassle.
  14. Thank you all for the suggested lists, guys. Great ideas here, I hadn't thought about ditching the command cards (duh). That would make it much simpler to teach. Also keeping the number of activations down is something I hadn't thought of either. Armed with all this, I should be able to put together a "teaching kit" that I can carry around... you know, just in case!
  15. Hi everyone, I am looking to put together a thematic rebel list to help introduce people to the skirmish part of the game. I am not looking for something that is going to win Worlds, but more something easy and fun to play while still being somewhat relevant. I would be pairing this rebel list against a basic, non-optimal trooper list - again, going more for theme here than a hyper-efficient killing list. It doesn't have to be Luke, Leia, Han, R2 & 3P0, or anything, but at least one or two "main characters" would be great to hook new players that happen to be fans of the OT. Does anyone have any suggestions? EDIT: Oh, assume I own one of everything, but might have two sets of each "generics". For a point of reference, here's the trooper list I've made. Deployment: [1] Advanced Com Systems [5] Imperial Officer [Elite] [5] Imperial Officer [Elite] [10] Kayn Somos [9] Stormtrooper [Elite] [9] Stormtrooper [Elite] Command: [0] Celebration [3] Covering Fire [2] Inspiring Speech [0] Mitigate [3] New Orders [0] Of No Importance [0] Planning [0] Positioning Advantage [3] Rally the Troops [2] Reinforcements [2] Reinforcements [0] Take Cover [0] Take Initiative [0] To the Limit [0] Wild Attack