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  1. Frimmel

    Ep 9 ship spoilers!!!!

  2. Frimmel

    "limited edition" ships?

    I chimed in on the last thread but a few things have been added and there is a bit of a pile on of guys not happy about this. They've got a point. Particularly about the potential for this sort of thing to "escalate" to things lots of folks care about. Back in the nineties I played a CCG and went to a big tourney in Columbus at the big game event there. I ended up in games with guys playing cards that I'd never seen because they were tourney prize exclusives. And the only way to counter them really was other tourney prize exclusives. And I'm not talking simply art I hadn't seen. I wasn't a particularly happy person that day. So as long as this sort of thing is strictly cosmetic I'll be "fine" with it. But I'd also note that I'm "fine" because I don't really think being "not fine" with it will change much and I'll be wasting my energy to get particularly bent out of shape. And it is a weird battle to fight. What's the old advice? "Only fight a battle where you gain something by winning," I think it goes. I don't see what is to be gained by fighting this battle except maybe avoiding ever needing the pitchforks and torches.
  3. Frimmel

    What Does 2.0 Offer to the Casual Player?

    The quick-build aspect of 2nd Edition might appeal to your group. It doesn't sound like you have the combo-wing problem and don't need to shift to second because of that though it might be why x-wing is a less played game. Guys sense the uneven aspects and shy away. Lots of improvement in second and the only reason not to play if you are interested is not wanting to spend the money. I would not be inclined to cull a collection until you have played and spent some time with second.
  4. I think with the homing missiles the action economy suggested by the sync console will be there. Folks will take the auto damage and the lock will be preserved to get passed. Lists with Lots of greens might chance forcing the shot to try and burn the lock but it doesn't seem the best option. Lots of working parts and a couple of ways to build it but I see a real chance at two auto damage and a full mods torpedo. All depends on the points though. But the parts are suggested. Very curious what we will get on that high I ARC.
  5. Frimmel

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    That's where I'm at. As long as it is just different paint or art or tokens from fancy materials it is fine. Going the Heroclix LE route with things is an entirely different kettle of fish.
  6. Frimmel


    I don't think a Hyperspace Rebel ARC is likely for some considerable time yet. I think the various comments about every ship might not get a re-release as being at least vaguely aimed at Rebel ARCs. For Extended it seems unlikely they'll take it away from Rebels though.
  7. Frimmel

    Resistance and First Order Dial Upgrade Kits

    The Rebel, Empire, and Scum conversion kits included silhouettes for the ships in the kits that did not originally have silhouettes provided in the expansion. The First Order and Resistance conversion kits should at least have silhouettes for the regular First Order TIE and the T-70 X-wing. Those are the only sequel era ships released before dial upgrades were a thing. According to here: https://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.fandom.com/wiki/First_Order_Conversion_Kit and https://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.fandom.com/wiki/Resistance_Conversion_Kit you get one dial ID token for the First Order TIE and Resistance T-70 for each maneuver dial included in the kit. Any other sequel era ship dial ID tokens you are expected to have from the 1st Ed. expansion. If you look at the above linked wiki for the Rebel conversion kit you'll get the breakdown of dial ID tokens. None are included for ships released after dial upgrades became a thing.
  8. Frimmel

    Strain vs. Stress: what is scarier?

    Stress takes away maneuvers. Stress takes away actions. Actions get you out of firing arcs. Actions get you into position to shoot. Actions help you avoid obstacles. Actions let you fire your ordnance. Actions let you repair damage cards. Actions let you recover shields. And most importantly actions provide dice mods. Dice mods lead to victory. Stress is worse than strain.
  9. Frimmel

    Who uses crit tokens?

    This would be my other thing. I can't read the things across the table. And then when a lot of stuff gets piled together... I'm still a bit peevish about their having removed the stats from the ship tokens. Now all of that information is three feet away. Presbyopia is a pain in the butt.
  10. Frimmel

    Red Letter Media Meltdown

    Could they even have found an equivalent amount of sequel-era toys?
  11. Frimmel

    Clone Wars play looks very different

    I don't think they'll get Astromechs. The V-19s have two pilots that get locks as bonuses though at I4 with Kickback and I5 with Odd Ball. Odd Ball also has Swoop to give him a red boost to get into position to grab a "free" lock.
  12. Scum could get pirate clones! They could fly ArrrrrrCS!
  13. Yep. What's the saying, "Quantity has a quality all its own." Picture the Discover cash-back commercial girl, "Mo' Missiles! Mo' Missiles!"
  14. Frimmel

    Republic Upgrades Article

    Hippie Moosen makes a good point. Lots of dials and tokens and such. You also want standardization across the packaging. I suspect it is the same size box as the Falcons, and Decimator. This will then mean a standard box to put the boxes in. This standard box will likely allow re-use of boxes at the distributor. A case of droids and a case of clone can then be split to send to two shops or filled in with other expansions using no new boxes. Standard sized box means standard cardboard for the punch outs. Some sized packages may hold up better on the store shelves. There is more to consider than just the one box and how much space isn't used.
  15. I'm thinking Homing Missiles on the V-19s. They'll pass the lock they don't need to use for a re-roll to another V-19 with Homing Missiles via Sync console or keeping range one. High I Jedi takes a lock or Battle Meditation or Oddball with Sync Console and his buddy Swoop to get the lock. V-19s get the lock from Sync consoles or co-ordinated actions then will pass it to an ARC with Proton Torpedoes who launches his ordnance with a full mods since he took a focus as his action. Get some re-rolls with Sinker or spread some tokens with Axe. Maybe Tucker picks up a free focus and the lock that's been passed around. I'm thinking better missiles with what we've seen of the Clones might be a be-careful-what-you-ask-for sort of thing.