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  1. Frimmel

    Madeline of LightCraft's Miniature Repaint Thread

    I don't know... that photography still needs some work.
  2. Frimmel

    2.0 Rules PDF - losing your action?

    Isn't the general "gist" of this idea to put an end to things like checking for a target lock, getting the range, and then deciding to instead boost or barrel roll since you saw when checking for the lock you could get into range 1/arc/range 3 of some other shot without affecting an attack you'd like to make?
  3. Frimmel

    Why is the k-turn all or nothing?

    A wingover is not the same maneuver as an Immelmann. You do not roll the aircraft in a wingover while you do in an Immelmann or split-s.
  4. Frimmel

    Why is the k-turn all or nothing?

    I think the other thing with calling it a Koiogran is it can then also be a split-S since we're dealing with a 2D space on the tabletop.
  5. Frimmel

    Sole reason Solo flopped

    I think your post further points out the failures of world-building in TFA and TLJ. They just dodged the whole idea of creating a Jedi Order instead of embracing that as a setup for all sorts of stories and characters and as a through line holding the universe together.
  6. Frimmel

    The 2.0 rule book.

    Well this should at least give us a new flavor of the-sky-is-falling.
  7. Frimmel

    Sole reason Solo flopped

    I find it amusing that TLJ really makes an argument for the series needing midichlorians. With just the OT you don't need to dive too deep into why Luke and Ben can use the Force and Han and Chewie can't. It isn't that important. But if you're going to have 10,000 Jedi Knights and there will be children taken to a temple (as much to protect them and others the way Professor X does with his school) to be trained you kind of need a "why." If you're going to have broader stories and stories beyond just those of a strong force user and his son, there needs to be a bit more development of what the Force is. Midichlorians allow the Force to have their own will and their own sense of balance and such and promote the dark when the light is pre-dominant and vice-versa. The deus ex machina really is a deus. Midichlorians would explain why Kylo has so much "raw power." It takes some of the sham out of Rey's training if she has lots of midichlorians.
  8. Frimmel

    Sole reason Solo flopped

    There is no "world." First Order has no leader and we still don't quite understand where they came from and what they want. New Republic is gone and we never quite knew what they were about. Resistance is barely a gang of hooligans. There are no Jedi. There are no Knights of Ren. The film essentially took place in space ships and on an island there is no reason to travel back to. We got Canto Bight as a sort of Monacco or Vegas for war profiteers and corporation bogey-men but we've never gone into any of that sort of thing in any of the movies. There hasn't been any sort of talk about how resources are gotten and shared or traded or just taken maybe. Outside stuff gets into that but except for the dreaded taxation of trade routes the economy is an enigma from what the films have shown. The Force was turned into actively keeping down or going against or trying to balance or something whichever side dark or light is ascendant. The film was quite nihilistic in that respect. I got the sense of "why fight" the Force will just lift someone else up. It actually I thought rather made an argument in favor of midichlorians being a thing. The whole idea of Jedi and Padawans and an order of knights wielding might for right and protecting the weak is kind of out the window. They broke hyperspace with the tracker and making it a weapon. So they've killed the device that lets the rag tag band hide from the big bad galaxy spanning fascists and hit and run and steal stuff from them or hamper them. They made a mess of what the starships operate on. They think lifeboats are the same as ships. They don't seem to have really laid out a set of rules for their magic or their technology. How do you use The Force? You just use the Force. The universe seemed quite content to let the fascists just have their way making The Resistance petulant terrorists and not revolutionaries. I guess you could call them misguided on a good day.
  9. Frimmel

    Sole reason Solo flopped

    I think you're right with that. I've said elsewhere that this stuff needs to be grounded in things that the audience understands. In 1977 what the audience would understand is WWII dogfights and even WWI dogfights as depicted in various films such as The Blue Max, The Dawn Patrol, Battle of Britain, Flying Tigers, Twelve O'clock High, and Tora! Tora! Tora! among others. Luke's got one on his tail. The audience instantly understands this as bad even though the pilots are in spaceships and we're a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. We understand the stakes.
  10. Frimmel

    Sole reason Solo flopped

    But I thought Luke's piloting skills a key pillar in your argument that Luke is a Mary Sue just like Rey? If you kick that out from your already strained argument...
  11. Frimmel

    Sole reason Solo flopped

    So I did some checking and flying a plane may not be all that hard. Here are the requirements to get a sport pilot license. https://www.aopa.org/advocacy/advocacy-briefs/frequently-asked-questions-about-sport-pilot And the aircraft this permits you to legally operate are clearly identifiable as planes such as a Piper J-2. But that is neither dusting crops nor traveling through hyperspace.
  12. Frimmel

    Lando is back for IX!

    Well given the new fascination with "subverting expectations" maybe they'll let Lando make it through the movie alive.
  13. Frimmel

    Sole reason Solo flopped

    Yes, but the films having no merit only explains why they can't make an argument on the merits. The films having no merit doesn't explain why they can't go, "Yes, the films are garbage but I enjoy them anyway." That's what I'm trying to get at with the idea of cognitive dissonance playing a hand here.