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  1. Frimmel

    How do you avoid buying every faction..?

    This isn't going to seem helpful but you avoid it by just not doing it. I suggest you set a budget and stick to it and remember that it is okay to NOT spend all the money you've budgeted. That's really all you can ever do with financing your hobbies. Self-discipline is pretty useful. It remains to be seen what the actual "cross faction" upgrade situation will be but it seems reasonable as long as you're patient you should be able to stick to a single faction as far as having the options to fly "any" squad. You shouldn't need everything to "have" everything. But your own obsessive compulsions are your demons to defeat. Here are some tactics to help you in battle with them: You probably don't have time to fly everything anyway. The more you have the more you have to store. Your budget has to cover storage supplies and transport options if you'll be playing somewhere other than home and aren't content to just throw stuff in whatever boxes you have at hand. Organizing your stuff isn't just for your benefit. It is for the others you play with so you don't waste their gaming time waiting for you to get your squad on the table. If you're playing tourneys you might be better off spending all your time with one squad so see the bit above about time to fly. Less stuff makes it easier to decide what you'll fly. Less stuff makes it easier to transport and be sure you have what you need when you go somewhere to play. Less stuff means you don't have to lend stuff and then wonder what happened to whatever thing you had and now can't find. You don't need the whole wave the moment it comes out. Set budget. Stick to budget. Coming in under budget is as much a victory as collecting them all. (And if you have to bring up purchasing decisions in a committee proper budgeting may allow you to bypass said committee or otherwise have smoother interactions with it on the subject of plastic spaceships.) May The Force be with you.
  2. Frimmel

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    I see it now. Seems unlikely you're going to be successfully boosting and barrel rolling with three differently maneuverable ships within range one. It also does nothing to the prior argument about fly tremendously being a sub-par solution.
  3. Frimmel

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    ? Or we could not play silly word games and create the possibility of confusing people about how the rules work. Jake can not boost and barrel roll twice so not 2 focus, 2 boost, 2 barrel roll no matter what math you use to add it up. Okay didn't really read Guac's post. So I'm a bit out of line with this post. Yes, crazy difficult to do and seems useful only in very narrow circumstances. Does create the possibility of giving the X-wing and the B-wing double mods.
  4. Frimmel

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    Or we could consider it something you can't do. You know since you're only allowed to perform any specific action only once a round.
  5. Frimmel

    Quick build cards to app

    That would be a nice format addition for the squad builder. Especially for the quick-builds for conversion kit ships.
  6. Frimmel

    Crew upgrades depicted with the ARC

    I guess I posted before I thought the thing through. Is there anything suggesting new Astromechs that might grant them?
  7. Frimmel

    Crew upgrades depicted with the ARC

    Is there a discussion somewhere about why the ARC would need calculate tokens?
  8. Frimmel

    What are the differences between factions?

    One of the things to consider is how much Rebel stuff you have versus how much Scum stuff you have. You're going to get more out of a conversion kit for the faction you have the best variety of models for. I'd be inclined to go with the faction I'd end up with the most options for because as noted there is some overlap with each faction having ships that can play similar roles.
  9. Frimmel

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    I haven't been doing too well either but we've had some confusion with not being fully versed in the new ruleset and Tobias Beckett totally messed my deployment one game and put me on the back foot from the jump. Dice have also not been kind and I've constantly been wrong on target lock or focus and my re-rolls have also come up empty. There are a lot more changes with 2nd Ed than are immediately apparent.
  10. Frimmel

    2.0 Core should have been Clone Wars

    This isn't like Runewars where you're selling a miniatures game to miniatures game folks. There they can have a "Core" and a stuff you need from the core except the models an "Essentials Pack." This is selling a Star Wars game to Star Wars fans. It is also marketing for the Star Wars movies. There is a completely different framework for how this all has to go together. After twenty years, "Prequels suck!" is a reflex reaction. It is not quite a miracle we're getting prequel content at all. Prequel content as the entryway to the game or requirement to the game was likely a bridge too far.
  11. Armada would not be more popular if it had come first. This has already been hit on but X-wing is simply more accessible with the lower cost of the core and the lower cost of adding more options to it. It plays faster in less space. It has the very neat and affordable model of the Falcon. Armada is a far more difficult game as well.
  12. Frimmel

    Medium bases and why can't we.......

    I was hoping we'd get new packs of the colored bases with the Republic wave. Those new ARCs will need some red medium bases.
  13. Frimmel

    Anyone know a lot about Home Theater stuff?

    O am no good to you on the TV question but the audio is dependent on your budget and your space. If you have the space going with separates is going to give you better sound. It is more complicated to set up with more cables and such. It will also give you more inputs to work with if you add more sources. Either choice is going to give you better sound than the TV speakers. The built in speakers are just too small and they are likely pointing in the wrong direction to make space for the screen while keeping the entire profile small. You are probably already at the max for what sound bars can handle with regards to inputs. You also want to make sure the sound system can pass 4K through. Also consider what you watch. Streaming services tend to have compressed audio compared to blu-ray and 4K DVD which will make better use of sound systems. Start with your budget though and do not underestimate how much improving your sound will improve your gaming and viewing.
  14. Frimmel

    1.0. How many asteroids?

    Second edition has asteroids from original core and debris from Decimator. The ones with the blown up x-wings on them.
  15. Frimmel

    Clone Wars!

    There certainly isn't enough information yet. So hard to evaluate without costs. There might be new torpedoes as well. We'll see. Still very excited for this wave.