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  1. That’s what I thought but wanted to be sure! Thanks!
  2. If you roll 3 focus symbols against padme on attack, how many dice could you reroll with a target lock?
  3. I just learned that adaptive ailerons don’t count for the purpose of losing perform action step, where does being ionized fall?
  4. When I went to Celebration, I asked an employee, and they said that you could use the dice in X-Wing. They even had problems with people trying to steal dice during demo games because of this.
  5. It was being mentioned in another thread and wanted to get clarification since their reasoning was that qi’ra can’t. Considering hers says ignore when performing attacks that makes sense as to why hers would not be allowed.
  6. I was just wondering what would happen in the instance of the player controlling the droid relocates it under an enemy ship. Since it says that if an enemy ship overlaps the droid, I wasn’t sure if the enemy had to move their ship over the droid for the attack die to be rolled or any time the droid has an enemy ship overlapping it.
  7. With the qi’ra debacle, I was wondering if a droid with grappling struts open at range 0 of an asteroid is allowed to shoot off of it?
  8. That’s what I thought for both of those, just wanted to make sure I didn’t start making any bad habits, and telling the other players in my area that’s how it’s played.
  9. Is Dooku allowed to removed a target lock as a red token when spending a force after defending and they are in your arc? Also, if removing a cloak token, does it count as a decloak, or is the token just removed? Just wanted to clear it up before I gave him a try for the first time.
  10. I was just curious if it was possible to play two of the l-s1 cannon's on the same character. I'm guessing it is not possible, but I just wanted to be sure.
  11. Everything that everyone else said looks fine, but I'm unsure about number 4. I don't think you played it right at this point: Use Escape Craft's Action making it a support. (You now have a ready support with a die) Mainly due to the card saying in the action that when it becomes a support do not ready it: If I am missing something let me know...
  12. Thanks for the answers, glad to know he works the way I hoped he would!
  13. Here is what Kanan’s card does for reference. I was just curious if after using Kanan’s ability, if the chosen ship that’s stress was removed would be allowed to perform an action if they no longer have stress.
  14. Do you have to spend a second charge when doing the second attack? Also, can the second attack go beyond range 1-2 since it has to be within range 0-1 of defender? The way I interpret it is you have to spend a second charge, and the bonus attack still has to be within 1-2.
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