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  1. Same. I just don’t see it. Not at 8pts. A-Wings are cheap. Primed Thrusters is not and all you get out of it is the ability to double reposition after a red move or double use the ship ability. Both of these will leave you double stressed (though you can still boost and roll while trying to shed it). It doesn’t feel like an efficient use of points.
  2. Hyperspace is the better format anyway which is where First Order will be good. Why do I like the Hyperspace format? Variety. I know a lot of people are thinking that there is more variety and options in Extended but the reality is you have two dominant factions, 1 almost there factions and 2 faction s that probably can’t compete with the options of the others. This mean the variety is less. In Hyperspace, while scum look to be the best faction, you still have a more even playing field between the 5 factions which should provide more variety. In Hyperspace First Order look pretty fun. There are definitely a lot of options. FO actually have some of the better griefing mechanics with Kylo (either) Phasma, Thannison and Jam. They have synergy options with Hux or a Squad Leader TIE like Null. They also have self efficiency in Kylo which mostly disappears in Hyperspace. Fett and Vader have it, Luke to a degree. Lando and Rey are t bad either but it’s not like Whisper Redline Fel Guri etc... I definitely think they are fun. Lots of options to try out.
  3. Well Proton Torps are everything good about Harpoons with none of the drawbacks at a cheaper cost for the 2 shots.
  4. We don’t know points but I doubt he will see much if any play. He only goes on an expensive crew carrier and is likely an expensive crew if his 1.0 version is anything to go by. The only way you are getting 3 other ships in a list with him is if they are 2 attack dice ships. The ability honestly isn’t even that good really, it’s better than 1.0 because you can do all sorts of action, but worse because all ships gain a stress. It feels way too much like a one trick gimmick, especially at the price. The first order faction will boil down to Kylo, Quickdraw and whatever you can put with them. Everything else is way too fair. They are pretty much Rebels without all the options.
  5. Vader crew is too cheap and Quiz is probably too expensive. I actually think all the FU stuff except Vader crew is too expensive. But even though Whisper and Quiz are similar points they occupy different roles. Whisper is a sniper while Quiz is a knife fighter. It’s like they reversed roles from 1.0 Also they aren’t that similar in points. Quiz is 79-80 with FCS and Missiles. Whisper is 70 or 75 if you really need Collision Detector. The difference in points mean you can’t find the right squadmates for Quiz and keep the bod which Quiz needs and Whisper doesn’t. There is no chance a Quiz squad can compete with the 15pt Empire bid that Soontir, Redline, Whisper can do and those 3 ships are operating in a similar way which is not how Quiz flies. It’s okay, maybe the TAP will get given some love in January.
  6. Mechanically if the Aethersprite has white Evade then they just evade and use the force for focus. That would be nuts, especially when they could take the new Force ability and get 2 for 1 (though in general that ability doesn’t seem good). To balance that they get force evade which almost certainly means spend a force to take the action. If Obi Wan gets to spend effectively 2 force for an Evade when he is attacked then that seems pretty decent. All of this is speculation of course.
  7. I have to disagree on his ability being worse. His ability is much better. It opens up his dial, he doesn’t need to stress himself every turn. With Predator he actually deals damage. Do you need to fly him well rather rely on triple tokens, thrusters and Palp? Of course you do but you also only pay 52-56 pts for him rather that 70pts plus 58pts of Palp Support to keep him alive. He was barely on the table in 1.0, he is on the table in 2.0. He’s not the best ship, he’s not even the best I6, and I wouldn’t say he is the best bargain either, but he is definitely improved. I do feel like the OP was making an assumption that A-Wings and Interceptors wouldn’t get new Pilots in update packs and that is why they will sad for a while. I guess I feel like they didn’t want to release a mini conversion kit pack with the rest of wave 3 so they chose two ships they didn’t need to do so for. The Striker is also an obvious early release to create a Scariff format with 3 rebel and 3 imperial ships from that battle. As for A-Wings and Interceptors there are ton of canon pilots they could put in there as well as fan favourites like Tycho and Carnor Jax. Ahsoka and Hera could and should both be in an A-Wing. Ciena Ree and Nash Windrider are pretty obvious Interceptor inclusions. The better question is when we could even expect update pack for these ships. Wave 3 is Feb. Wave 4 would likely be middle of the year and Wave 5 will almost certainly be FO/Resistance focused.
  8. You mean exactly like Jam in 1.0? Why would anyone ever want that again? Jamming Beam is a lot like Tractor Beam. If you don’t have a follow-up bonus attack it’s kind of worthless. It’s possible the FO kit adds something like that because otherwise the Upsilon ship ability is the most pointless text to ever be put on a card. ?
  9. Not only can she only make 1 bonus attack a round, she also only gets a primary bonus attack so no she couldn’t fire cluster missiles twice twice. The missing stat line is annoying... Statline will probably be the same 9-3 with a 2 dice bow tie. It will be a monster and the argument of “let’s make Tragedy Simulator BSF only” is completely ridiculous. The card is stupid. It was stupid in 1.0 on Nym and BSF bombers and it’s pretty silly now on Punishers. Mot will be equally silly if not more so on a large base blocking turret ship. We are just going to have to learn to fly around launched bombs because they are here to stay. At least until a Hyperspace format outlaws them.
  10. They can’t equip the Veteran Turret Gunner. They don’t have Rotate Arc as a native action, only a linked action. Linked actions don’t fulfill action based requirements for upgrade cards. Its pretty much SF gunner or bust I would say, but it will be interesting if they price the chassis so it is relevant without the gunner. I’m also hopeful for some named SF gunners that cost more but do more, a bit like Artoo and BB-8.
  11. Same. Midnight is probably 40-42, Quickdraw with the SF gunner can’t be more than 58pts given what the X-Wing is. She’s probably more expensive than Wedge but not by much. Kylo probably shouldn’t be but likely will be more expensive than Vader. I think you can fit them, the real question is what you will be able to put on them.
  12. Nah, changing things up, even drastically changes the potentially meta game and stops stagnation in list building. You might be enjoying the meta right now and feel it is balanced (or at least fun). I know I am enjoying it. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t change it.
  13. They got the weapons wrong. If the mobile was 3 and the front was 2 the ships would be amazing. I actually like the idea of an Assaj that takes nothing (maybe 0-0-0) and that’s it. Just Evade, tank and threaten large areas with some guns. I don’t mind that I’m not seeing her though. Easily my number one 1.0 PTSD ship.
  14. I’m not saying Ved is good. He still suffers from the action economy issues that the rest of the chassis does. But I don’t agree on the initiative thing. He’s more like Ryad. You know what you are going to do most of the time, he just gives you a ton of different moves not normally on the dial. That is good. None of the moves he can change to are really going to give him a positional advantage. That comes from pre or post maneuver reposition.
  15. This certainly feels like fact. But even if they kept the Evade it wouldn’t help the TIE Advanced x1 much. Lets be real though, in 1.0 Vader was the only guy. Nothing has really changed. Flying Maarek next to Vizier (or another Reaper helps) as you can be sure to get into combat with Focus and Lock. I ran him with Debris Gambit and FCS last time. Predator Fel and an Ion Turret Aggressor round out the list. It’s decent and there is room for crew activities like Deathtroopers. I didn’t get much value from them though.
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