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  1. The first season of Clone Wars starts a little slow but about 2/3 or 3/4 through they figure it out and the thing is a whole lot of fun. It is for kids but I don't think it really talks down to them. Rebels hits the ground running a bit better and all I've watched has been on par with Clone Wars. Frankly it has been much better Star Wars than the last two films in my opinion. I think they're both worth watching. Now this doesn't mean they're necessarily "for you." We don't all like the same things. But neither is a poor quality endeavor.
  2. Yes, well I rather liked her and credit much of my success to having the ability to write competently. One need only look at the rules questions forum to understand the importance of writing properly.
  3. They are making changes to credits awarded. The changes are coming with the new content:
  4. Keep it simple with a few turns of small base ships with only front arcs and no upgrades or abilities. Concentrate on the flow of the game and how to do the basics. Pick a maneuver, activate and move and take one of the actions on the bar, shooting. Use rocks. Cut it off after it is clear the whole order of things is understood like they get to shoot a couple of times. Don't let it drag out. Then play again with ships with abilities (like start with an X-wing and two ties, then add in Luke and Vader) and maybe proton torpedoes or R2 or something (no complicated interactions but something) and play till someone wins.
  5. Currently the powers that be are falling all over themselves to try and clean up the fundamentally flawed setup provided in Force Awakens. I just read the new Poe trade paperback. And the story is pretty good but every time they have to talk on or touch something around The Senate, First Order, and Resistance and the resulting conflict it sort of just goes "clunk."
  6. Usually you play once on the light side and then again on the dark side and move to a new map. I have not had to play the same map twice in a row after once on each side. However, I have played a new map and then gone back to that first map. I played over a week before I played on the Mos Eisley Galactic Assault map. It isn't very bad but yesterday it seemed like I was on Yavin every fourth match. There is a matchmaking thing in effect that is meant to keep you from ending up as a new player in a match where everyone has bunches of way better star cards than you do. I think that shuffles you around and combines with matchmaking trying to keep the servers full and keeping you within acceptable ping to the server. I suspect that assuring you play all the maps before repeating one is not a top priority for the algorithm.
  7. I'm not quite sure what you're getting at but so far none of the multi-player maps are available in their entirety for Arcade mode. Parts of them are used in Arcade mode but for example you can't do the first bit of Multi-player Galactic Assault on Hoth where you're attacking/defending with/from the AT-ATs alone against AI. There is an aracde onslaught with Darth Maul that happens on the last stage of the Naboo multi-player map but it is just the environment. Most of the arcade maps are this sort of thing. Part of one of the MP maps. So far you don't have to wait to get into a MP game although it does happen past 10pm Eastern time. There are minimum numbers of players for the MP modes though but it doesn't shunt you into a Blast match if you were looking for Galactic Assault. There isn't anything like the DLC playlists in Battlefront 2015 so far. Since the DLC is going to be free there shouldn't be either. You can also only join the mode. There is no map selection within the mode option.
  8. I have the game. A bit more of a review here. The game is beautiful to look at. Top notch graphics and sound. The campaign is short but it is as entertaining as any of these types of things are. I thought it was a tad easy. I played it on hard and didn't ever consider turning the difficulty down. I haven't read them but I think the story is meant to tie in with the Aftermath novels. And also the new film or they were just setting up story for a sequel. I thought there were a few things in the story that "happened off screen" as it were but I liked it. There is an Arcade mode with solo, split screen co-op, and a split screen battle. I haven't played any of the split-screen modes. There are also 8 solo battles for each of light and dark side. They are in various locales utilizing part of the mult-player maps. Most of them have two heroes and various classes that you play. There is a team battle where it is you and some AI soldiers against enemy AI soldiers. There is an onslaught mode where you're one of two heroes. You have various amounts of time to eliminate a number of enemies. Each kill adding time back to the clock. There is a custom mode where you can choose the map and types of enemies and which heroes and classes you can play as well as various modifiers. You do not need to have unlocked the heroes with credits to use them in their maps on arcade mode. The arcade mode is largely in my opinion meant to let you learn how to use the various hero abilities. Star Cards you've pulled from lootboxes or crafted with parts (we'll get to more on this) can be equipped to the heroes when you use them in arcade. You can not use any of the locked cards though. You can earn about 500 credits a day for playing solo arcade matches. There are also milestones in arcade (as well as in multi-player and from the single-player) to complete that give you either credits, crystals, or parts. These are the game's three currencies. Credits are similar to the 2015 version of the game. Finish a game earn credits. Finish a milestone earn credits. Crystals can also be earned with milestones. Before the micro-transactions were removed you could pay money to get crystals. Crystals and Credits are used to get the infamous lootcrates. Crates provide emotes, victory poses (for the round summary screen in MP.) star cards, and most importantly parts. Parts are how you craft cards you want but haven't pulled and how you upgrade cards. The crates are where you progress in multi-player. The progression really hangs over the whole multi-player which is fun in my opinion. The starfighter mode this go around is far superior to the 2015 version. But the random nature of crates... I can elaborate on the progression and MP if anyone wants to know from someone who has played the game for a bit now.
  9. My impression is she will be in the next film. The survivor aspect is also the theme of the comic. They have to clean her up after TFA because she caved pretty easily so we get these stories about how she's a survivor to maybe excuse her cowardice or set her up to switch sides or maybe be scared of her because she'll do anything or something. On the one hand the comic story was as entertaining as all of these new Marvel comics efforts are. On the other it exists because they didn't bother to put anything in the armor in the first place. On a certain level I'm finding the puppeteers more interesting to watch than the puppet show at the moment. The other interesting thing is I feel I have strings on me that I can see with all of this. To cross the streams, "Fascinating."
  10. Those are used as background elements in the Kamino Galactic Assault map in Battlefront II. The map starts out with the clones trying to defend the genetic archive in a riff of the Clone Wars animated story they appeared in for the game. You don't fly them or fight them thus far.
  11. When Disney bought the IP they more or less nuked the EU. So the Unleashed games which had previously been the same level of canon as The Thrawn Trilogy and such also got jettisoned to "Legends" status. The current FFG games have one foot in "Legends" and another foot in "Canon." Dash Rendar is Legends but Hera Syndulla is canon. They're doing a great deal of what I think is properly called "retcon" with Battlefront II. The new ships from Rogue One are ubiquitous in cut scenes and as scenery. It seems like they're laying the ground work for answering a major question hanging from Force Awakens. They're falling all over themselves to try and retcon Force Awakens into something that makes sense with the new novels and such. I just read a comic story that tried to "redeem" and rationalize Phasma. Almost made lemonade out of one of the many stupid things in Force Awakens. I'm rather enjoying the contortions actually. The new comics set in the OT era have all been pretty enjoyable though and have a nice continuity and fit and flow with each other. Credit to the authors of those because the constraints they're undoubtedly working under have to be enormously difficult.
  12. I think the other thing is they won't be content to make a profitable picture. I doubt they're willing to spend 60 or 75 million on something actually different and meant as a one of and take their 150 million dollar payday from the folks who will go see it because it is Star Wars. Judging by the rumors and such around the Han Solo movie they're working on the Star Wars version of the Marvel formula where the films are all a good bit better than okay but rarely really reach good. They'll all fit in this very narrow band of reliable quality... product. On the one hand we'll be protected from the crap those original directors seemingly wanted to give us but at the cost of only ever getting a pleasant and mostly forgettable afternoon at the movies. (I have to remind myself that I saw a new Spider-man movie this summer for example.)
  13. My understanding is part of the thing in the test screenings of Rogue One is complaints that it didn't "feel" like Star Wars. I think that's how we ended up with all the Vader. We might get something "new" as far as the film-going only audience is concerned but it seems unlikely we'll get anything really new to those of us who've followed the EU for two and a half decades. We might get away from the Empire/Rebellion and jamming stuff into the OT trilogy like we've gotten (done well mind you) in the new comics but there will certainly be lightsabers and force-users in that case.
  14. It was a bit better than "okay." The part from where they go off to steal the plans till the end is the best bit but even it has some clunky stuff and it is all bogged down with all the shaky cam nonsense. There are some questionable editing choices. Actually cutting footage in from Star Wars was really distracting and lazy and cheap and just took me right out of it. Killing the leads felt really lazy. The space battle was cool. The plans aren't what the movie was about but they got distracted by their own macguffin. I think the last bit with Vader sent everyone out of the theater on a high note such that they forgot how "meh" the rest of the film was. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  15. Single player story ****spoilers***** My big issue with it was that they didn't build into her defection slowly enough. They didn't give us lots of little straws that finally built up to one great big one. They also didn't give us enough of the budding romance. There was a whole bunch of the story that happened off screen. I rather enjoyed the single player though. I'm curious if I can turn down the difficulty and give it more of a stealthy run through.