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  1. Except that link mentions fusion engines make the fuel issue go away. Additionally, The Expanse tries to do the science, but I never considered it since their drive is still impossible as far as we currently understand physics.
  2. So you don't believe that in this future we could have a fusion drive that would allow for this type of travel? I am actually surprised at the amount of pushback my answer received. You agree with a space elevator and He3 fusion, but not this? The technology is quite viable for the technological level of Android. As for reasons to make it slower such as cost or just for the story, that is for you to decide as the GM. Heck, make the acceleration .5g if you find 1g so outrageous. I was just providing details about the subject. Space is not empty, so of course you could hit something. However, it is also almost impossibly vast and we don't have a ton of current data with our space travel. So far, Voyager 1 and 2 along with the Pioneer and New Horizons spacecraft have yet to be destroyed by hitting something. Are they lucky? Can a collision be so rare as to be negligible? Heck, we take risks each time we fly or drive right now, so what is different? Conversely, since you will be in space for such a short amount of time, you expose yourself to that collision risk (including the risk of radiation exposure) for a much shorter amount of time. Pretty much any collision in space is going to be devastating, so your speed is not going to matter much. Even if you are travelling at a slower, more conventional speed, what's to say that an object itself moving at extreme speed relative to you won't hit you during your three-month or 600-day journey? It's like running fast in a rainstorm - do you get wetter or stay drier? Does it not matter? I seem to recall Mythbusters having fun with that one. Anyways, just trying to make conversation about a subject that fascinated me long before The Expanse was around, so I thought I'd share. Edited to clarify a sentence.
  3. You might be surprised at how quickly we can travel to the planets without needing to use exotic materials or fake science by using 1g acceleration. The "top" of the ship pointing at your destination would be "up" in the ship, which at that acceleration, would feel like gravity on Earth. Half-way though, the ship turns around, pointing its engines at your destination and then fire at 1g, decelerating the ship. Once again, the nose of the ship (now pointing at Earth) is still up and the 1g of decelerating again creates the feeling of normal gravity. What is mind blowing is how fast we can then get to places. This type of technology should be absolutely feasible in a society that can build a space elevator. Luna: Three hours and 20 minutes Mars: Just under two days Jupiter: Five days and 16 hours Pluto: 15 days and 7 seven hours Proxima Centauri (4.2 light years away): Only five years and a few months!!! (Not sure if this includes the deceleration part) Here is the link to the site I used: https://space.stackexchange.com/questions/840/how-fast-will-1g-get-you-there Also, the greater the distance (hence speed), the more the Theory of Relativity is noticeable.
  4. From what I can read, the only interpretation I have is that you add Impact for each weapon fired. The rules specifically mention that each trooper selects a weapon to use when attacking from their available options. I see the bolded section about adding Impact together and it appears to be very clear that the weapons do not have to be unique. If so, the word different should have been inserted in that paragraph somewhere. Now, I am not saying that I am right by any means, but if I am wrong, then the rules are not clear. One example of a complicated attack action would have been nice just for clarity.
  5. Who are they cheating? The game? Themselves? Other players of Arkham Horror?
  6. It can be a very useful tactic. For a small price, you are able to keep your ships exactly where you want them. I can't say I use it every game, but every once in a while it can be a game changer, especially if your opponent is not expecting it.
  7. Even more so if that weakness decided to join my Wendy's amulet and never appear throughout the campaign!
  8. Cards no longer in play do not generate any effect(s). You do not check your modified value until step 5 of the combat check, which is after you've drawn the token. This is when you add any other modifiers. Since the card is out of play, I would rule that its effect is gone. Option 2 looks correct. The people below me are better at the rules. Read their answers!
  9. Why does that matter if you are having a good time playing the game with your cheap hand-made, or expensive commercially-produced terrain? Been playing 40K and WFB since the late 80's and I was happy with whatever terrain we had. Heck, I was just happy to be playing.
  10. Relay is a great example of why I usually don't like table-wide abilities. Would have rather had something along the lines of while within close-long range of a ship performing a squadron command, that ship may select and activate up to X squadrons within close-long range of this squadron . Or, maybe even have the ability exhaust the squadron performing the relay. Anyways, relay sure didn't help rogue squadrons.
  11. The big problem with the box sets and expansion decks is that they don't just come with player cards. You get all of these duplicate story and encounter cards that will really never be used (unless, of course, you want all the encounter decks ready to go). In Carcosa and Dunwich, there were only a few of each class of card, so in this game it is even more a waste to buy extra sets, and this is from someone who bought three Netrunner core sets. I am probably just going to scan and cut out any extra player cards we need. I hate to proxy, but I also hate that unusable cards (especially with this game) come with every purchase. As card options increase, this issue will mean less and less. Some players can also think of this as just another deck-building restriction.
  12. I know, I know. I was so far behind the game, I'm only just now seeing the score! Close to tied...
  13. My main problem was not reading the card before posting. I forgot that the card effect is from the ship being attacked and not the one using the ability. Hence, the "duh" moment from me. The actual text is important. I've been playing Armada since the beginning and have play tested for FFG in the past, so just bad on my part.
  14. Yeah, I had to understand the card before I could understand the debate. I can be a little slow sometimes, but luckily I am catching up!
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