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  1. YES. THEY. ARE. My favorite list post-HOTR, no questions asked!
  2. Isn't the limit for a single ship type 8? Actually, it's 12
  3. For all of the K-wing's red maneuvers, yes.
  4. I, uh... Yeah. This one's on me, guys
  5. Hello everyone! This release marks the first in a new, intermittent series that we at the Back to Dials Podcast will be putting out: Tournament Recaps! Whenever we have a major tournament to review, including interviews with winners and top players, we will do so as a separate episode instead of baking it into one of our regular episodes as a segment. Hopefully, this should make for not only faster turnaround time on these episodes but also allow you to "Listen to What you Like," so to speak: If you enjoy some in-depth tournament reports, these are for you, and if you don't, you can still enjoy all the regular episodes with all the news, strategy and discussion you have come to expect. Download Episode 1 of the new format from The BTD Website. We are always welcoming feedback, positive or constructive! Let us know what you think or just chat with us by emailing feedback@backtodials.com. Continue the X-Wing discussion on Our Facebook Group! We're only 50 members away from 1000, and we have a great contest going to win a Shadowcaster expansion!
  6. This is covered, albeit briefly in the episode, but I can sum my thoughts up as this: Ion control is fantastic, but it is so much harder to pull off, and far more expensive (generally speaking) to fit ion control elements into a list: Ion Cannon, for example, is 3 points and must hit, and is damage-limited, whereas things like R3-A2 just have to point at the enemy, and are cheaper. Additionally, ionization does not expressly deny actions as piling on stress does - although the holy bloody grail of control, the Stress+Ion combo, does require the ion to function, of course. Ion control is seeing a little bit of a resurgence with things like /D Defenders, which get around the damage limitation of Ion Cannons, and Connor Nets, which are comparatively easy to trigger on an evasive ship.
  7. Proton Rockets? Nope. Concussion Missiles? Yessssssssssssss
  8. Back to Dials Episode 17 Welcome Back... to Dials! Do you feel stressed? Do you feel that there is some other force exerting its will over your life? Well, we do too, and in this episode, we are joined by expert Control player Connor Lutgen to discuss control mechanics in X-Wing. We also recap the major spoilers from Gencon's pre-release of Wave 9, and receive a new missive from the elusive "Howl!" Will Asa finally find love? Does Asa even WANT this newfound attention? What can you do with a drunken sailor the Fang Fighter? Do YOU want to win a Shadowcaster? Find out on the Back to Dials Podcast! Tell us what you think! We love connecting with listeners at feedback@backtodials.com. Contest entries can be sent to contest@backtodials.com. The Back to Dials Podcast is generously funded by our Patreon supporters, and if you like what we do, feel free to join their ranks! Continue the discussion on our Facebook Group, where you can find the Back to Dials logo for the contest!
  9. I like it, but... you have to be R1, in arc of the shuttle, and you fire after the aces on a 4HP ship. If you survive, the end result is worth it, but it's tough to set up and you can be sure that the Palpaces player will do everything in their power to not let it happen.
  10. I understand what you're saying here. It's a good analysis. I am torn between the BSP/Intimidation and the SS/Intimidation. I think the main reason why I want the Saber over the Black is the 3 dice primary, 4 at range 1. I've already test played the Saber with PTL, and it performs the blocker role really well from my early attempts to figure it out. Regarding the BSP, I just don't see a 2 die primary, even shooting late in the attack cycle, hitting much unless there are a lot of them. Aaaaand that's why they usually take Crack Shot A ship with PtL, Boost and Barrel Roll is still a great blocker and can pull excellent double duty with the more flexible EPT rather than one that's locked into that role with Intimidation.
  11. I have only seriously flown Sabers either naked, with PtL, or with Crack Shot. My reason being that it's already a ship on the low side of the power curve because it's fairly expensive. PtL gives me the action economy to enable better positioning or stack tokens, and Crack Shot gets me more utility out of the 3-dice gun over a Crack Black, and naked just avoids pumping more points into it xD With Intimidation, you put points into performing a very specific role on a ship that is not self-sufficient (i.e., you require another ship to take advantage of Intimidation's effect), and it doesn't actually have that many advantages over a BSP in terms of being a blocker - all it has is the Boost action, which is good, but doesn't IMO warrant a 7 point increase for such a specific role.
  12. I love those Sabers! I don't ever run more than two, though, less out of a sense that they don't perform and more from not having more than 2 interceptor models that match
  13. This formation (And Green Arrow in general) is the reason I have five. Though you can do the Criss-Cross with two! ;D
  14. The Finger Four Formation In collaboration with Back to Dials, Jonathan Scott (AKA Green Squad Leader) presents a definitive thesis on the Finger Four (And Finger Five) formations, an excellent and flexible way to fly formations of small, fast ships such as the A-Wing, TAP and TIE Interceptor. The article presents a complete "playbook" of openings and transitions to get the drop on an enemy that comes in on any angle, from one single opening setup. The incredibly flexible formation joins things like the Korriban Criss-Cross as another trick in the maneuvering book of a true ace.
  15. A Corran, Biggs and Wes Janson list won both Salt Lake City and Billings Regionals, flown by Dan Hars. "Rebel Regen" is still good against Imperials, but lacks the staying power against the Scum U-Boats, as do Rebel Control staples like the Stresshog. If you are going to attend a tournament, though, and don't expect to see lots of ordnance (Such as the U-Boats), then both of those things can still be very effective.
  16. I admire FFG's OP team for this. The article comes off as sincere and truly trying to make reparations for the debacle that has been World's registration, and trying to accommodate as many people as possible. Of course, they can talk up "Service Provider Failures" all they want and although that may have played a large part in the registration mess, the fact remains that for the second year in a row, Worlds registration has been mired in technical issues that see far too many people denied an opportunity to attend. The true value in FFG's statement will come during the next Worlds registration period, where we will see if these issues, "Service Provider" or otherwise, will be fixed. Again, though, I do admire them for doing what they can. I can only hope that the method in which they determine who "randomly" gets a Worlds ticket in this new phase is more elegantly handled than the last time. That said, if it is a truly random "Lottery"-type system, I know I still won't get a ticket as I have never won a random drawing in my entire life ;) ;;;;;bghjghjg dfnsdjfnsdf
  17. The TIE/FO immediately comes to mind - Omega Leader with Juke and Comm Relay! Also, not only does Imperial Veterans create excellent ships out-of-the-box, but the original Defender too - Rexlar with Predator is still pretty fantastic, as is Vessery!
  18. I view Captain Jonus as a 22-point mandatory upgrade to any Raider that I run, he's just that good. Systems Officer on him can be great if you then leverage the Coordinate action, but if you don't plan on doing that, then you can just keep Jonus cheap.
  19. I just completed a Defender of my own, I wanted to paint it to look more like the "light stone-grey" of the ANH Imperials. "Oh, it will just be a simple in-and-out job!" I said. "Just a simple panel recolor!" --seven hours and countless touch-ups later-- "****************************************************** These panels. Kill me now."
  20. I haven't listened to this episode yet, but I assume there is the classic barb against Back to Dials in there somewhere. y u all be hatin? :'(
  21. Yeah, that's not only Anti Dengaroo, but it's the list that Dan Hars took to two back to back Regionals wins!
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