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  1. http://mynockpodcast.libsyn.com/episode-62-the-best-art-of-x-wing Hey everyone, it's me, that's right, Ryan Farmer: X-Winger, Hollywood man, and Talonbane... enthusiast! Totally. It's me! And here's a new episode, continuing our series discussing Pablo Picasso's "Art of War," applied to X-Wing!
  2. Watch here on YouTube! What is a Box? What is a Pinwheel? If you hear X-Wingers talking about these all the time, maybe it's time to check out the Back to Dials Video Learning Series, and our new episode on formation flying! This is a large topic, so we're going to start with the basics, and two formations that have defined the topic for ages: the Box, and the Pinwheel.
  4. Listen to the Episode! F.A.Q 4.3.0 has just released and we are able to be right on the ball here with a brand new episode covering the gargantuan changes contained in this meta-shattering document! In this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast: Adam has a lapse in memory We learn from a Land Down Under We don black robes and gather for the ritualistic sacrifice of the Old Meta Remember, we have a contest going! Send us your greatest, best, funniest, etc. X-Wing stories to contest@backtodials.com to be entered to win a painted ship or a beautiful Stele Open metal challenge coin! Get those entries in because this contest only runs for two more weeks! Episode Timing: 00:00 – 7:13: Show Introduction 8:53 – 1:08:15: FAQ 4.3.0 1:09:24 – 1:16:19: Show Close and Contest Continuation! Contact us at feedback@backtodials.com with any questions you may have, and join our Facebook Group to get in on more great X-Wing discussion!
  5. Watch the Video Hello everyone! This is Episode 2 in a planned series of videos aimed at quickly bringing players up to speed with all of the X-Wing mechanics we take for granted. In this episode, we cover the Rule of 11, a very helpful part of the X-Wing play area that enables us to effectively plan maneuvers to engage at the exact range we want to! Much like our last video talked about using base lengths to judge movement templates, in this episode we illustrate how base lengths can be effectively used to predict range. Enjoy, and fly casual!
  6. Listen Here (or on iTunes or Google Play or wherever you get podcasts, of course) Welcome back… to dials! This time on the Back to Dials Tournament Recap Series, we are joined by Kuwaiti X-Winger and Yavin Open winner Mishary Al-Faris to discuss his stunning first place win in Birmingham, and the Parattani list that is currently dominating high-level play! Do you want to hear from one of the best players in the world? Do you want to learn how to fly (and fly against!) one of the top-tier lists? Take a listen to this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast! Good Game in Kuwait City Back to Dials Website
  7. Listen to the Episode! Welcome Back! On this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast, Asa and Adam are joined by Luke Carrington to discuss the X-Wing Campaign Against Cancer and how to keep X-Wing fun for everyone while remaining competitive! Tune in, and you will also enjoy: Asa and Luke have a heated disagreement polite discussion about the Special Forces TIE Adam shows that he has played far too much Super Smash Brothers We play Marco-Palpatine in the X-Wing News Go check out the Super Wario Bros list here! Remember to Fly Casual, and enjoy The Back to Dials X-Wing Podcast! Send all your contest entries to contest@backtodials.com. Questions about lists? Send those to shiplists@backtodials.com. Anything else? feedback@backtodials.com. We love to hear from you! Show Timing: 00:00 – 5:49: Intro and mailbag 05:50 – 9:30: X-Wing News Bulletin 10:07 – 47:34: Guided Listbuilding: Creating a Bomber and Escort List 48:32 – 1:14:43: Campaign Against Cancer and X-Wing Discussion with Luke Carrington 1:15:30 – 1:22:00: Show close and NEW CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT! Links: Back to Dials Podcast BTD YouTube Channel Kayleigh G’s YouTube Channel The Super Wario Brothers List X-Wing Vassal Tutorial X-Wing Campaign Against Cancer
  8. Watch Here! Hello everyone! This is the first in a series of X-Wing videos from teh Back to Dials Podcast, aimed at helping pilots quickly get on their feet and become aces in no time! This first video in the series is meant to teach you how to understand the game's movement templates, which are all related to each other! If you can visualize where you are going, you'll never hit an asteroid again! This first episode was loosely based on Osoroshii's guide to Earning your Wings on the FFG X-Wing Forums. You can download and listen to more Back to Dials on our Website, and join in on the discussion on our Facebook page! If you have any feedback about this or any other Back to Dials offering, please contact us at feedback@backtodials.com. Thanks for watching!
  9. You can go on to the back to dials twitch (twitch.tv/backtodials) and find his Top 4 match at least. We are also working to get the videos of each round up on the BTD YouTube channel!
  10. Here were top 4 at least, I'm working on getting the 8: Dan Hars v. Kyle D. Dan: Miranda Doni: A. SLAM, Connor, Ion Bomb, TLT, EM, Homing, Sabine Corral Horn: PtL, R2-D2, FCS, EU Kyle: Poe Dameron (PS9): Adaptability, Patt. Analyzer, AT, R5P9 Nien Numb: Snap Shot, R3-A2, IA, Black One Jess Pava: R2D6, Snap Shot, IA Ryan Kraus v. Johnathan Grasser Ryan: Tomax Bren: Crack shot, EM, Homing, GC Vessery: VI, x7 Inquisitor: PtL, Prockets, AT, v1 Johnathan: Miranda: TLT, Sabine, Seismic, Ion Bomb, Homing, EM, LRS Gold Sqd. x2: TLT, Bomb Loadout, Seismic, Guidance Chips
  11. There were some concerns raised before the match, so to try to allay those, the TO put the Marshal and Judge into the room in order to hopefully sweeten the grapes xD
  12. I can't speak for any game before the finals, but the judges were watching that table like hawks, and every maneuver after the initial incident especially was heavily scrutinized.
  13. Hey everyone! What a DAY! My goodness that was fun. Though my own record (4-2, 15th place for some Thermal Detonators woohoo!) was not enough to make it into the final cut, I still had a blast and met some fantastic people - some of whom actually listen to our podcast Congratulations to the 2017 Denver Regional Champion, Dan Hars! And if course to the runner-up, and my first loss of the day, Johnathan Grasser - who played a great final match and showed me his superiority by blasting me off the table in the first round. As you who watches the stream know, there were some tough calls in the final match. As my first experience judging, I deferred to a much more experienced TO who, after we conferred and considered all the points, made the decision that protected the integrity of the match. Thanks to everyone who made this stream a success! To Adam and John for commentating with me and to Kyle for providing us with a fantastic streaming setup. And to everyone who played, and Total Escape Games in Bloomfield to hosting what was ultimately a phenomenal tournament!! Oh yeah, and BTD released an episode this morning check it out and get to know Adam!
  14. Thanks for tuning in guys! Sorry for the rough start, we were sorting through a...legacy setup but the Top 4 is on now and it's a great set of games, full of bombs and T-70s
  15. Hello everybody! Back to Dials is once again going to be streaming the Denver, CO Regional Championships on February 4th, 2017 at Total Escape Games. Adam and I (Asa) will host a "Pregionals" round-table on-air starting at 8:30 AM MST, where we will talk to participants, go over lists, expectations, and what the sudden drop of Wave 10 might do to our competition! Dice roll at 9AM, and we will hand off the commentary to longtime BTD Broadcaster and TEG proprietor John Stephens, who will take our stream through the rest of the day! Join us this Saturday on the Back to Dials Twitch Channel and watch some great X-Wing!
  16. BACK TO DIALS SEASON 2! If you just want to listen to the episode, go HERE for the Nand Torfs Interview! If, however, you are interested in what is happening with the Back To Dials Podcast going forward, read on! OK, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is with great pleasure to be able to tell you that things are once again starting to happen here on the Back to Dials Podcast! As you know, we went through a bit of a re-organization recently, with the venerable Tyson and Joe pursuing new and exciting chapters in their lives. While I won't ever be able to replace them, I am pleased to announce my new co-host and partner going forward into the 2017 year: My good friend and long-time technical collaborator Adam! Coming for us in the 2017 season (Which will officially begin Saturday, Feb. 4 - the same day as Denver Regionals), Adam and I have big plans: WEEKLY Content Alternating weeks of video and audio podcast content Video series including maneuvering workshops, guided game replays, and more! X-Wing Roundtable podcast discussion featuring well-known X-Wing "Celebrities" as well as, maybe, if they're nice to us, other podcasters! Thank you so much for your support during this hiatus, and especially to all the people who offered their help - I ultimately decided to partner with a local personality for ease of coordination and editing, but remember - for our roundtable discussions, we will be looking for people to fill those seats! If you want to share your opinions on-air, just get in touch with me! To tide you over (Read: now that I have finally figured out how to post episodes) I have released our interview with World Champion Nand Torfs on our website here: www.backtodials.com/episode-20-nand-torfs-interview/ Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing this episode - I'm not 100% sure if I am doing everything right as I figure out our old system. Enjoy! See you all again very soon! Back to Dials Facebook Group
  17. Hey, everyone! To think that people actually care about the absence of our podcast warms my heart I've been trying to at least get our "episode pipeline" out before I said anything, but I figure I'll just go ahead and let the community know what's going on. Essentially, we're going through a bit of a "re-org." Recently, Tyson accepted a career direction that has unfortunately left him unable to continue with Back to Dials. This has coincided with some serious health problems on Joe's end. So, for the time being, I am working hard to get passwords/files from Joe so I can switch complete "control" of the podcast to myself, get our two episodes in our "pipeline" out (which includes a fantastic interview with Nand Torfs!) and figure out where the podcast is going in the future. Please don't think that I harbor any ill feelings toward Tyson or Joe for this - in fact, the opposite! Joe's health is obviously the most important thing, and Tyson is moving on to do great and amazing things, and while I won't get to speak with them on-air anymore I am still, of course, going to be able to hang out and play this great game with them! I am immensely proud of what we have done together, and I am looking forward to what I will be able to do in the future, once this "changeover" is complete. Shenannigan, send me a message here or on Facebook and I'll get you those templates Sorry about that confusion!
  18. I recently wrote an extended article with batreps and a detailed list analysis here: http://www.backtodials.com/a-wing-ace-snap-snacks-battle-report-and-list-analysis/ To give you a short version, it is spectacular fun! You have the TOOLS to deal with almost everything, but it doesn't change the fact that every battle is an uphill one. Just because you HAVE the tools, doesn't mean it's particularly easy to use them effectively. You need a peculiar blend of aggression and patience, which is very difficult to pull off. I also haven't flown it against Dengaroo, yet, but I have beaten triple /x7s twice!
  19. acegard

    Who is who at worlds

    Mind if I give your BTD's Facebook link to edit in the OP? https://www.facebook.com/groups/backtodials/ Looking like a great Worlds everyone!
  20. FFG will be streaming the event. There will also be a podcast party and round table discussion on Satuday evening with all of us that podcast that will be epic and livestreamed!
  21. Then we, my friend, need to change that!
  22. My opinion on this is that it's pretty categorically inferior - your action is shoehorned into Evade, your PS isn't homogeneous so moving around in the scrum is harder, and you've got fewer "real" bodies for the enemy to deal with - fewer Snap Shot arcs to trap and deal damage. I'd love it if Juke were 1 ppint ans I could grab 5, but I think the homogeneity is one of the things that really makes this list tick and breaking that is a bigger cost than what you gain from a lower-PS blocking body. Fell free, though, to prove me wrong - I have only flown that variant once!
  23. Give it a shot yourself! O'm fairly convinced it could become a "fringe meta" list like the original Chihuahuas, and in any case, flying it is super super fun!!
  24. http://www.backtodials.com/a-wing-ace-snap-snacks-battle-report-and-list-analysis/ From Back to Dials come Snap Snacks, part of this nutritious breakfast and this X-Wing community! 5 A-Wings with Snap Shot and Crack Shot, what could possibly go wrong? Or: How much fun can you possibly have with a single list?!
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