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  1. It looks spectacular! I love how you cleaned it up a bit and kept the cockpit view feel while still cleaning up the extraneous bits, keeping it eminently readable, and featuring the artwork. What does the Aurebesh say (Red, above the statline)? I can't seem to read it haha
  2. Did you just post this: https://www.reddit.com/r/XWingTMG/comments/4t7j17/delta_squadron_pilot_alt_art_card/On Reddit? Because if so, I love it and it looks like the card's coming along nicely! And if not... someone's taking credit for your work!
  3. I've run the "RG Lite" version of this list fairly extensively, and it hits like a freakin' cannon. I think the PtL is still essential on him (or at least it is for me as I don't have the razor-sharp instincts needed to keep non-PtL Carnor alive!), and Mk.II lets him keep up with the sweeping banks of those Defenders effortlessly, and enable him to also effectively disengage on a bank. It's pretty sweet People tend to go for Carnor first but it's really those Glaives that do most of the pounding, even after Carnor dies!
  4. I think you're going to want a third Mk.II on that TIE Shuttle, to maximize Systems Officer. Other than that, looks rad! Personally I'd pick Vessery over Maarek for his unbelievable synergy with TIE/D, but that's just my preference
  5. This is delicious. I love it!
  6. You mean, it helped you do okay, but not spectacular until your spidey-powers kicked in
  7. You just know that it's only to the halfway point of it's maneuver... which is a K-Turn... which spells DOOM for the Rebel scum!
  8. Oh my jesus christ make these, print them, and I will make it rain for your beautiful Defender cards. I am in love!
  9. It is irrelevant whether Vessery lives. He cannot make his primary weapon attack if Dengar responds first. Under the latest FAQ, each attack may trigger at most one additional attack from one player, period. The player who has Initiative has the first option to use a new-attack-creating response (once both players are done using post-attack responses that don't start new attacks). If that player uses such a response, the other player may not make an additional attack in response to the original. Where are you getting that? I don't believe this is correct - the wording in Step 9 is just laying out that the abilities happen in initiative order. Keep in mind, I am not disagreeing with you: The argument against this line of thinking, though, is that if Dengar has initiative and his attack resolves, it has its own Steps 1-10. Although, looking at it again, I think I see: Vessery's cannon attack is performed. In Step 9, Dengar's ability triggers first, as he has initiative. This is not a separate attack, for the purposes of timing: That is, instead of "creating" a "new timing," you simply move to Step 1 of the sequence initiated by Vessery's attack, but with Dengar as the attacker now and Vessery as the defender. Dengar's attack is performed, and Vessery is dealt damage that would destroy him. However, since Step 10 has not been performed yet, Vessery remains on the board. Now, in Step 9, since Dengar has no more abilities to trigger, Vessery's TIE/D "After Attacking" ability triggers. Much like Dengar's attack, this TIE/D attack "Returns to the top of the chart" and starts again at Step 1. Vessery's primary weapon attack is performed. In step 9, no one has abilities left to trigger, so it is skipped. Only now are we at Step 10, and Vessery is removed from the table. This order would look the same if Vessery had initiative, only he would make his primary attack before Dengar's attack. Does this make any sense? Do you believe I am interpreting the rules correctly?
  10. This situation came up in tonight's casual FLGS game: Vessery with TIE/D fired a Tractor Beam at Dengar, landed the beam, and then, before the next attack, since the Dengar player had initiative, Dengar made his retaliatory attack (As per Step 9 of the new Attack Timing Chart of FAQ 4.2.1). Dengar's attack dealt enough damage to kill Vessery. Is Vessery killed before he can make his second (Primary Weapon) attack? We discussed this for a little while and, without coming to consensus, turned to another experienced player for a ruling who decided that since Step 9 of Vessery's initial (Tractor Beam) attack had not yet resolved, Vessery was able to stay on the board and make his second attack. I guess this brings up a broader question I have with TIE/D: Does it trigger the "After Attacking" wording of Step 9, since it performs an attack? My view is yes, because the FAQ specifically mentions BTL-A4 Y-Wing which operates in exactly the same way, though the wording between it and TIE/D is different. If so, and TIE/D is resolved during Step 9 of the new FAQ, AND the TIE/D player does have initiative, do both attacks go off before Dengar has a chance to return fire? If the TIE/D does not have initiative, and Dengar's attack goes off first, and would destroy the TIE/D, is the TIE/D destroyed due to Dengar's "Attack" resolving its own Step 10 ("Remove Destroyed Ships"), or does it remain on the board until the TIE/D's initial Step 9 resolves? Thank you for any help! If this is confusing - you're not alone
  11. It does look like a "Special" firing arc is different than an "Auxiliary" firing arc. I can't find a place it is explicitly stated, but the way it is always differentiated in the FAQ (Such as on Outmaneuver, P. 16 specifically stating a "Special" arc as something different from an "Auxiliary") makes me think that it is separate and therefore does not work with the "Auxiliary" wording on the Tail Gunner card.
  12. acegard

    TIE Tower

    posted this on the X Wing subreddit a while ago: TIE/pei 101
  13. I'm very disappointed Man, I just wanted to play some X-Wing with the world... and the site goes down under load just like it has issues every single time. Makes me wonder, if people actually DID get tickets during the crash... how?! Is it just random among the throng of people sitting there refreshing until it opens as to who gets through and who doesn't?
  14. Aw, poor Tyson Can I come on and tell about how awesome Tyson is?
  15. Homing Missiles also work very well - denying that Evade token, and with a TL+Guidance Chips (Or TL+F) they have a very good chance of rolling a lot of hits that they can then put through. Gamma vets with Crack Shot work very well as a delivery system for these - you can even build in a bid to move and TL after Ryad!
  16. ...To a coin flip After losing to me! With that said, Jim, I'll talk to Tyson and Joe and see if we can get you on here at some point! And you are mentioned, in our "Tacticon Recap" episode.
  17. Guys. Overclocked R4 still works with Deadeye, and it gives literally the exact same odds as the Agromech on a Plasma. It does make the Plasmas a hair more vulnerable to mass blanks, but top JM15k builds have been using it over Agromech for a while now. Triple jumps still works.
  18. Been messing around a little with this: http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v4!s!195:18,-1,-1:33:17:;70:170,-1,-1:33:17:;56:172,-1,132,-1:-1:-1:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron Ryad and Vessery on their own are fantastic, and I also like Lone Wolf Vessery as a closer, but Baffle and Mk.II are fantastic too. You can basically pick any two aces that you want for a Palpaces list, so yes, they work. It does okay vs. a lot of things, and it's a very powerful jousting list, but in the palpace mirror it kind of falls flat as it can be difficult to catch an ace in-arc as PS5-7, and the popular "Mynock Special‘ (Whisper/Omega Leader/Yorr) kind of eats me alive when I'm playing this xD The Defenders hit hard, but they just don't have the ace-level PS or maneuverability to deal with them. It's like the aces are fighting Brobots - it's generally an eminently winnable matchup for them, and these "bots" don't have Crack Shot or the Gunner effect, and they are even a little squishier with less hitpoints overall, despite Palpatine.
  19. Download Here! Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of the Back to Dials Podcast! Join Tyson, Joe, and Asa as they talk about Wave 9 (finally!) and learn now to Arc-Dodge with Jon Conley. In this episode, you can find the answers to questions you never knew you had, such as: Why would I ever deploy not-square to an edge? Are Jumpmasters OP? What can I expect from Wave 9's goodness? How can I turn "Electronic Baffle" into a dirty joke? Here on the Back to Dials Podcast, we try to infuse our love of the game with our love of telling people about our love of the game, so expect a veritable circus of laughter, X-Wing talk, and (Hopefully!) some good advice! Download from the link, from iTunes, or your favorite podcast source! Show Timings: 00:00 to 5:36 – Show Opening and Listener Feedback 6:10 to 1:07:20 – Wave 9 preview 1:07:57 to 1:53:47 – Arc dodging with Jon Conley 1:55:18 to 2:06:35 – List Head to Head 2:07:16 to 2:15:40 – Contest and Show Close A MASSIVE thank-you to all of our Patreon supporters! Contest Entries: contest@backtodials.com List advice, critique and discussion: shiplists@backtodials.com General Feedback: feedback@backtodials.com Jon Conley's Arc-Dodging 101 If you enjoy the Back to Dials Podcast and want to help us provide more and better content, consider making a small contribution to our Patreon campaign.
  20. This answers the question for tournaments. For casual play, it's generally too much hassle to set up, pick up all your stuff, then move to the other side if someone wants to switch xD Especially when you set up the board your way in asteroid placement, it's just kind of a redundant step that gets skipped.
  21. You playing in Colorado on Saturday? I'm (probably) going to a tournament just like that myself! In terms of advice: whatever you do, have fun! Bring two lists you know well and enjoy flying, so that no matter what your opponent sticks you with, you will have a good time. Be sure to stay hydrated and sit down when you can, as you may find by the end of it that you are quite tired out. As for your specific questions: "U-Boat" is the slang term for a Jumpmaster 5k loaded out to perform very efficiently with ordnance with very clever combinations of upgrade cards. If you see a Jumpmaster across the table, ask your opponent to run you through the things it can do, as there are many and varied builds that rely on often-obtuse (at first) combos to understand, but perform well. A good opponent should have no qualms answering any questions about how something works! Both damage decks are legal. If it is the Colorado one, I hope to see you there!
  22. I do not believe so. Essentially, Expert handling is its own action - the "Expert Handling" Action, which just happens to include performing a barrel roll, and then the second half about getting rid of a target lock. So, when BB-8 asks you to perform a Barrel Roll, you do just that - Perform the Barrel Roll, but NOT the second half of the Expert Handling card.
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