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    Your opinions on Force, and counters to it

    Let’s face it you will get to fly Anakin and Obi Wan and nothing else or 1 Force User with a mini swarm of non Force Using ships. Pretty much exactly how the squadrons were made up in Clone Wars. The Jedi Starfighter is probably a 3-2-4-1 statline with most of the pilots having between 1 and 2 Force. It will be interesting to see who they go for, I suspect it will be Anakin (I6, 2 maybe 3 Force), Obi wan (i3-4, 2 Force), Plo Koon (i5, 2 Force) and generic Jedi (i2-3, 1 Force). It would be cool if it was all named Jedi (like much much cooler), but I suspect writing and balancing so many abilities will be a stretch for the tiny FFG design team. I really don’t think you will see 3 on the board at once without them being extremely stripped down. I really don’t think I would worry too much about the Republic and the Force. It probably won’t be much different to the Empire, except the Empire have way more ace pilots that aren’t stuck with the Force tax.
  2. DodgingArcs

    2nd Ed Tractoring Rule Makes Quadrijets even better

    This is what will kill Strikers. I agree that is RAW. I can only hope it wasn’t intended. If it is then I’m going to have to work hard to rethink my 1.0 Striker brain.
  3. DodgingArcs

    Freelance Slicer

    It is before dice a rolled, after the weapon is chosen. The requirement of a lock for certain weapons, or focus for others, is when the weapon is chosen. You could jam their lock but they would still shoot the chosen weapon (and could not change which weapon they shoot).
  4. DodgingArcs

    2nd Ed Tractoring Rule Makes Quadrijets even better

    Isn’t there also an argument that a Striker which overlaps another ship on its aileron move loses its action. That’s the one that hurts. The obstacle one is negligible.
  5. DodgingArcs

    TIE Advanced x1 (Lord Vader’s Ship) ~ Force Upgrade

    Only if it is unique and only goes on Vader.
  6. DodgingArcs

    TIE Advanced x1 (Lord Vader’s Ship) ~ Force Upgrade

    This I completely agree with. Debris gambit would make a world of difference. If anyone should have Force and Talent it’s Vader With that in mind Blackout vs Kylo is going to be a super interesting comparison. Both i5 but one is Force and the other isn’t. I’m looking forward to playing around with Silencer builds.
  7. DodgingArcs

    TIE Advanced x1 (Lord Vader’s Ship) ~ Force Upgrade

    While this is true, if you don’t take it on Vader then you might as well look at no using him. You either buy into Supernatural Reflexes to give him pre or post move reposition to keep him alive or you just get something cheaper and build a better squad.
  8. DodgingArcs

    TIE Advanced x1 (Lord Vader’s Ship) ~ Force Upgrade

    Pfft. It’s pretty insane on the Grand Inquisitor and will be equally nuts on Kylo. At 73pt for SR and FCS you have an absolute bonkers knife fighter with triple actions and the FCS reroll. I do hope that more stuff comes out that gives Vader a better choice but I don’t really agree with the assessment that Vader only gets to use 20-30% of the power of the card. The roll portion is the amazing part.
  9. DodgingArcs

    TIE Advanced v1

    Grand Inquisitor, Supernatural and FCS. Concussion if you have some points, otherwise nothing because you need bid points. He doesn’t fly like he used to and his ability is mostly pointless. Use of to stop a range 1 bonus if you get caught. Your force is for Supernatural and maybe for a soft focus if you really need it. Dial in blue, Supernatural boost or roll into linked focus. Move, clear stress and take action which could be Lock if you don’t have it, Evade if you need it or boost/roll to get range 1. 1.0 Inquisitor’s goal was to stay at long range and snipe for as long as possible. 2.0 Grand Inquisitor’s goal is to stick like glue to a target at range 1 and bully them down and he is really really good at it. I like the Concussion Missile for sniping opportunity but you have other options there too like Proton Rocket or Homing Missile. I do not think the Grand Inqusitor is overcosted at all. The Seventh Sister and Inquisitors can do all the same stuff but they are also lower I so it’s not as useful. Seventh Sister has a terrible ability. IMO it is basically useless.
  10. DodgingArcs

    TIE Advanced x1 (Lord Vader’s Ship) ~ Force Upgrade

    Here is why the answer is Supernatural Reflexes and you shouldn’t worry about the lack of boost. Barrel Roll is better most of the time. Vader’s ability is a bonus. Supernatural is basically Vader’s ability before you move. You spend a Force to take an action. Vader only has 3 actions he can do, 1 of which is Lock which is will rarely need to do unless he is swapping targets and the other is focus which is kind of doesn’t need because he has Force points. So spend a Force on Barrel Roll, move and take an action which will be focus most of the time. It’s exactly the same as spending for an action on the other side of his move which you can still do. Positional options at I6 are far more valuable than the chance to shoot first at I7 which also costs a Force.
  11. DodgingArcs

    For everyone saying two ship lists are dead...

    Sure we can look at combos which look amazing but the game still feels way different on the table. Nothing feels safe unless you fly well. Games between equal skill players will swing back and forth like a pendulum on points. On paper the game might look similar but on the table it feels different.
  12. DodgingArcs

    Bombers 2.0

    I2 Bomber with Barrage is the same cost as an I1 Striker. This feels at least close to right.
  13. DodgingArcs

    What is Tomax Bren good for?

    And yet a 2 ship Boba Guri build handled bombers no problem in the Gold Squadron Classic. Even if the bombers, Barrage or Jonus goes up I’m not sure anyone is gunning for for Tomax.
  14. DodgingArcs

    What is Tomax Bren good for?

    There will probably be something pretty cool in the future. Charges are a here to stay mechanic and they are on almost everything now. It would have been cool if you could have flipped a charge on any equiped card so a reload for him was potentially a double reload. That would have at least had some value right now. But always in motion the future is. Epts will come out that will probably synergies with him quite well.
  15. DodgingArcs

    So, let's talk first balance patch

    Reduce the Alpha by 5pts? Why? Double reposition might be less valuable but guess what, Autothrusters is actually a token plus reposition. Focus boost is amazing. Not enough data on the x1 for me. Vader is obviously fine. None of the others seem badly priced. It’s a shame Jam can get Locks though. I’m not sure which Grand Inquisitor you are playing. He is immensely stupid. He definitely feels priced about right. To be honest you could probably drop every Force Pilot by 2-3 and increase Supernatural by the same. It’s just so stupendously good compared to the other Force Talents at the moment. I’ll be honest. I’m pretty happy with the balance of the game at the moment, even the things I think are too cheap. I’d rather see how it plays out for a bit before some balance changes kick in. Lets enjoy this meta before we get a new one. I also doubt that there will be many things that decrease in price. I know we want this to be like computer game patches that balance up and down but for some reason I feel like FFG are most likely go only adjust prices up. We shall see.