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  1. Man, I really like that Corvette! Yellow recolor with splashes of the original red in there looks so good. Nice work!
  2. Drasnighta, I look forward to it I have a confession to make, though - A lot of those cockpit frames weren't actually painted on the first go - a few I did manage to get right the first time, but many others I overpainted and then scraped the extra off with a toothpick Let's fill the forums with painting! Make EVERYTHING the painting forums!
  3. Wow Vykes, thanks for the great information! I have ogled over your work. in the Ceknell Subsector! I have a piece of poster board like that, so I will start taking my pictures like that! Part of the issue might be my camera - it's on about a five-year-old Android phone xD What constitutes a "good pen?" I have a Uniball, but I can't imagine a ballpoint would work that well. Do you have any in-progress pictures or do you know of any videos illustrating your point about "layering?" I've heard that a couple times, but I'm not exactly sure what that looks like. I've tried washing then drybushing the base back on, but I haven't been super happy with the results.
  4. It's a crying shame that we lost our painting subforum, but that doesn't mean we should stop sharing! http://raisedeflectorshields.com/2015/07/27/star-wars-armada-squadron-painting/ I got my first wash, so I decided to recolor a CR90 and do some X Wings up in Red Squadron livery. I painted some Interceptors and Y-Wings while I was at it too! I'm pretty happy with the results, but I definitely want to hear where I can improve
  5. If an Android app is in the realm of possibility, Try Startactics on the Play store - it allows you to input your collectiion, has pictures of all the cards, and is otherwise just a really well-done and slick squadron builder. Otherwise, I agree with others in suggesting YASB.
  6. Hello everyone! As part of a project I am working on, I am in need of the community's help. If you could take some measurements of your range/distance rulers (total length, length of each band) and post them here, I would be eternally grateful! A little bit more about the project: I am extensively investigating Armada's range and movement system to see if I can extract some "rules" like those that exist for X-Wing; e.g., the Rule of 11, No Ship Can Escape its Own Arc, etc., in order to better understand the entire system of movement. When measuring my own range rulers, I measured small variances around "round" values (like 7 15/16 inches, etc.). I expect that this is just manufacturing/printing variance, but as millimeters can make the difference between a ship living or dying, I would very much like to get the Armada community's measurements so that we can work out an average or expected value. Thank you!
  7. I think that would be pretty effective too, the only problem is that to remain effective you almost have to continually spam Squadron commands, as you realized, especially against the faster Rebel ships. Rhymer, with his medium range, gives your squadrons semi-autonomy: although Squadron commands are still key, you have the flexibility of that range to still be effective at all moments of the game.
  8. Thanks for the tip! Indeed, Salvation carried an Intel Officer as well. I updated the post, thanks for the catch!
  9. Thanks guys! It was really fun to write, and I'm thinking of doing something on B-Wings next I do actually like that idea, and haven't tried a liaison on Demolisher before! I did decide that, at least in this list, Wulff didn't help me as much as Intel Officer did, which is what I finally went with. When your bombers are only rolling 1 dice at medium range, Mon Mothma becomes an unbelievable pain in the A** and targeting her evade tokens with Intel, or even better when solely attacking with Demolisher, is a fantastic way to make up for the lack of black Accuracies and remove the evade tokens so that they are defenseless. I will try a liaison, though, because that sounds like great fun! H'thank you so much! Glad I could provide useful information As I think more about Liaisons, I like them on the Gladiator more and more. First round, Concentrate Fire, bank as token, then maybe Navigate to token if you don't need to use the command, and then Navigate Navigate Navigate for the rest of the game, spending one to Concentrate Fire (I'd do a Weapons Liaison) if you've got a good shot. Of course, the same could work with Defense Liaison, too... hmmm... maybe I'll do an article on liaisons Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  10. Every time I see someone complain about how "Turrets are easy-mode and ruining the game" I wonder if they've actually played the big turrets themselves. It's not easy mode. With Autothrusters now you actually have to fly them to catch such stealthy ships. They go down super fast if caught in more than two or three arcs, even "Fat" YT-1300s so you have to fly them unexpectedly. They are very susceptible to being blocked. I concede the point that it's tough on MOV, but that's not what people complain about mostly - they whine about them being easy-mode point-and-shoot but don't have to worry about where you're going. This is emphatically NOT the case. Next time you (royal "you) groan because you're being beaten by a large turret, step back and ask yourself why you're having a problem, and instead of going on the forums and creating the umpteenth thread about "turrets ugly blah blah blah whine" try to figure out how to beat it! It absolutely can be done, and if the turret is being flown by someone who thinks its easy mode, it can be done a lot easier than you might think.
  11. acegard

    Empire options

    Try Soontir Fel, Whisper or Echo and two TIE fighters. A fun list that is pretty competitive, at least in my area. Personally, I don't much like proxying upgrades myself, but I'm super okay with those who proxy them against me.
  12. http://raisedeflectorshields.com/2015/07/18/harnessing-the-power-of-imperial-squadrons-part-iii-strategy-and-battle-reports/ The final part of the three-part series of flying with Imperial squadrons! A discussion of strategy and tactics, as well as some of the battle reports that I did record. I love getting constructive criticism and learning ways I can improve on my blog, my writing, and especially on the points made in the article itself. Additionally, if any of you are itching to get your thoughts out there, I am looking for more people to help write! The more good player content, the better the game gets for everyone!
  13. http://raisedeflectorshields.com/2015/07/10/harnessing-the-power-of-imperial-squadrons-part-ii-the-carrier-ship/ Part 3 will come as soon as I am done writing it up and will include illustrative battle reports as well as a discussion on tactics for squadrons in general. This whole adventure has been very illuminating for me and I hope I can pass on some useful information!
  14. Thanks guys! I am planning on picking up a wash here soon as I think that'll really take my painting to the next level without too much expense ) Any tips on using it?
  15. Not yet, but that sounds like hilarious fun!
  16. Thanks for the comments Yeah, TIE Advanceds are great as force multipliers for those fragile Interceptors and for keeping the heat off of precious bombers but not super great on their own (except, of course, Vader, who shreddicates just about everything)
  17. http://raisedeflectorshields.com/2015/07/08/harnessing-the-power-of-imperial-squadrons-part-i-major-rhymer-and-his-entourage/ Part 1 of a short series of articles I am writing about flying and listbuilding with Imperial squadrons! Part 2 (Carrier ships) to come soon!
  18. http://raisedeflectorshields.com/2015/06/29/painting-a-wings-star-wars-armada/ Painting using cheap paints and brushes since I spent all my money on this great game Trying to make them pop off the table!
  19. A summary of my Top-16 finish at my first ever regionals in Denver! http://raisedeflectorshields.com/2015/06/27/regionals-denver-co-x-wing-miniatures/
  20. acegard

    Carnor - VI or PTL?

    I would agree with you, except that all interceptors really work best at range 1 where they can dodge arcs super effectively or at range 3 where they are almost impossible to hit. Running Carnor with another Interceptor would make it hard to keel them apart, since both of them want to be up close and personal.
  21. Lately I've been mulling the possibilities of Ten Numb + B-E/2 + Recon Spec and Calculation: 2 focus for modifying the entire attack or on defense. Also, if you have the points to spare, you could pop HLC on that thing and do 4-dice, guaranteed crits - sounds like fun!
  22. acegard

    Star Wars Dice App

    Hacking the app? What did they do?
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