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  1. Trajectory Simulator is a great system upgrade.
  2. Lol. I always play lists against myself. It’s actually annoying if I want a take back that it reverts to computer rather than staying on player. Its an awesome tool, both for learning your list and learning what other people will fly too.
  3. Why would it fix the PS war? Quickdraw is at 11. Also it’s like the one thing Imperials have Vader and Quickdraw can go there and give up nothing. Rebel Fenn Rau is probably the only other pilot that can do that because his entire place in a list revolves around being last to move
  4. I would say that Nymranda, and specifically Experimental Interface Bombing Miranda is going to be one of the toughest things for this kind of list. You take Quickdraw because she can take the first run and deal out some punishment at the same time, but you still need to fly it well. We had already seen AC murder similar lists on stream. So that final game could go either way. Palp Aces though, like 2 years ago, is good against ordinance based meta. Though Quickdraw is only an ace in PS, not so much in repositional ability and neither ship really has the ability to just shrug off attacks like Soontir did. Watching the semi between Nam-my and Joel I wanted Nam-my to win because I thought he had a much better chance against Nymranda. I’m glad Joel was able to prove what a great player he is by dismantling one of his tougher matchups (twice).
  5. I just can’t agree with this. Jousting lists are lists that can take you head on and take little damage in return. Old Commonwealth Defenders was definitely the best jousting list during its short life along with Dengaroo which didn’t actually have to joust but just did it anyway. Rebels currently have the best tools for survinging jousts by mitigating damage while still dealing out a lot of their own. Just because Quickdraw shoots you when she loses shields and therefore increases her damage output on that round doesn’t make her a jouster. She is fragile and wants no part of a head to head fight. Neither do Gunboats. Both of them want to come at you from multiple angles to mitigate the amount of guns pointing back at them. Sometimes the joust favours you, and when it does you need to recognise that in setup, Imperials are good at flanking IMO.
  6. I don’t get this opinion at all. People want to nerf reinforce so a small number of ships can deal with it. I don’t really see how it helps. Also Wes Jansen might be in an X-Wing but his ability is kind of broken. He already completely nerfs ordinance on one ship in his arc and you want him to crush Wookies too. Jansen kills gunboats, Gunboats kill Wookies Wookies kill Jansen. Also I’m pretty sure the problem with Wookies is the 180 firing arc. If the had a normal arc with reinforce front or back 180 they probably wouldn’t be a problem.
  7. @flybomb I’m going to admit I’m super grumpy because I just had to back out of the Rey is a Mary Sue thread. People just need to stop. Ciena Ree is *not* a Mary Sue. She is the main protoagonist of a novel, just like Rey is one of the main protagonists of the new trilogy. If these were male characters we would never criticise them in the same way. Mary Sue has become a term used to lessen the value of a female characters contribution and role in a story. The term is more harmful than it is helpful in terms of describing the actions and power of female characters. You will note that Ciena Ree isn’t really a natural, she has to work and strive to be better than everyone around her to be recognised - this is a life story for women around the world. Female characters should be given all the same privileges of story and agency that male characters have without the immediate response being that they are a Mary Sue.
  8. I got the idea but it doesn’t make any sense. She would under no circumstances fly with the Rebellion even if it was with Thane. It’s more thematic to have Thane be a Crew than can go with Ciena Ree. It’s character like her and the obsoletion of early waves that upgrade packs for older ships need to come out more often. Also when they released the Arc, Thane (X-Wing), Norra (Y-Wing) and Shara (A-Wing) should have all come with dual sided pilot cards and base inserts. Shara probably needs a different ability but the others are probably okay.
  9. No it wouldn’t. It would replace Harpoons in all builds that can take either Missile. Against Shields it can do the same without needing a condition to trigger. It never creates a condition that can hurt you. It is 1pt cheaper. Those triple boat Harpoon Quickdraw lists get a 3pt bid which can add a Tech, a Cruise Missile or swap to PS11 Vader. Plasma torps would be much much better than Harpoons.
  10. I flat out refuse to discuss needing Harpoon Missiles whole TLT is still in its current form. However 1. condition should be applied at the end of the turn 2. Guidance Chips needs to change or be banned. 3. I do actually like the idea of 1 damage and the condition. 4. None of the weapons that cancel damage and do effects should ever trigger Harpoons. Iniatitive should have nothing to do with it.
  11. I would say that’s why the ordinance title costs 2 and not 0, and why the PS5 guy costs 2 more points than he probably should. These cheap 22pt Nu’s do get full mods on a 4 dice shot but only every 3 rounds. Kind of what the Phantom was supposed to be like. The title allows you to reduce the number of mods for the ability to keep the rate of fire up. So if you can roll in with your TL you might get 1-2 shots on the same target over 2 rounds, possibly modified by GC. If the title was free you wouldn’t have to choose between the 2 options. They would both be available to you.
  12. Yeah the second time I watch the film I’m watching it with this in mind. To be honest this isn’t my problem with the film, but not being ready for it may have made the other parts seem long, drawn out and pointless. Fresh eyes 2nd watch.
  13. I thought the Empire and the Emporer had enough backstory in the original trilogy to be honest. Force Awakens doesn’t set the First Order up as the rulers of the galaxy, it sets up the Republic as that. If anything the First Order are militant political extremists. Snoke doesn’t exactly fit into that. I guess the problem is more that Palpatine, the Empire and the Republic game first so while I can see where the First Order comes from (Bloodline helps a lot with that) I don’t really get how Snoke fits into the picture. Uber powerful dark lords don’t just rise out of nowhere. Snoke is easily a match for Palpatine both in scope of is ambition and his power. So where was Snoke, who is Snoke? If the original films didn’t exist then Snoke probably is fine as he is. This is Episode 8. It’s not actually a clean slate. It’s a continuation of a story, so it’s kind of wierd to give us no clue. Im sure there is a book coming out that will explain everything.
  14. I thought it was too long with too many unnecessary diversions. It kind of didn’t have much of a point other than to be an extremely obvious metaphor for war and weapons dealing. There was definitely stuff I loved but as a whole it wasn’t actually a very good movie. Putting so much investment into Rey’s parentage to just throw it away or leave it for next time was a massive downer. Similarly Snoke and the First Order still basically have no backstory, and while the story isn’t about Snoke, it kind of makes him really pointless to never actually know anything about him or why/how he rose to this position of power. I kind of wish the main characters had more development growth and learned some lessons. Finn’s story was easily the best in this regard. I didn’t really like the Casino planet diversion because it slowed down the pace of the film unnecessarily but Finn and his character journey was super solid. Maybe I will enjoy it more a second time but I’m in no rush to see it again. Also why wasn’t there more Silencer. The opening sequence was fantastic though.
  15. I don’t agree. The SF dial is actually fantastic. It has all the moves except the 5 forward. Yeah a K-Turn would be nice instead of just sloops, but that is probably my only complaint. For just 2pts you can take Pattern Analyser which effectively makes your entire dial “action open”. The Silencer Dial is a good PTL Dial but that is all. It doesn’t have slow moves except the 1 hard, when it desperately probably needs a 1 bank. People need to stop looking at green on a dial and thinking that it is better than other ships. Green only matters for shedding stress, which in general means it only matters for PTL. The Silencer is good at this, better because it can Advanced Sensors, but that limits it to 2 actions, but in reality it isn’t a lot better than an A-Wing or Interceptor. I always though Vader’s Dial was better than Fel’s because Vader had his whole Dial open and Fel didn’t. This is pretty similar with the Silencer except that in theory the Silencer has an open Dial on any turn but at the sacrifice of limiting its actions this turn or next. I think the biggest limiting factor of the Silencer will always be 1 defensive action max. Autothrusters only takes you so far.