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  1. I think it's slightly absurd to judge a whole community based upon a few posts on an internet forum and three weeks experience. It's actually a little insulting. My recommendation is to not obsess about the state of the community and to simply be the kind of player that you'd want to play with. Contribute in the way that you like to see contributions. The rest will work itself out.
  2. I'm personally hoping that FFG does something to shift the meta away from the dependency on repositioning abilities. I think the value of such an ability is so great that it effectively eliminates entire ships (not just individual pilots) from the competitive scene because they do not naturally have the ability to boost, barrel roll, SLAM or decloak.
  3. As much as I'd like to see the H-6 and especially the Skipray, this would only cement Scum & Villainy as the 'large ship faction'. In my opinion, Scum need WAY more viable pilots for their unique small ships because I'm tired of fielding Z-95s, HWKs and Y-wings and looking like a knock-off Rebel squadron. Unfortunately, these ships are simply better value than the others for Scum.
  4. Definitely Etahn A'baht. Gets better the more enemy ships there are on the board.
  5. All pilots to your planes! Scramble the fighter wing!
  6. If anything, it's worth getting a Scyk to surprise your opponent by one-shotting his Soontir using a HLC on the rare occasion. I guess I was lucky as this happened on my first use of the ship (and then sadly never again).
  7. And the 3-4 other X-wing board users who have recently had their reputations tarnished by completely-false accusations? F***-em? TasteTheRainbow, I appreciate what you're trying to say, however I fail to see the benefits of a gag order on these issues. The speculation in this topic is based upon the video evidence (which is quite damning) of the player manipulating a dial in his opponent's absence. Regardless of the player's intentions, his actions are in direct violation of the rules. I don't think anybody wants to start a witch hunt, but cheating is a hot topic and will evoke an emotional response from other players. Most people on these forums ignore the overly dramatic posters anyway, so what's left is a rational discussion on the state of play.
  8. I find it difficult to concentrate with the weight of the glasses on my nose. Additionally, it darkens the screen too much. I saw one of the Avengers movies in 3D and the glasses dulled all the bright colours and subdued the colour palette.
  9. I'm surprised that the Scyk doesn't natively have cannon and illicit slots, scrap the title and it's extra cost. I can understand dropping the missile to differentiate it from the Z-95 but it seems illicit would have been PERFECT for this ship. I just imagine these things flying super-hot and dangerous, buzzing around being a menace to their enemy and perhaps themselves.
  10. Are you making some bad joke I don't understand? I saw the midnight showing and I thought it was fantastic. Definitely an 8.5 / 10 for me. There were definitely things that I did not like at all, but it was so enjoyable overall that I can easily forgive them. The new characters and the actors portraying them were great - in fact, I thought they stole the scenes from the old, established characters, whenever they appeared together.
  11. I'm just curious why you find the TIE Defender fun and interesting. It's my favourite ship in Star Wars EU and I rarely play it because I'm not a great fan of flying up and down the board in a straight line. Sure, I can take turns, but then my opponent can predict my next 2 to 3 moves with fair ease.
  12. This one is dedicated to you: Tie Defender only, Title "After executing a maneuver you may rotate your ship by 360°" ... Fun and interesting enough? What's your problem dude?
  13. I'm not a fan of the free focus idea. I don't want the Defender to simply be more effective, I also want it to be more fun and interesting.
  14. Rapscallion84

    Idea Farm

    I absolutely hate the idea of Rebels flying TIEs and Imperials flying X-wings etc.
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