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  1. DodgingArcs

    2.0 Upgrade Card Question - Answered

    I know the cards is kind of their thing and it makes for a great casual experience and gives them something they can swagify with alt arts but I do kind of wish they had done away with them completely for tournament play. If you can print it from the app you can play it would have been much much better.
  2. DodgingArcs

    2.0 Upgrade Card Question - Answered

    It’s exactly the same. Even if Autothrusters released the very next wave in Imperial and/or Rebel ships (and the Punisher totally could have come with it) it was still a must have upgrade in a single ship that was necessary to fly other ships in a different faction for an entire wave. By the time it released in the next wave (assuming it had come in the Punisher which it didn’t) then players that needed it for their interceptors or A-Wings would have already bought it out of faction. They have to be released to all factions at the same time for it to make any kind of difference.
  3. DodgingArcs

    Will Kylo Ren/ Silencer 2.0 stay the same?

    Kylo Ren “While attacking, if the Defender suffers a crit spend 1 Force to assign a weapons disabled token to that ship” It also wouldn’t surprise me if Advanced Optics was gone but actually built into the Silencer inbthe same way that LRS is built into the E-Wing.
  4. DodgingArcs

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    I still kind of want Vader in a Defender though. It’s thematic. Who doesn’t want to troll X-Winv with Maarek and Vader in Defenders. 😂 As for the Silencer in 2.0 it’s hard to imagine what they might do. The current Kylo build sure feels like something they don’t want in the game. FCS works completely differently and it’s hard to know if Advanced Optics will remain the same. I expect they will want the ship to be somewhere between the Defender and Interceptor - so the E-Wing basically. Same 3-3-4-2 statline with built in optics for the ship upgrade. Then at least 2 non focus linked actions. Looking forward to it though. Whatever they do.
  5. DodgingArcs

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    At 32pts behind 6 health with double action economy it’s basically an offensive Defender. You could probably do something similar with the SFs but the dials and lack of boost prevent some of the blocking possibility, not to mention autothrusters. Kylo Ren is still strong, but these are pretty good at 32pts.
  6. DodgingArcs

    Solo 2? SPOILERS!!!

    Qi’ra movie would be the best sequel. Doesn’t need Han. Definitely needs Maul. Could include Lando. Assuming it is Maul and not an Oz style hologram illusion to keep the syndicate in line a story about Maul’s demise would be interesting. Especially if it includes Xizor or some one similar. I say assuming because Clone Wars already had his demise and it was generally thought he went to Malachor after. I can buy into the fact that he continued to lead yhe syndicate and am actually interested in the film that contains some of that backstory and details his ultimate downfall to become the hermit we see in Rebels.
  7. DodgingArcs

    I proxied 2.0 Vader, here are my thoughts...

    Did he really seem OP? No evade, no boost option, worse targeting computer. The Advanced all suffer from having to spend an action to get up to 3 dice attack. I’m sure this will be built into the cost but Vader is an I6 Force User so he will be expensive. Most of the time I believe you should never use Vader’s ability. He has 3 force, you should never need to take Focus, which means with the exception of roll and lock you don’t need to double up on actions. Once you have a lock up you are free to focus, roll or focus -> roll. Just because you can use all actions with Vader doesn’t mean you should. Those 3 Force are 3 banked calculate. Why waste them on Focus? By all means take Focus if you have range 1 or no other useful action but spending a force to get a focus seems a little wasteful. There is likely stuff we haven’t seen. Perhaps a config for the ship, force powers, and how many mods you can equip on him. Afterburners currently feels like a must. Is there still going to be a Cruise Missile? But for the most part Vader seemed perfectly in line with 2.0 balance - definitely not OP and definitely not the ship the we have been flying in 1.0. Now if they put Vader in a Defender then that will be something else.
  8. DodgingArcs

    It's been at least a week since the last Punisher thread

    Proton Torp looks strong. It’s basically a Harpoon without the condition. However cards like Long Range Scanners are pretty unlikely to exist. That card makes the Gunboat lists work now. Deadeye is the other way low PS ships had of getting ordiance off in the initial engagement. We know Deadeye is now Instinctive Aim and will only work on Force Sensitive Pilots. All of this isn’t great for low PS ordinance carriers, which is possibly quite interesting. The Aces might be more expensive than the genetics but they make up for it by actually being able to use ordiance with more ease. Of course this doesnt bode that well for the Punisher, at least not the generics. It also doesn’t help that the Empire have 3 ships that basically do the same thing. Trying to give each of them distinctive flavour will be quite hard. I like the idea of Boost -> Reload. I think Focus -> Target Lock (or the reverse) is way outside what FFG want to do with this version of the game. I’m interested to see what happens for them. The medium base will be welcome.
  9. DodgingArcs

    Tracking demand for Conversion Kits ...

    Pretty useful data, but what is more interesting to me is how many more Rebel ships there are than Empire. 17 Rebel ships for conversion 16 Scum and 13 Empire. They get a +1 with the Reaper. it really makes me wonder why they felt keeping Sabine’s TIE was a good idea. I like Rex. Having him in the game is cool but he could very easily be in a Z-95 (which he did fly) and Ashoka could be in an A-Wing (again which she does fly). The Empire completely lose the Firespray (which given that I painted mine up would make me salty but I wasn’t using it anyway because it is a bad Imperial option in 1.0) but they can’t take away the silly TIE from the Rebels. I know it happened briefly in the show but it really crushes the theme to have a TIE supporting the Rebels IMO
  10. DodgingArcs

    One weird side-effect of all this 2e nonsense

    It’s probably not far off as an estimate. FFG is clearly selling each kit at the base price of most board games. If you look at L5R then you can see it has about 250 cards and lots of punch tokens. These kits will have as a rough estimate 140 pilot cards, probably 100+ upgrade cards and a whole of of card board dials and ship bases. L5R Core is $40 Recommended Retail. This is $50. Whether that is reasonable to you or not I guess is your decision. FFG generally price stuff high and there has been a general price increase across their X-Wing products. Could the conversion kit be cheaper? Probably. But the price seems in line with FFG pricing.
  11. DodgingArcs

    Soontir Fel

    If that list is Maarek Stele and Darth Vader Imma gonna weep true tears.
  12. DodgingArcs

    Polish leaks for 2.0 with dodgy second hand translations.

    You know I was super interested in 2.0 until I saw Luke crew. I already had concerns that turrets (opposite arcs that can turn as an action) would be pretty strong. Obviously not as strong as before but still super powerful in a game where defence got balanced back. On a large base though where most PWTs will be that is still a large zone of fire, especially out the sides. But now Luke crew can just point it where he wants with no problem, and if you don't need to swing your turret you have a force point for a soft defensive or offensive buff. I hope there is a mistranslation. I really do.
  13. DodgingArcs

    Tie Advanced 2.0 seems meh

    Without point costs it really is hard to make a comparison to the t65 but the Advanced does look to have some serious issues. It still needs a lock on an opponent to get a 3rd Attack die and while it can now use that lock to reroll it doesn’t get an auto crit anymore. I’m pretty sure the latter is in keeping with balancing offence or creating more dice variance. The other issue is that you can fail actions. So not only does the TIE Advanced need action economy for offensive output you can actually lose your action by failing to lock. I’m really not sure what they are trying to do with this ship. It’s likely the prototype still has evade and boost. It also looks like Vader won’t be able to get boost. We can’t be sure about anything until we get it on the table but I can definitely see issues when thinking in a 1.0 mindset. Edit: I’m pretty sure the Jam action can’t get rid of lock now. Two reasons. It only removes a token on the ship you jam and you don’t have the blue end anymore and you can only get rid of round tokens from what I heard. Black One and Wes could still be a problem though.
  14. DodgingArcs

    Ban Veteran Instincts

    I played Kylo at our regional this weekend using the Birmingham SO list. It was great fun and those games where Kylo wasn’t too dog were super interesting. But against some stuff - like qb3d the game is just over the minute you kill their QD. We can all agree that PS10 Nym and PS11 Fenn are a bit of a scourge but they are scourges because of the lack of counterplay versus Aces like Soontir, Whisper and more importantly Fenn (because bid to the bottom was very real). We can fix that though by rotating initiative. Then there is a super interesting ace game happening at PS9 as you jockey for position around each other trying to make the most of each instance of having the bid or not that you have. At least in theory anyway.
  15. DodgingArcs

    Ban Veteran Instincts

    And yet it’s a bad fix because now initiative bid is king. Nym gets to 9 off Adaptability saving a pt and matching ships that could get to 11 before to try and play around him. So now he has a chance to just outright win initiative against ships he couldn’t before. Kylo Ren and Whisper are immediately top of the food chain and get to work their magic without any threat of ships at higher PS. I’m not against the cap, I just think that is can’t be the only thing you do because it shifts the problem. Rotating Initiative needs to come first. Even if they don’t ban or change the PS Wars I would like to see it. I only fly Empire, mostly high PS Aces, and rotating initiative would be my number one change to the game, even before turrets (especially TLT) and bombs. I doubt it will happen, but I also doubt VI ever gets touched. I certainly hope it does get banned or limited in a vacuum though because that will hurt more than help IMO.