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  1. Absolutely. For other difficulties that require more / less results you can use a D20 or add multiple null / reroll values as needed. Adding a token on standard? Remove the 16 / reroll result and replace with the added token value. Multiple tokens? Multiple D16 or null value / reroll assigned to a result already pulled from the bag. There is always a way but yes... the dice begin to become an impedance the more complex the mechanics interact with the Chaos Bag. The Chaos Dice idea is just variant that I admittedly don't use when I play solo.
  2. I would be remiss if I did not share this as a friend and I were recently discussing this aspect of the game. The chaos big is a big barrier for my friend and for that reason the game does not hit the table as often as it could. We discussed the possibility of replacing the Chaos Tokens with dice. Simple and fun and we both enjoy throwing those bones. After some consideration the simplest translation from Chaos Tokens to dice is to use a D16 and create a conversion chart for the results. For standard difficulty there are 15 results. If a 16 is rolled you simply re-roll. (There were several other ideas I had including a push your luck mechanic or a simple +1 to your next die result but I did not want to modify the core rules) After playing two games I came the conclusion that I really don't mind the Chaos Bag at all but now I also have a fun variant that allows us to roll weird 16 sided dice.
  3. Just finished listening to the Pilot episode. Great work fellas! I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be looking forward to future episodes. * Edit After the show I was eating me a sandwich and I thought... I would like to strike my original comment on the show and replace it with: ######### Tim and Eric, Awesome show, Great Job!
  4. Amazing write up Dietz. You are a gentleman and a blogger and one of my favorite IA opponents for all of the same traits you claim I possess. I have a lot of respect for your list and its execution. It takes some serious planning, patience and precision. It was the only list I faced remotely like it during the tournament. I was thrilled by your success at Worlds this year! I'm looking forward to our next game. It will always be hard faught, well earned and most of all a lot of fun! Thanks again for your contribution to the community. The blog is fantastic. - C
  5. Thank You for the compliments and the advice. I am very pleased with the results and most of the credit is deserved by Sorastro and his brilliant tutorials. My first attempt I tried to free hand with a round brush. I was very unhappy with the results and ended up re-basing, washing and highlighting. Now I am a bit gun shy and hence looking for some advice. Something I had not considered was using a liner vs: a round brush. I may attempt an initial pass with pencil and then paint with a liner. I also may elect to dull coat and call it finished as is! I am going to at least ponder how I might proceed with Hera while I work on an Idris Elba: Gunslinger inspired variant on the Alliance Smuggler… Thanks again for the advice. If I elect to finish Hera's lekkus I will post the results. Edit: @C3POFETT Might I inquire as to what type of pencil? A standard No. 2 with a very sharpened tip? Mechanical? Something awesome and special that I am not aware of? Thanks again.
  6. What a fun model to paint. I really had a blast until I attempted to paint the markings on Hera's Lekkus... It did not go well! I just don't have the chops to paint designs like that freehand let alone on a miniature. I am wondering if anyone in the community has any suggestions in regards to micron pens, colored pencils, paint markers or other alternatives to brush. I have an Ivory Windosor and Newton pro marker but the tip is not at all fine enough. Here are some photos of Hera completed minus the Lekku patterns. As always, your advice and expertise is very much appreciated. Thank You
  7. I was testing (and painting!) Hera last evening seeing how she would fit in my Rebel list. I was most interested in her abilities: Call the Shot: While another friendly figure within 3 spaces is attacking, you may apply +2 Accuracy, +1 (damage), or +1 (surge) to the attack results. Limit once per round. Smooth Landing: After deployment, you and each adjacent friendly figure gains 1 movement point. They are both great but the thing that I liked the most about Hera... Hera is a 3 die attack for 4 points. The Rebels have nothing like this in regards to dice efficiency at that point cost. Taking into consideration Hera's not all that exciting surge abilities: ~: +1 (damage) ~: Pierce 2 Hera still has some pretty significant damage potential: Yellow: 1 DMG, 2 SGE Blue: 2 DMG Green: 2 DMG 5 Damage, Pierce 2 She can also get up 6 Damage with something like Yellow: 1 DMG, 1 SGE Blue: 2 DMG Green: 2 DMG A focused Hera can start one shotting some very strong figures (eWeequay, eAlliance Rangers) with results like: Yellow: 1 DMG, 2 SRG Blue: 2 DMG Green: 2 DMG Green: 2 DMG (1 DMG, 1 SRG) 7 Damage, Pierce 2 The stars need to align for some of those one shot kills but that is not really her bag. The potential is there an that alone is an exciting, efficient 4 points not even taking into consideration her abilities! I can't wait to get Hera on the table (So she can get one shotted by one of Hondo's goons!)
  8. Too clarify Hera has speed: 4 and a Black die. if she did have speed: 5 and a white die! Man Alive! Compare to the eAlliance Smuggler and the point costs makes more sense. I have been working on lists to include her and I am getting close. Very excited to see her on the table.
  9. I am holding your droid hostage until you publish World Championship Recap: Part 2... (Ok - not really but I am still very much looking forward to Part 2! Game 3 was a good one. I was rooting for you to go deep! Sorry for your loss! I hope you find him.)
  10. This... I was just thinking about this in the lab last evening. Introducing this mechanic into the game would absolutely shake up the "Sit Tight" "Focus Train" meta and I think that is a great thing for the game. Most of my lists are admittedly are built around this strategy and for good reason. It's just too good and makes a lot of sense thematically for support and force users (Battle meditation etc.) deployments. Currently I am aware of one card in the game that supports this mechanic. Disorient: Use after a hostile figure with a Beneficial condition suffers (damage). Discard 1 Beneficial condition from that figure. Then, that figure suffers 2 (strain). With the prevalence of focused and hidden weequays prowling around if I could put 2 of these 0 cost cards in my deck I might consider it. It did not make the cut in my command deck for worlds and it should have. The timing to get this card off before a hostile figure can use their conditions requires some precision and tricksy timing (Jedi Luke and "Deflect" is one way). The moment I saw this card I started thinking of all the possibilities for this mechanic. I think at this point it is only a matter of time. I think playing an army that has access to disruption / removal of beneficial effects sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of trouble for some of the "Top" lists in the current meta.
  11. I participated in Worlds this year (Oh good for you!) running... Luke (Jedi) eAlliance Rangers Obi-Wan Kenobi eAlliance Smuggler Gideon C-3P0 I was 3-2 after the first day of swiss and made the cut. I had an awful day two and went 0-2 based on some admittedly poor play and skilled opponents. I finished 3-4 but I felt that every single game I lost was close and I had a chance. I faced all 3 factions and all 3 factions were challenging in their own unique way (and I think that is a a good thing). Why is this relevant? Because I believe the Rebel and Imperial factions are absolutely viable in competitive skirmish. There I said it... Hear me out. Something else to note was Imperial armies taken by two local players I know. Both finished in the top 32. (Oh good for you!) One of which beat me in day one of swiss and the other finished 18th after swiss just missing the cut. "Yay great... two Imperial players out of the top 32?" That is two that I know of and I am almost positive there were others. Again... hear me out. I am well aware of 15 of the top 16 lists were Mercenary. While this would suggest there is a balance issue between the factions it is a lot more complex this year. Most of that has already been discussed already (New Shiny, Scum is cool, Native Re-Rolls that mitigate bad rolls, map rotation etc.) I would also argue that the biggest contributing factor to the Mercenary's factions strong showing this year is the abundance of deployments with the "Hunter" trait and the amazing "Hunter" trait commands cards currently in the card pool. Assassinate Tools for the Job Heightened Reflexes Forget about it.... Price on their Heads Primary Target Shoot the messenger Not as strong but still... gross This is also a reason why the majority of Rebel lists typically included Alliance Rangers with their "Hunter" trait. Access to these hunter cards was critical to the success of my Rebel lists. I mean don't get me wrong. The Mercs also have some AMAZING deployments with most of them coming in Jabba's Realm But so do the Rebels and Imps (With most of them coming in Jabba's Realm) We could go on and on but I wanted to touch on this because I think it is extremely relevant when discussing the "State of the Game/Meta" or the balance between factions. I think the designers have done a fantastic job steering skirmish in the right direction after a rocky start. Wave after wave we are seeing some intelligent choices that make the game better. In the words of Jeff Lebowski (The little one) "That's like your opinion man..." And he's right. It is not the time of the Mercenary... It is the time of the Hunter... (Which means it's the time of the Mercenary...) And I am cool with that. This may mean that in the current meta the Rebels and Imperials are not quite as consistent. You have to work a bit harder with them but succeeding / winning tournaments is not out of the question at all. Some players also really dig the underdog aspect and enjoy playing with those types of armies. A healthy bit of underdoggery is a good thing for the Rebels thematically? I don't know... I am just some dude. So yeah no I am not worried at all about the state of the game. I like where it's going. I'm in the lab right now getting ready for Store Championships.
  12. Was just reflecting on this last evening. I purchased 3 Windsor and Newton Series 7 brushes (size 2,1 and 0) 2 years ago. Compared to anything else I had used previously, which is anything and everything you can get off the shelf at **** Blick, it was a whole new world. Personally there is nothing I have used that even compares to the W&N Series 7. They are truly in a class all of their own. They were so good in fact that I actually put them back in their protective tube on the shelf and used other brushes while I cut my teeth and worked on my technique for I truly was not skilled enough. It was like a non-jedi trying to wield a lightsaber... Just put it down... You are not ready... Fast forward to today. I just used my W&N Series 7 #2 for highlights on Obi-Wan last evening and again, there is just nothing that compares to these brushes in regards to the precision and flow control. I was extremely happy with the results and I don't think another brush I have used to date could achieve the same results. That being said I don't use my W&N for everything. In fact I really only use them for highlights. I typically use cheaper synthetic sable brushes for basing and painting that does not require precision. The main reason simply being that when I am basing or not doing work that requires precision I can achieve the results I want with cheaper brushes without putting the extra mileage on my coveted W&Ns. I did attempt to purchase some Rosemary and Cos series 33s but was unable to find a distributor in the U.S. I would still love to try them. Some of the "cheaper" brushes I use are not all that cheap. I have used the W&N University series but I find that they wear rather fast. I am fond of the DaVinci Cosmospin series as an intermediate substitute. Good precision and flow control. I also use Princeton series but can't remember exactly which ones. So my strategy is basically to keep trying an buying new brushes for basing and then using my W&N Series 7 for highlights or anything that I need precision and control for. The price of the W&N Series 7 should be the ONLY deterrent for anyone interested. If you can supplement the majority of your painting with other brushes they are worth the price a hundreds times over. I hope this is helpful.
  13. Here are the results. Forgive the pictures and lighting. I am happy with the way they turned out. The source I was most closely referencing was the game art and movie stills from Return of the Jedi. After making my initial "mistake" with the bright Ogryn Camo I opted to limit the highlights to just Elysian Green utilizing multiple layers to build the transitions. This was loosely the formula I used. 1. Base (Deathworld Forest) 2. Wash (Athonian Camoshade) 3. Base (Deathworld Forest) 4. 3 Base, 1 Highlight (Loren Forest) 5. 2 Base, 1 Highlight 6. 1 Base, 1 Highlight 7. 1 Base, 2 Highlight 8. 1 Base, 3 Highlight 9. Highlight Thanks again for the great advice. Old Ben and the Alliance Smuggler are in the queue...
  14. Likes some time travelling paint wizard you have gone into the future and nailed it... I used the first formula but got a bit overzealous with the Ogryn Camo on the final highlight and it is indeed far to "bright". Which is a shame because the transitions were coming along very, very nicely... Still repairable I am going to attempt to either add 1:1 Camoshade / Lahmian OR 1:3 Deathworld Forest / Water and attempt to glaze down the highlights a bit before deciding if I am happy with it or if I need to build back up. Certainly open to suggestion on how to repair highlights gone wrong (in the bright direction.) Thanks again for the spot on advice. * I ended up reapplying the Deathworld Forest base. This was the only way to go to get back to something I could work with.
  15. @nungunz Thank You. This is precisely the well thought out and detailed feedback I was hoping to find when I posted. It makes perfect sense and something I don't often consider is the type of material being painted and how that effects the highlighting technique. Being cloth, it makes a whole lot of sense to go back to the base and work towards very subtle transitions. I plan on following your advice and will post some pictures when complete. I really appreciate the assistance. Thanks again.
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