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  1. The best thing I can point you toward is our Video Learning series, which starts with all of the template relationships and small/large base ships here:
  2. Post it? Or send it my way? Maybe it's just not showing up because I'm on mobile.
  3. I either use an X-Case (http://www.activemindsgames.com/) or pack as much as I can into one Core Set box with cardboard taped over the window in the front.
  4. If they are, that goes against everything I have heard, as well as the traces I took off of FFG's unboxing using the maneuver dials as a template. We used a 3d-print from Thingiverse, but verified its dimensions to the best of our ability. It's as close as can be to 1.5 Base Lengths on each side! That said, if it turns out it's slightly off, then the same rules will still apply, but just follow the golden rule of formation flying: Separation!
  5. The Back to Dials Podcast presents our 3D-Printed Medium bases and how to fly them! Listen to the podcast episode here! Read the companion article (Image-heavy!) here! They work, I promise - but it's confusing and it can cause huge problems based on alignment with other bases.
  6. Vader will be good, but not overpowered in 2nd Edition. He is an excellent pilot with a lot of Force to give him actionless Focuses, but he gets huge nerfs from 1.0: No native Boost (Afterburners being an approximation but nowhere near as solid), and critically, no native Evade. In my proxy games with him, he will need cards that give him actions to get full use out of his ability and is still very vulnerable to dice variance. To call him the "best" pilot for the Empire really oversells the TIE Advanced, especially when Valen Rudor, Rexlar, and Ryad all exist in that monstrous Defender. I don't know what you mean to say when you ask if a strong Vader is good or bad for X-Wing. It just... is. Vader is strong. He's not broken, and he's not weak.
  7. It's as full-time as we can manage it. Adam and I have fairly similar schedules and can coordinate recording on a weekly basis, but Tyson has a real job so it's as much as we can but in order to meet our schedule, he probably won't be on every single week. I'm sure, though, as he comes back into the fold of X-Wing Second Edition, he will find it hard not to MAKE time for us!!!
  8. I miss "Howl" :,( We had such a good thing going and we never did get to meet... then she vanished, like the Jumpmaster's torpedo slots.
  9. Alex Davy always adds the fifth blank with Sunny Bounder.
  10. I am definitely buying it. I might buy two. Guys, don't be me.
  11. I mean, getting PS kills is pretty important - but much more so in this 1.0 meta where you'll be erased in 1 shot, guaranteed. I remember even back in like Wave 6-7 or so where you weren't guaranteed to have to evade (or just tank) 4 hits. PS killing was a much less critical thing. If it returns to a time of less consistent offensive output where lower-I ships can fire back with regularity, then I highly doubt it will be a problem.
  12. An interesting interaction with Supernatural Reflexes on Luke - he can use it without taking damage, only if his S-Foils are closed! Afterburners are a card that looks pretty excellent for everything, but also balanced like you say. If it was not charge-limited and basically, "EVERYONE IS SNAP WEXLEY!" then it would be horrendously overpowered and back to 1.0 EU. In order to use it you have to be flying fast and on small ships, all those green turns are 1- and 2-speed, making it tougher to utilize it in a knife-fighting situation. Interceptors, for example, can't come off a stressed round hard-turning, free 'Burner boost, Focus, Barrel roll - unless they go straight.
  13. Afterburner being limited to high-speed maneuvers limits it's utility to certain cases, too - no doubt it will be good, but it's nowhere near the craziness that is 1.0 EU.
  14. After opening my 2.0 X-Wing... it's not ? the blister part is like sealed in the cardboard so you kinda have to destroy the box to get it open.
  15. All good ideas. Honestly, I think it will be solid on just about any ship that will do red maneuvers - Generics come to mind in a big way, with all the K-turns they do to keep themselves on target. Maybe Interceptors will get a boon out of this, with all the S-Looping I plan to do with them!
  16. Honestly I might be a little disappointed if that's the case for all ships, I mean, Luke and Vader for example were great pilots before their Force training (If you count Anakin's good trick).
  17. Valen Rudor in a 2.0 Defender with all those actions to take would be incredibly amazing.
  18. We don't know the cost yet. If force users pay a premium for these, then it will be balanced. Also, probably it's best on Vader, who can leverage it into TLs and Focuses to perhaps avoid blocks as well, but not necessarily on others.
  19. DON'T YOU SLIGHT MY BOI PORKINS This is likely the actual reason.
  20. I have the same concern. Definitely thought that was weird. We also see things like, "Caption Rex" on the condition card which makes me a little worried - how hard is it to proofread?
  21. Yeah that's a little confusing. Good that Darklighter still comes in the expansion, though. I guess Jek is recognizable enough.
  22. Has it been confirmed that Force users don't get Talent upgrades? I know they mentioned that particular difference when talking about Inquisitors vs. Barons of the Empire, but do you think that will extend to all Force aces vs. Non-Force aces?
  23. https://m.imgur.com/a/VCKTrkl Supernatural Reflexes looks super fun!
  24. acegard


    R4 Astro is small ship only anyway, so no Jumpmaster dial improvements here!
  25. Even the old Fat Han did have some trouble against swarms. Especially now that boost is red, and his 1-turns are gone, honestly I wonder if he won't need that new Luke to keep him from having serious trouble against lists that bring a blocker or two.
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