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  1. If you want two Scum Firesprays then you'd need to get two Most Wanted and two Firesprays, yes. For tournaments anyway. For casual I'm fairly sure if you use the Imperial dial and baseplates that you can run any pair of Scum Firespray pilots so long as it's not two of the generic. If everything were individually packed (they just released the four ships as repaints), then the same amount of stuff (four Zs and two Ys plus two Firesprays) would cost more. The Most Wanted route also gets you spare conversion kits should you ever need them, Most Wanted's huge array of upgrade cards, the Firespray-31's array of upgrade cards, and the Imperial pilot cards for the Firespray. Individual blisters would leave you with normal blisters' worth of upgrade cards: considerably less. i was kind of aiming for both MW and seperate ones mw as a good scum starter and the separate ships for when you'd want a more specific one without paying another 40 (though for scum Z's and possibly Y's the MW will likely be all you want)
  2. So you have to buy 2 firesparays to use 2 of them Imp side. And you're complaining about having to buy 2 MW which gives you enough stuff to run 12 ships, for about the same price you payed for those 2 firesprays... that's only half of the argument there 2 mw and 2 firesprays as opposed to just 2 firesprays. "2MW gives you enough stuff to run 12 ships" it gives you the stuff for 6 ships not counting any other purchases. Now of course there's plenty of people who have models for the extra dials which is good value for them. also i was more giving a reason why people would want to see scum refit xpacs rather then complaining about the value of a single MW pack. To make a very bad comparison imagine having to buy a core set for every time you wanted to use another X-wing. The core set is undoubtedly great value giving 3 ships dials etc but would you consider buying another core set over the X-wing Xpack if you wanted to run a 3rd or 4th X? (i know buying 2 cores is a good start)
  3. The thing i have the most issue with is actually the firespray assuming you'd want to run a dual firespray list you'd have to buy 2 copies of MW to run it compared to the empire firespray where you only have to buy the firespray itself that's the main reason i can see why you'd want an expansion per scum refit since the same would count for the HWK
  4. after the ship with ysane has activated just put the evade token on the ship? (unless stressed) the ships i'm using her on are usually the last to activate anyway
  5. 12 point scimitar tie-b due to double chardaan assuming everyone can take acd now.. soontir with acd and stealth device / auto thruster
  6. i think that depends on if you'd rather barrel roll and get rid of a TL or do a 1 turn
  7. thinking free actions work even while stressed
  8. i would make a special excemption for scum firesprays (their lowest starts of as PS5) but for the rest it looks neat.. just for clarification you can spend 200 points on ships aslong and only of said ships may have a ps higher then 4?
  9. 1. all upgrades are use-able by any ship with the correct slots unless it says differently on the card for example rebel-only/empire-only and the "tie-phantom only" on the advanced cloaking device 2. the firespray. y-wing and z-95 will be use-able in the new 3rd faction scum and villainy and that set will come with dials and pilot cards for them. other then that.. no current rules for cross-faction ships
  10. let's not turn it into a which idea breaks the game more competition reroll defense is closer to immortality.. but yeah there's no problem here
  11. i think the squad leader would work fine i'd watch out with the ruthlessness though especially against 2 ship lists seeing as you have 4 other viable targets you might have to target
  12. well i was tempted to dump the stealth on phenir for a naked firespray that would be big and in the way have yet to try the list though
  13. how so barrie? with VI vessery has same PS so you shoot vessery then shoot deci (and use TL as necesary) next round just re-TL with the admiral
  14. how about playing the higs boson list? (hwk ig and starviper)
  15. Played my first swarm game yesterday using scum z-95's on vassal list: 6X black sun soldier with hot shot blasters versus corran horn + r2d2 tala bandit and keyan farlander + stay on target and HLC forgot the rest of his upgrades the game was fun though my opponents dice were really against rolling hits or crits... one Blacksun died t2 due to being focussed by all 3 enemy ships keyan died t3 after 3 hot shot blasters brought him down to 2 hull followed by a direct hit crit meanwhile 2 of my suns lose their shields turn after that after a dial mistake on my part one of my blacksuns flies off the board and one of my blacksuns get's lowered to 1 hull corran takes focus fire with the remaining 2 hot shots and 1 regular shot.. bringing him down to 1 hull which he brought back up next turn turn after the tala dies and another blacksun is down to 1 hull sadly i had to go then. with 2 1 hull and 2 shield less z95's versus his corran I'm quite sure this was a fluke with the amount of misses/focusses he got and my less then stellar piloting... was surprised at the effectiveness of the hotshots though
  16. hull 20 shield 20 agi 0 atk 5 300 points.. if you can manage to not fly this off the board t1 you win the game you'd need a pretty big board to even field this man it looks pretty great though
  17. well ptl fel would make it a full ps9 list.. i'll give it a shot
  18. was thinking of the following list Thurr phenrir VI royal guard title stealth Autothrusters 31 Whisper VI ACD FCS 39 but not sure what to spend the remaining 30 points on
  19. how will ramsey marr even work? "You may spend your cloak token to increase your primary weapon attack value by 1 until the end of the combat phase." either you are A cloaked and cannot attack or B you can attack and thus you are not cloaked if you could spend your cloak to attack anyway ps5 will give you a fair bit of benefit from cloaking (except against swarms /low ps lists) allowing you to take a few shots while cloaked then spend cloak and fireback
  20. hah well i lack bombers and interceptors so that's no dice i hadn't actually thought of using a FCS to clear up room for more actions had chosen brath over vesery mostly so that with the passing off of target locks he could use his pilot ability more often but your version is more self reliant
  21. the ig-2000 sounds great so i'd want to hear more about it
  22. Colonel Jendon (26) "Mangler" Cannon (4) ST-321 (3) Rexler Brath (37) Veteran Instincts (1) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Tempest Squadron Pilot (21) Advanced Targeting Computer (1) TIE/x1 (0) Total: 100 was thinking of running this with brath spending most of his time chilling near jendon
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