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  1. In fairness, some of the Imperial flying in those streams... left something to be desired.
  2. A very diplomatic way of saying, "don't play like garbage." ?
  3. They mentioned it offhand during the unboxing stream.
  4. acegard


    We do know it will be converted to the new Medium base size. With how missiles and torpedoes work now (with multi-use charges and not having to spend TLs to fire), I am very excited! Costed appropriately, I think it could be a beast!
  5. Imgur Album! Inspired by Rogue One and the stark contrast of white against the blackness of space, I recolored one of my slate-grey ISDs into stark, Imperial white!
  6. On Saturday, April 7 2018, Back to Dials is going to be streaming live from the X-Wing Campaign Against Cancer in Denver, CO! The CAC is an annual charity X-Wing event that this year benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Last year, the nationwide event raised over $21,000 and this year we plan to hit a goal of $25,000 across 25 locations! Learn more at www.x-wing.org. Tune in to the Back to Dials stream on Saturday to watch all six rounds LIVE, and get your chance to win some awesome prizes! Donate to the Campaign Against Cancer during the stream and be entered into raffles, trivia contests and more to win anything from CAC merch, to alternate art cards, to limited-edition Star Wars art prints. Every year, this event gets more and more fun and every dime goes to fighting a disease that touches almost everyone in the community. Join us on the 7th to play X-Wing and fight cancer!
  7. Better title would be "Countdown to GUNBOAT DOMINATION!"
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/backtodials Join us in Denver, CO for the stream of the Walker Classic main tournament! We are flying Hangar Bay with the Distinct rule, so we should have one **** of a time!
  9. MANDALORIAN MAYHEM is a Battle Royale format of X-Wing featuring 10-12 players on a 4x6 board. The insatiable Hutt cartel bosses have gotten bored and ordered the finest mercenaries in the galaxy, ace pilots of the Firespray-31, to battle for their amusement in a free-for-all fight to the death! This event will be broadcast live from the Walker Classic on the Back to Dials Twitch Channel. Now is your chance to get your hand in the ring and support one of the 12 pilots competing to win the Hutts' favor! All donations to the event are given to Extra Life Charities in support of the Children's Miracle Network. What does donating get you? Donating $5 to your chosen mercenary buys that pilot 3 points of upgrades to spend on their ship before the event. Donations will be accepted during the livestream! Donations during the livestream will get the pilot a draw from the special Upgrade deck! Additionally, players will have the option to donate to place "Bounties" on other players at any time, adding to the chaos and the fun. These "Hutt Backers" who donate to the winning pilot will receive special exclusive acrylic Mandalorian tokens as appreciation from the Hutt bosses for encouraging chaos. With wormholes, special upgrades, changing bounties and pay-to-win excitement, MANDALORIAN MAYHEM is the event to watch! Tune in this Saturday, Nov. 18 at 6:30PM MST. Choose your Pilot and Donate to help them win!
  10. Listen Here! Tournament Organizer (T.O.): (n): One who organizes and judges X-Wing Tournaments. A jerk who thinks it’s funny to undermine popular podcasts Today we are captured, beaten bloody and left to rot as Jon Conley, Sam Shepic and Jeff Pollmiller take over the Back to Dials Podcast to talk about what it means to run a successful X-Wing tournament. On this Episode of Back to Dials C-3TOs: What it takes to run a successful X-Wing Tournament Judging: Tough Calls, Equipment, and keeping the game moving Please Send Help to Asa and Adam Contact the Podcast at feedback@backtodials.com C3TOs@backtodials.com Join the Facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/backtodials/
  11. I like this on TIE Shuttles with an extra crew slot available - say, a Fleet Officer shuttle with one extra slot. There's really no reason NOT to take him, as he can provide an effect which might be useful in some games, esp. with an aces+shuttle list vs. generics - PS8 deployment can get your entire list above the opponent's, giving that bomber shuttle a little edge.
  12. This is what I do! It's incredibly strong.
  13. I dunno, just Guidance Chips can be a pretty good punch with a TL! Get her at 10 with VI or with Crack Shot... Why hasn't she become the 3rd in an Imperial Alpha list? I'll answer my own question, poor girl's just too expensive Or at least she is with EU on Vader. ...which I can't bring myself to leave behind xD
  14. Thanks very much! We are definitely going to do more of those and I share your opinion of the non-Vader Advanceds - they are a ton of fun, especially Junk and the Tempests!
  15. Listen Here! Calm, serene, peaceful, the beaches of Scarif, before the Rebels showed up. Man, they really had no chill. But here on the Back to Dials Podcast, we are chiller than a Wampa’s cave. On this Episode of Back to Dials: Just be cool, okay? Regionals: When, where, and why The Hidden Gems of X-Wing, Part 1 Regionals locations: https://drafts.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/events/2017-regional-championships/x-wing/ Contact the Back to Dials Podcast at feedback@backtodials.com
  16. Extra Life is a fantastic charity organization that raises money for children's' hospitals through the generosity of gamers like us, while we get together and play our favorite games - like X-Wing! At 2:00 PM MST, Back to Dials will be streaming the Denver, CO Extra Life event. It will be simulcast on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and the Back to Dials Facebook Group! I would encourage everyone to find their local X-Wing Extra Life event and donate to that, but if none can be found, help out The Children's Miracle Network in Denver, CO by donating to our chapter Here. Can't Wait to see you on stream!
  17. Read the Article Here! In this Back to Dials article, we take a look at the major changes in FAQ 4.4, and investigate the possible implications on the X-Wing metagame. Yeah, I know, everyone's talking about it, but that doesn't mean we can't give it a go too!
  18. Listen Here! Or find wherever podcasts are sold! The Back to Dials Emergency Podcast Coalition Presents: Sunny Bounder Presents: FAQ 4.4 discussion! Samwise Shepic joins us in the studio to go over the brand new X-Wing FAQ and why it is such a meta-altering event. Back to Dials: First in X-Wing news, when we were already planning on recording! FAQ can be found here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/25/new-squadron-formations/ Contact BTD at feedback@backtodials.com
  19. Listen here! Yesterday, we sat down to record and upon opening our computer, there was a new preview article! So we scrapped the original idea, and today we are going to talk about the Alpha-Class XG-1 Assault Gunboat! On this episode of Back to Dials: Adam is a dirty chicken boy Asa gets way, way too hyped Slam, Jam, Thank you Ma'am, the hype is REAL. This episode's contest: Create your best list that fits the name, "Emperor's Nu Groove." Send submissions to contest@backtodials.com and post them on our facebook page! Contact the podcast at feedback@backtodials.com.
  20. Listen here! Direct Link The good ol’ BTD Boyos go from off-meta list discussion into talking about moments that clicked, and how you can practice X-Wing in a smarter way to elevate your play! On this Episode of Back to Dials: Pivot, pivot, pivot The Men at Work Practice smarter, not harder Contact BTD at feedback@backtodials.com Check out the Walker Classic at www.backtodials.com/walkerclassic
  21. Listen on the Back to Dials site! Direct Media Link On this episode of the Back to Dials Podcast: Asa goes a-ramblin’ We don’t say ********** except for maybe once Figuring out what makes a ship goo: How Hard Can It Be? Join us as we answer a listener’s question: What makes a ship good? Apparently, there are a lot of aspects to that question! A lot to talk about, but as ever, BTD charges right in!
  22. EDIT: Sorry folks, accidental duplicate post!
  23. Join us as we stream pods, painting, and x-wing fun on http://www.backtodials.com/twitch/ or right on the twitch Channel at twitch.TV/backtodials! It's going to be a great day, see you there!
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