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  1. Killing your subordinates for failure being bested is not bad *** EVEN WHEN THEY ARE SPACE NAZIS. If your reaction to Vader killing Needa is "To heck with him, he's a Space Nazi. That's badass," you come across just as fascist as Vader. I suspect you're just trying to be edgy. That though might even be worse than Vader. Vader at least knows what he is and is that with conviction.
  2. I had exactly the opposite reaction to that episode. I was like "I really liked that episode. Who directed that?" I think Mandalorian overall is pretty "meh." SOOOOO much shaky-cam in scope aspect and over-production in that show. The premise is strained and underdeveloped. The trackers and bounty-hunter guild is wearing a lampshade at best. That strain is placed on it by the lazy and threadbare setup of TFA they've got to honor. The Child is just a deus ex machina. The thing plays a lot like a brainstorming session for a movie script that they just didn't throw anything out of. It is too long for a movie and too short for a series. The show needed a few more episodes like the Filone one that seems to get run down in the Star Wars social media corners of the internet I visit. But audiences have the attention span of gnats and flip their poodoo at even a hint of "filler." The other episode I liked was just Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven riff which was something they did in Clone Wars. Mandalorian and Rogue One are really overrated. The are the other side of the coin of a movie like "Temple of Doom."
  3. I'm excited for Bad Batch. I watched all of those episodes when they were unfinished story reels and just dug the cheesy over-the-top-ness of the Bad Batch. I was pretty cranky when Clone Wars was cancelled. My big thing with this news is that hope for Battlefront: The Bad Batch videogame is not entirely dead. I downright love both of the animated series. They get that pulpy-Saturday-afternoon-square-jawed-heroes serial thing quite right in my opinion. One of the things I think Rebels gets really right is the balance they strike between using The Empire as foils for the heroes and showing why the heck The Empire needed standing up to and overthrown.
  4. I think there are quite a number of things in 2nd Edition that are still stuck in 1st Edition thinking. Can't say though I hate what's happened to the Defender any more than I can say I hate what's happened to Dash. Of course that same truck ran over Ghost and I do hate that.
  5. I read the text above as That suggests an "instant" upgrade sort of thing. Maybe just a simple mechanic within a single quick-build game. There are just a lot of boxes there for a single quick-build game which very much supports your idea.
  6. I think they are in a bit of a bind with Mandalorian and wanting to do other stuff closer to Ep. VI and trying to fit it into the mess and incoherent premise of TFA. They have to either just ignore the ST, fast forward well away into the future from it, or nullify it somehow. Mandalorian and the animated shows seem to be the only things that are broadly liked or at least don't have fans being disagreeable to each other about. I'll take the time-travel over having to twist stuff up to fit into that lazy mess of TFA. Especially if it fixes the thing I despise the most about the ST. And I thought Mandalorian's first season suffered a great deal from its efforts to just sort of blow-off the broader situation. There was a whole bunch about the bounty system and such that was really strained and underdeveloped for me. Not so strained as to be unwatchable. There was a lot to like but the show was very precariously perched on a knife-edge of its own and TFA's making for me.
  7. Well if they go with paint jobs from Rebels on a reissue TIE Defender they could dial the ship back fluff wise as still being a prototype without all the kinks worked out. Small base ships without a turret and without a gunner and/or without crew especially shouldn't get double taps.
  8. I saw something that an actor to play a live-action Thrawn is being sought. This would combine with rumors regarding "resetting" the sequel era via the world between worlds time travel device from "Rebels." This accompanies rumors that Kennedy will not have her contract renewed and that she will be leaving and starting her own production company. There were also rumors that Kennedy was banned from the season 2 Mandalorian set. That's the gossip. My own Logic regarding these rumors suggests a spinoff from Mandalorian with Ahsoka and probably Sabine showing up in Mandalorian while on their quest to find Ezra. They locate Ezra and probably Thrawn in their own show. My logic for the premise of the show being Thrawn seeking the time travel device in order to save or restore The Empire while Ezra, Sabine, and Ahsoka attempt to prevent that or some vice-versa thing where the heroes see the future and want to stop the fall of The New Republic. Somebody "wins" (or they both lose?) and in doing so do away with the sequel trilogy.
  9. TIE Defenders almost had me quit X-wing as soon as I took it up. That said I'd think TIE Defenders and Phoenix squadron and generally more mining of Rebels animated would be a good way to go with reprints. Pelta for Epic? I'd flat out be interested in a Hera B-wing even though I'm generally not all that keen on re-paints.
  10. As far as swarm sorts of numbers go am I remembering correctly that there will be AI ships? Exactly. Fewer choices means faster decisions. You'll probably be able to "just fly" the TIEs compared to the X-wings which you'll need to make more choices and shifts about what you need to be doing at any given time. There was something I read in a motorcycle magazine once. The rider was talking about riding in busy Tokoyo at 40mph being far more nerve racking than tearing across the desert at 100mph because of the difference in the number of decisions and demands on his attention, "It isn't how fast you're going. It's how fast you have to make decisions."
  11. Double post so I will say again that I blame not having properly sorted out change the difficulty and change a maneuver effects triggers and timing on where the Ghost ended up.
  12. They mucked up the Ghost all the way around though I'm not sure leaving one of the shuttle out is one of them. I don't think putting another ship and upping the price even more on the re-print would have been a great idea though. But in my opinion they've done wrong by the VCX in 2nd Edition.
  13. I keep thinking about the comment about not having shields meaning you don't need to manage power for them. I think that will make TIEs interesting and different to fly than X-wings. As I've gotten older I've really come to appreciate applying the concept of "bandwidth" to my thinking. The fewer demands on my attention the easier it is to do the things I'm paying attention to. I have more bandwidth for those tasks. The other thing is you need to define "easier to destroy." Not having shields doesn't automatically make TIEs "easier to destroy" than X-wings. If TIEs are easier to destroy that doesn't automatically make playing on the Rebels side superior to playing on the Empire side. Shields doesn't even begin to be the only way to make the ships "fair."
  14. What seems unimportant to FFG is making it easy to get their stuff into shops. Both of my FLGSs have to jump through more flaming hoops than a circus lion to get stuff.
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