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  1. Frimmel

    Debris Cloud

    I'd go with one. When the ship the cargo/debris has been dropped on activates or engages or is engaged it will face the normal consequences for a ship on a debris obstacle.
  2. I'm very inclined to assume sloppy phrasing on Dash.
  3. Frimmel

    End Phase Initiative Order

    I'd follow the rules under "Ability Que" in the rules reference. However, in the case of 4-Lom and Virago the timing is given. 4-Lom specifies "at the start of the end phase" and Virago is during the end phase. 4-Lom's effect processes before Virago's opportunity even comes about.
  4. Frimmel

    First game of 2.0 last night.

    Very much this. My eyesight having been beset by the ravages of presbyopia I had much difficulty. I can't read the cards on the other side of the table and the information is no longer on the field. Particularly difficult with unfamiliar ships on the board and the changes to actions.
  5. Explain how "ignore" in this context means "The obstacle isn't there."
  6. Why would they not work together? As you point out ignoring the obstacle doesn't mean you didn't move through it or overlap it at the end. The check isn't if you suffered a damage or gained a stress or lost your action. The check is if you moved through or overlapped an obstacle during a fully executed maneuver not what happened to you for doing so.
  7. Frimmel

    Supernatural Reflexes and S-Foils

    They both occur in the same timing window "before you activate." You can process in either order but you don't get two chances to flip. You don't get two "before you activate windows." You could not close s-foils, do the reflexes boost, and then open the s-foils. If s-foils were already closed you could boost, avoid the damage, and then open S-foils though. Only one chance to flip though as only one "before you activate."
  8. Frimmel

    Attacking a ship at range 0, attack range 1

    But the attack range isn't determined unless you can first be targeted per the Rulebook page eight. There is no attack range unless the conditions are met. "At" and "range #-#" is clearly defined in the RR on page fifeteen. No target. No attack range. No defining the target by the attack range. The player may determine the attack range before choosing a weapon and before choosing a defender. After choosing a weapon and choosing a defender the attack ranges must match but a ship being a target in arc and at range 1-3 has to come first. Nothing in the RR overturn this. Everything says attack range and you don't have that unless "in arc" and "at range 1-3." Is anyone actually arguing absent Oicunn or Zeb you can attack a ship you are in contact with or is everyone just nit-picking the RR?
  9. Frimmel

    Attacking a ship at range 0, attack range 1

    You get the range one bonus at range zero. RR page fifteen:
  10. Frimmel

    Separatist Speculation

    I don't think the droids would get some sort of ion protection. I think they'll get more ways to get around stress and things that cause stress. Maybe they get some sort of ability to perform actions while stressed. I think droid fighters will have fewer red and blue maneuvers. They'll have an open dial while at the same time being predictable. They're machines so they always fly within the parameters of their ship. Where they get stress is all their re-positioning will be linked actions with White Calculate into the red re-position. So they could do some usually stressful maneuver and still calculate and then barrel roll or boost but they have to pay next turn with a 1 straight blue which is their only move to clear the stress. And maybe they get something like White Calculate linked to White Evade because they'll be predictable. You know what they're going to do but it doesn't make them easier to kill. So any move on the dial and calculate and barrel roll and get a stress and next is a one straight but they calculate and evade. They're droids. They should have "sub-routines." They could maybe have a lot more sharing or benefiting from being close to one another. Like one droid could do the calculate to red re-position but the next ship to move if it is in range one and reveals the same maneuver can calculate and white re-position.
  11. Frimmel

    Attacking a ship at range 0, attack range 1

    The documents only become unclear when arguing with a pendant trying to break the rules by skipping a key part of the rules. The intent of the rules is clear. Picking a target has a bunch of things that simultaneously get determined because you are often choosing between several options. Ships at range zero are not legal targets. The Rulebook clearly defines what needs to occur in order to target a ship on page eight. Range and Attack Range are not the same thing. First you need to be "in arc" and then you need to be at a legal Range. If these conditions are met you have a target who is now eligible to be declared a defender to whom you many now determine the attack range. See the Rules Reference page eighteen: Only after there is a target is the Attack Range determined. A target is not determined by the Attack Range but the Attack Range confirms if a target can be declared a defender. However, one wants to know the Attack Range before determining which of their weapons to use. The Rules Reference is making it legal to determine Attack Range before you've declared a defender so you can choose which weapon to use. The Rules Reference is making it legal to determine this condition for more than one ship at a time. Before your attack you need to know eligible targets and eligible targets at specific attack ranges for particular weapons. The Rules Reference is allowing you to gather all of this simultaneously but it does not override The Rulebook on determining an eligible target in the first place. The Rules Reference is only not clear if you're deliberately trying to obfuscate the rules. Stop trying to deliberately obfuscate the rules to show how smart you are. 🍺 Prost!
  12. Frimmel

    Attacking a ship at range 0, attack range 1

    No. Zeb specifies a primary attack.
  13. Frimmel

    Attacking a ship at range 0, attack range 1

    The RR does not override it. The RR says under "Target" a "successfully targeted enemy ship is the defender." Range Zero is clearly defined in the RR. Under "attack range" talks about the difference between measuring for attack range and other abilities. I contend that targeting is not an attack range ability. The RR says you "choose a defender" who has to be successfully targeted. You can not successfully target a ship at range zero. There is nothing in the RR that contradicts the rulebook under "Targeting Restrictions."
  14. Frimmel

    Attacking a ship at range 0, attack range 1

    I think the issue is that Oicunn should say you can declare targets at Range Zero for primary attacks.
  15. Frimmel

    Attacking a ship at range 0, attack range 1

    Doesn't being at range zero simply make a ship an invalid target? It doesn't matter if some other part of the ship is at a legal "Attack Range" you can't check because you can't declare the ship as a target in the first place. "Range" is determined first and that is determined irrespective of the firing arc. Range 1-3 must be met before a target is declared and you then proceed to determining what the range of the attack will be within the attacking ship's firing arc. Per page eight of the rulebook. In the photo with the shuttle the shuttle can't be the target is it not at range 1-3 it is at range zero so you don't get to the point where you can find part of the ship at range one. Oicunn allows a range zero ship to be the target so you then proceed to determine the attack range of the portion of the ship in the applicable firing arc.