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  1. One more question regarding "Charging Assault" and its limitation. I understand that I can convert up to 3 movement points into damage during attack. What if I still have 2 movement points left and I would like to perform another attack? Is it possible to use once again "Charging Assault" and convert those 2 movement points again? I would say that yes, but I would like to be sure.
  2. I have one interesting case, let's use following picture: link. Now please imagine that Shyla is shifted one field to the left from her current position, so Heavy Trooper is still in range of 3 spaces. Now I would like to use Mandalorian Whip. Due to impassable terrain I can push Heavy Trooper only one field towards Shyla but he is still not adiacent to her. [1] Can I use Mandalorian Whip in this situation - without performing attack? [2] What if Shyla has weapon with Reach - can she perform attack?
  3. I would like to confirm whether my understanding is correct: [1] Shyla is using her ability Mandalorian Whip and as final result she can perform attack. In this situation Electrostaff allow her to choose Reach or Cleave. Right? [2] Shyla is using her ability Sword Dance which allow her perform additional attack. Also in this situation Electrostaff allow her to choose Reach or Cleave. Right?
  4. (1) Is it allowed to use Advance skill even if you know that after spending movement points your knight will not be close enough to attack any monster. In other words can I use Advance to gain only movement points and do not perform attack (because I cannot)? (2) If knight uses Defend skill, will it work with Obsidian Scalemail ability to remove 2 fatigue tokens?
  5. Based on my experience it was like this: Fame=21 5x Act I + 1x Act II Fame=33 5x I 1x II Fame=36 5x I 1x II Fame=43 3x I 3x II Fame=46 2x I 4x II Fame=50 2x I 4x II Fame=57 2x I 4x II Fame=60 6x II Fame=63 6x II Fame=65 1x I 5x II Fame=71 1x I 5x II
  6. According to my calculations and Sadgit's schema above it looks that playing only quests we can gather 7 XP. To get more it is necessary to do special city action.
  7. What if Knight with Trident is defeating monster and would like to use "Advance" ability? Is it possible to: 1) perform attack 2) spend two movement points (from Trident) 3) use "Advance" ability And another doubt: what if hero performs two attacks - both with surges. I suppose that he can cumulate movements points (2+2) and use them after both attacks. Right?
  8. "Stalwart": You gain +2 Health. When you are defeated, you may immediatly move up to your Speed and perform an attack with a Melee weapon. After the attack is resolved, you are knocked out. "One Fist" has heroic feat: Use when you are defeated to perform 1 Melee attack. For each monster you defeat during this heroic feat, you may perform 1 additional Melee attack. Then, you are knocked out. What will happen if One Fist with Stalwart ability will be defeated? Can I use only one of these abilities or both can be used together? If both - then what is the order?
  9. Nice explanation One more thing: can Knight be immortal? What about combination of "Stalwart" skill with "Mace of Kellos" weapon which allow to return 1 heart if I spend 1 surge? Will hero be knocked out at the end or maybe this one heart will allow him to survive somehow? I guess that he will be knocked out but there is still 1% chance that maybe not
  10. Thank for clarification There is also another doubt: how "Guard" skill will work with "Rage Blade". I assume that during hero turn at least one attack was done. "Guard" can be used during monster turn. Can hero use additional green dice?
  11. Is it possible to use "Advance" skill after "Stalwart" (of course I assume that monster was defeated).
  12. Another question: Let's assume that hero uses "Incendiary Arrows" (...If this attack does not miss, each figure adjacent to the target suffers 1 Heart). What will happen if Shadow Soul is also on attacked field? Will adjacent monsters suffer additional 1 Heart from Shadow Soul ability?
  13. What will happen if Shadow Walker has skill "Otherworldly" and he (or another hero) will perform attack with blast? I guess that this attack will gain 1 pierce for all monsters adjacent to Shadow Soul. Is my understanding correct?
  14. Let's assume that my hero Durik Pathfinfer has 7 and 0 at the begining of turn. He spends 3 to use "Carve a path" and he kills 4 monsters. Due to "Born in battle" he is able to recover 1 and 1 for each defeated monster How it will work now? Hero has 7 and 3 and should recover in total 4 and 4 Will it be 3 and 0 (then 1 is not possible to recover)? or maybe 2 and 3 (then 1 additional is recovered)?
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