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  1. Ok well since I am kind of new to the game. During a game I was playing with my son. He had y-wing with ion cannon and the HWK-290 with blaster cannon. He attacked with the ion cannon and hit. We both weren't sure when he attacked with the HWK-290 with blaster cannon would I be able to roll my defense dice since my ship was hit with ion in that same round. Oh and my ship had the lower pilot skill he had the higher skill on both ships.
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    My wife likes the looks of the ships, and played it once. She said she likes it, but I haven't got her to play it again. She rather play on her iPad or watch tv. It's cool though, my kids are getting in to it. My oldest son and I have been having some good battles. And also got my best friend into it and my sister and her boyfriend are enjoying it too.
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