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  1. Captain Hindsight: 3 simple TLJ fixes

    Making Rey the abandoned child of one of the OT heroes would have been character assassination of at least equal level to what they did to Luke already. Luke having abandoned his child (and his lover/wife?) would be insult to the injuries already done. That would be horrible. There is no fixing this script. You can't fix the nihilistic attitude and complete failure to understand what Star Wars is about that created this cinematic travesty. A few edits to the screenplay won't fix the empty lazy heads that let this mockery of a Star Wars story get produced.
  2. Boycotting TLJ Blu-ray, really?

    I won't be going to the cinema to see "Solo."
  3. Those are a bit of a mess which I suppose is the point. I think Legion is meant to appeal to the 40K player and the design aesthetic there is certainly "noisy." Yep. Caught that right away without really intending too and then you can't un-see it. And I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how those are going to go together to make one big pretty picture. Nor can I figure how two of one together might make a pretty picture. Then you're meant to put your own terrain over the terrain. Noisy.
  4. Boycotting TLJ Blu-ray, really?

    Who cares how often they put out movies if they're awful?
  5. Boycotting TLJ Blu-ray, really?

    I hated Last Jedi. I already gave them more than enough money for that cinematic travesty. I will not be buying this to own. The Last Jedi blu-ray or dvd or digital download is a product I don't want. This is not a "boycott." You boycott products or companies when they engage in some action you don't like. You stop purchasing their things until they change their ways and then purchase them again because you want the products. I guess you could call it a boycott since they're not giving me $500 dollars of free FFG Star Wars game stuff with purchase of their crap movie. The blu-ray player should play any of your DVDs. Most units will play both. You should be able to simply swap them out. You'll likely want to use an HDMI cable (to get all the 1080p goodness of the blu-ray if you have a hi-def TV) instead of RCA style phono connectors or component video cables. As to the why. If the person who gifted this to you spends time at your place and has things on blu-ray that they'd like to watch with you... If it is a "smart" player that can connect to the internet and access streaming services like Netflix and Hulu...
  6. He's eight-six years old. Given his contributions he's earned the right to retire.
  7. Showcase: YT-1300

    I like Black Two but wonder if the cockpit might benefit from more of a distinction between the glass and the support frame. Very nice.
  8. Combating the shakes

    Less coffee and other caffeinated drinks. More outcome independence and confidence in yourself. Part of the point of playing is to get that keyed up rush. But that also partly comes from fear. Fear of losing, fear of messing up, fear of opponent, fear of being keyed up, et al. Embrace the moment more. Fear the outcome less. The other thing is do it more often. Play more tourneys. Get your head set like it is a tourney even when it is casual game either just in your head or bet a soda or something. If you practice at home put yourself in a tourney situation. Then at the tourney pretend it is practice. Practice facing that big moment. I know it is just plastic spaceships but it is still a competition. Look to how athletes deal with pressure.
  9. Large Base Boost. Any chance for a change?

    That's terrible way to do it. Boost is to go faster and that sort of way to re-position, as noted, allows the ship to turn tighter at a higher speed. That should be against the rules of even Star Wars physics.
  10. Final Table and players won't play

    The Top 8 is just his good fortune especially if the guy dropped before pairings were determined. That Top 4 situation should be a DQ for both of them at any level of tourney.
  11. Underused upgrade: Weapons Engineer

    Is there a similar ruling on Cad Bane and/or Sabine or "Bomb Loadout" for Y-wings?
  12. Underused upgrade: Weapons Engineer

    I disagree. What mechanic makes you discard the second lock? Until you spend or acquire a new lock I don't see why the current state of having two locks becomes illegal when the WE is discarded.
  13. Jon Favreau Producing and Writing Live Action Star Wars Series

    When they get Filoni on board for this let me know.
  14. Underused upgrade: Weapons Engineer

    I think it comes in really handy when you have a target on the line of getting taken out by an earlier acting pilot in the turn. You have a lock to finish the ship off or a lock to move on to the next target.
  15. Daisy let's the cat out of the bag.

    The plot isn't being driven by the actions of the characters. The characters are being driven by the plot. For example only reason a suddenly thrust into charge new commander wouldn't tell a senior officer on the ship she's taking over the plan is so he would be driven to mutiny and could send a character that they desperately needed to find something to do on an errand that he fails at. Now we can't care about the commander, we can't care about Poe because he's just been berated for not following orders so then continues to not follow orders by putting his faith in the wrong people. Finn is jettisoning his entire arc from the prior film and running away (in a lifeboat? Where's he going to go in a lifeboat?) and then not getting the job done. Why should you give a toss about any of those losers?