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  1. I have been wanting to buy this game but the looks of the components seems like the board game is going around for a long time. In my opinion the gameplay is awesome but the components just need to look more attractive in this time; So maybe a 3.1 edition ? Same gameplay but with better looking components!
  2. I was going to buy this when I realised that none of my FLGS in my hood (Belgium) has the game (Checked 3 in my city & 4 online incl. BGG market). Will there be a reprint or are they working on a second edition ? Does anyone has any intel ? Thanks!
  3. Besides the illustrating matter, what about the print ? On what material do you print these pdf's so that they are like the original cards ? I'm very interested in making my own cards, I would love to add some Pet cards for the City expansion.
  4. Any ideas for new character cards ? Post them here and share them with fans ! I shall start with the: Camel rider 3 Strength 2 Craft 3 Life 2 Fate At the start of your turn you may discard one fate token to roll an extra die for movement If at the end of your turn you land in the desert, you do not lose a life. You may carry two additional Objects above the object limit Start: Oasis Alignment: Neutral
  5. I wonder if there are more Talisman expansions coming or FFG stopped with development, anyone has any information on maybe future expansions ?
  6. I have made a playlist full of soundtracks and epic music ! Check it out on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL95VVh568qoDqO9EfjidY-TnK88DZlfQi
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