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  1. So far I own the game and I have played 9 times 1st Time I lost as Empire on turn 10 2nd time I won as Rebels on Turn 5 3rd Time I won as Rebels on Turn 6 4th Time I Won as Empire on Turn 6 5th time I won as rebel son Turn 5 6th Time I won as Empire on turn 7 7th Time I won as Rebels on turn 6 8th Time I won as Rebels on Turn 5 9th Time I won as Rebels on Turn 6 I have found that if the empire plays well they can prevent the rebels from completing their objectives However I have been really good as the rebels, stacking the deck in my favor using the Obi-wan investigation card. Striking when the moment is right, and for the most part the Empire never subjugates my planets on the start or just before a build operation, so it made it much easier to win as Rebels.
  2. My wife didn't understand why I couldn't stop laughing on that reference, very nice subital writing there. It was nice seeing the reference to playing the game, then seeing it influencing his "crime" investigation skills.
  3. Would like to know for sure two, I was postie I read in a rule that a captured leader can't help out on missions. But if you attempt a mission against a captured leader that leader automatically opposes it, so why wouldn't they participate in their capture. Thematically like your wife said it makes sense.
  4. Dig In is a ground combat card, so you wouldn't be able to use that on Tie Fighters, but lets subsitute tie fighters for storm troopers, then yes you can stop up to two damage, doesn't have to be on one unit it could be on two different units.
  5. I thoguht I had to have a Blue Square to build the death start, Im thinking of Super Star Destoryer.
  6. Oh then yea Ive played the death star card wrong.
  7. Dang, thats realy nice, im going to have to do that more often.
  8. You can only construct on populous systems. Tattooine is not populous. I had a different issue. I used the death start to blow up a planet, and then increased loyalty by 1 in a neutral system. That neutral system was the secret rebel base, but I never built a unit on it so the rebels almost won near the end. But because the rebels don't have to revel their location until you land a ground unit they have no presence in that "SYSTEM" they have a secrete rebel base their that is not reveled yet.
  9. Just read the Errata... Seriously, thats amazing, cant wait to tell the guys.
  10. Yep, not having a hero that can remove conditions makes thos maps unbarable, amplify it too because we were only playing with two heros.
  11. The first broken mechanic was in trouble waters, when a hero entered the white portal, the overloard places search tokens equal to the number of heroes. They must flip a special search toke. To disenchant the portal. But at the start of each overloard turn he can choose x number of heroes equal to the number of souls in that room and give the heroes a condition. Well imobalize will prevent the heroes from moving and they cant flip the serch, leaving them stuck in that room forever because they are re imobalize each overlord turn. Last playing Julidens keep we found the green fireplace, we were both gerrified qhich diesnt let us spend surges but in order to hit you have to spend a surge, we were stuck in the study because there is no rule to leave the study for heroes, thus instant loss since we cant hit.
  12. Working on getting a game started up with my group, I think I have devised a way to increase the speed of each player. As each turn begins I would like to get a player to do his turn fast so I have devised several mechanics that gives "incentive" the player to be "in the game" and not on their phone or reading a book in-between turns. The first one is ​Bonus Trade Goods: If at the start of your turn you go immediately (within 5 seconds) and finish your action within 1 minute you get a bonus "trade good". (limit 5 per round) The second one is ​Bonus Command: At the end of the status phase all players take a vote and vote for the most speediest player (besides themselves) whoever gets the most votes gets a bonus command counter, on ties both players get a bonus command counter.
  13. A players end turn is defined as best as I can tell as this So If I force a hero to move on the overlord turn into Lava they only take damage and do not die Correct? IE: Throw, Whisper, Dark Charm... Just want to make sure that is correct.
  14. And then at the end of Act 1 I still flip all the items for the heroes to shop for?
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