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  1. L5R CCG was launched in 1995, A Game of Thrones was published in 1996. However, Martin began writing his book in 1991, so there's little chance that Jon Snow and co. were inspired by the Crab. Edit: I found this: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/game-thrones-george-rr-martin-837760 Pretty underwhelming to be honest. Inspired by a cold winter in Chicago? Samurai are way cooler
  2. Coming from somene who hasn't played L5R yet, but is very interested in the new LCG, this spreadsheet was very helpful for getting a feel for which clan will suit me best. Thanks for taking the time to make it!
  3. The Agent cards do not replace the Lieutenant cards. If you use a Plot deck from one of the LT packs (which give the OL a bunch of new, dirty tricks), then they have a Summon (Agent) card which basically allows the OL to replace a few monsters with the LT mini during Setup. For balancing and ruling reasons, it is referred to as Agent, not Lieutenant, and the new Agent card is used. Lieutenants in the story quests still use the old LT cards.
  4. No, I'd say that you roll your attack pool, which may consist of attack and/or power dice, if that makes any sense. (the more we speak about it, the less sure I am about everything) To make things clear, I'm not saying that this interpretation is correct by any means. I'm waiting for Zaltyre too...
  5. Just above the part you qoute: "Each step is detailed in a later section (see “Combat” on page 12):" To me this means p.12 overrides p.9, which was just lazy/deliberitaly inexplicit wording on FFG's part.
  6. But there is certainly a distinction: "There are three different types of dice in the game: attack dice, power dice, and defense dice. Some types of dice come in different varieties (such as red and yellow power dice). Usually these dice are mixed and rolled together as a single pool of dice." p. 11, top of the second column.
  7. Thanks, I found it. What I quoted was from page 12, second column. The two seem to contradict each other. Weird.
  8. Umm, are you sure this is from the latest version of the rules? This is what I found: "The attacking player creates his ATTACK POOL by gathering all the dice listed on his equipped weapon or Monster card, and then rolls them for his attack roll. If an ability allows a player to add dice to this pool, he must do so before the roll." So to me: Attack dice + power dice = attack pool Yellow/red/green dice are part of the attack pool, but are not attack dice (as strange as that sounds)
  9. The way I see it (and I may be totally wrong): Descent is an ever expanding board game with new expansions coming out all the time, and the base game rules were constructed with this in mind. They deliberately worded a lot of rules vaguely, so that they would have the freedom to expand. Take Widow Tarha's ability. They could have worded it "you may reroll one blue/red/yellow die" which might have been more exact, but they didn't. They chose the vague "attack/power die" expression, and this way when they had the freedom of introducing the green power die in the expansions without having to errata Tarha. I have a feeling that they were planning to introduce a new type of attack die (high damage but with 2 misses would be my guess), but that plan either got scrapped or got pushed into the future, and that's why they originally chose to differentiate between attack dice and power dice rather than reffering to them by color. At least that's my two cents.
  10. The attack pool consists of attack dice (blue dice) and power dice (red, yellow and/or green dice). Battle Vision only allows you to reroll one attack (blue) die, not any dice.
  11. Wow, Atom4geVampire, you knocked it out of the park again. This is a tool we've been waiting for, and it works marvelously! I glanced through the list of possible filters and it seems to me that you've included just about everything. Thanks once again, and keep up the good work!
  12. Hi I just finished Rise of all Goblins with a Prophet hero. We didn't meet any kobolds on our way to thrashing Splig though. Q1 For the record: Spawner: At the start of each overlord turn, place 1 minion kobold adjacent to this monster, respecting group limits. From the RTL rules ( p. 4) : "Note that monster activations are not an Overlord turn" I'll post a question of my own: Small Beginnings: Do not place this monster during Setup Does spawning/placing monsters count as setup? I think Small Beginnings means to refer to a setup of a quest. Q2 Lifeline: Exhaust this card when a hero with the insight token would be defeated. Discard the insight token for that hero to immediately recover 1 Health You save the hero from being defeated, thus being knocked out. I'd say you don't count the KO Q3 Forewarning: Exhaust this card when a monster attacks a hero with the insight token, after rolling defense dice. Discard the insight token to add 2 shields to his results. Soothing insight : ....A hero with the insight token may discard it during his turn to recover 1 health If a hero is attacked, he may discard the insight token on his own to recover 1 health or ask the Prophet to trigger Forewarning for 1 Stamina. Not both, they are separate effects, one does not trigger the other.
  13. From the article: "Bring Arvel Worldwalker, One Fist, Karnon, or Steelhorns into your team to embark on new adventures." You are quite right, that is Arvel
  14. The co-ops are limited to 4 heroes. It's probably caused by the fact that the number of monsters is only scaled for 2-4 heroes.
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