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  1. On 2/19/2019 at 3:44 AM, Magnus Grendel said:

    Don't assume that on the day [the dice fail], you did it wrong, and don't assume that on the day a ship of yours decides to dance between the laser bolts that you did it right.  

    Probably the most succinct way of putting that, thank you!

  2. The purple Evade is far better on higher-Force ships than it is on lower-Force ships. Then you stack Focus and Evade but still have to manage your pool - that's the balancing factor. It's meaningless to compare that to A-Wings and Interceptors. 

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    Well folks, the new year is fully upon us now, and our New Years' Resolution to provide the best X-Wing content possible is in full swing! Join us this episode as we strain ourselves laughing over Tyson's Very Good Name and go over some of the most exciting upgrades for the Separatist Alliance, coming soon to X-Wing!

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    Hey there y’all, it’s been a helluva two weeks – thank you for sticking with us through the health problems, the tournaments and everything in between! We are back and we are talking about all the previews that we have missed!

    On this Episode of Back to Dials: 

    • Tyson speculates and is afflicted with Podcasters Curse
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    • Asa opens the floodgates

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    Whew, what a week! And yes, we know, there’s Clone Wars stuff out in the wild right now but we recorded before the announcement, okay? FFG just hates us ? In the meantime, enjoy our discussion of the Mynock Open, a new and exciting List Head to Head, and our meta takeaways!

    On this Episode of Back to Dials:

    • Tyson washes his mouth out with soap

    • Adam tries the Empire

    • Asa gets to brag a little

    Episode Timings:

    • 00:00 Intro and mailbag

    • 14:10 Mynock Open discussion, meta discussion

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    Walker Classic

    Mandalorian Mayhem

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    Welcome back to dials! “What’s good now?” You might ask. “What are some sleeper hits of Second Edition?” You might also ask. Well, fear not, because the “Worst Podcast with the Best Segment” is here to tackle those questions and more! See the lists and vote for a (Y-Wing heavy) Head to Head here!

    On this Episode of Back to Dials: 

    • Tyson enforces significant figures
    • Adam is unbiased, definitely, for sure
    • Asa is still talking about Rebels instead of the Empire

    Episode Timing: 

    • 00:00 – Intro and X-Wing news briefing; events announcements
    • 12:30 – “What’s Good Highlights:” Homing Missiles, Boba Fett and Heightened Perception
    • 38:09 – List Head to Head: Asa vs. Tyson
    • 56:18 – Show Close


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  7. All Information and Tickets are here!

    Star Wars gaming by Fantasy Flight Games! An entire weekend of 8a -9p Destiny, Armada, Legion, Imperial Assault, and, of course, X-Wing in beautiful Hoth Colorado! Do you enjoy FFG's lineup of Star Wars games? Then come out to the Walker Classic! Running from November 16-18, the Walker Classic runs five of the best board games in one of the best locations with some amazing prize support from local talents. Don your helmet and blast that shield generator! 

    All events unless otherwise noted are standard, FFG-supported formats. The X-Wing Grand Tournament will be sully Second Edition with all conversion kits and released items legal, using all official point costs and upgrade bars released by FFG for standard play at the time of the tournament. Star Wars: Destiny tournaments will be held in both Trilogies and Standard format. 

    Special Guest

    Walker Classic 2018 is pleased to welcome game designer Virgilio San Andres (Known as "V")  to run side events and his one-of a kind Podracing game! With games designed for anyone to pick up and play, "V"'s games run the room. We are excited to have him on board! 

    Side Events

    Side events will all be 3-12 player side events, depending on the game. Side event formats will vary from main event formats. Your Main Event ticket guarantees you a seat in one limited-seating event (Podracing or Hunger Games) through the weekend! Current side event plans include: 

    • Podracing, run by "V"
    • X-Wing: Mario Kart, "Tron-Wing," Quick Build tournaments, Hunger Games
    • Destiny: Cube Draft
    • Imperial Assault: 4-Player Hoth mat
    • Loopin' Chewie

  8. On 8/14/2018 at 4:45 PM, Aurianna De'Chardains said:

    You can also clean out the gunk by spraying WD-40 between the wings and letting them soak in a bath of WD-40 for 48+ Hours (Depends on how much gunk is in there). It doesn't harm the plastic, paint job, finish or the glue that holds everything together. But after a few days of Moving the wings open and closed (and side to side when the wings are together). My Saw's X-wings now all open  and close like the 2.0 Models that we've seen do.

    You know I actually tried that and it never worked for me. I didn't want to crack them open but it's what I resorted to after the WD-40 bath didn't work haha. Plus, cracking it open ended up being much faster overall, and less messy!

  9. On 7/27/2018 at 11:17 AM, Biophysical said:

    What did the A-wings do in your example that Rookies couldn't?  FAA combined with S-foils makes them more maneuverable and at least as fast in most circumstances.  They can get in the same places and block the same way.  4 dice shots at Range 1 on Guri are way better than a 2 dice + 3 dice shot.

    Specifically, Soontir and Guri had to fly fast and away, vs. being able to knife-fight and arc-dodge. Guri, specifically, with the curved barrel roll: I Snap-Cracked her to death, basically, doing damage when I otherwise wouldn't have. You're right that 4-dice shots are better than 2+3, but 2 is better than no shots because she arc-dodged me. That's the crux, and it applies to aces, Miranda, Reapers, etc. - everything that would arc-dodge me still gets some dice rolled against it. I can still block and set up good shots if I want, but especially in an endgame where, say, Miranda wants to bump a ship so that she could theoretically take unopposed shots against another, negating my body-on-board advantage, I can not block, roll some dice, then give her the decision of arc-dodging or firing. Rookies can't do that. Rookies can joust far better, and over the course of the game their durability is far better, but they can't give me an option against a player who is really good at playing around swarms. 

    It's all about gaining the edge against arc dodgers and rolling any dice where otherwise I wouldn't get the chance.

  10. @Biophysical, I'll steal whole hog what @Herowannabe said above because he put it very eloquently: 

    3 hours ago, Herowannabe said:

    Look at it this way: think of your A-Wing as souped up blockers. What is a blocker’s job? To block the opponents ships (obviously), but really to create a situation where you are better able to modify your dice than your opponent is. 

    Now consider that with Snap shot and Ops Spec added in. All of a sudden your blocking footprint is a lot bigger: the A-Wing plus everything in its arc in R1. If you position your A-wings right (which isn’t that hard to do when you are flanking from slightly different angles as @acegard suggests in the article), then when your opponent moves in 1 of 3 things will happen:

    1. They will bump your A-wing. Result: No actions for them, less ability to modify their dice (or if they are reapers, they can’t jam you and take away your dice mods)
    2. You snap shot and miss. Result: one of your ships gets a focus token, giving it better dice mods. 
    3. You snap shot and hit. Result: Bonus! You just damaged the enemy, bringing them that much closer to death. 

    And with 2 A-Wings, you frequently double that list. The end result is that when it comes time for combat you are in a much better position to modify dice than your opponent. 


    3 hours ago, Biophysical said:

    If you don't mind, can you elaborate on "control the flow of battle"?  Maybe I'm not seeing the right kind of ships, but my initial impression of the meta is that there's not a lot of things that get bullied by 2 unmodified dice at Range 1.  

    If I may batrep for a moment, here is an excellent example: 

    Top 4 of my first Store Champ, I faced Bossk, Guri and a Jakku Gunrunner. He set up across from me and slightly in the middle, then immediately turned away and started running. Classic: bait the swarm through the rocks, dangle the ace (Guri) in the wind as a juicy target and hit me hard once I go for it. We played a lot of mind games for the opening of the match: him making it look like Guri was overextended, when in reality it was just bait. Now, I was lazily flying up the side of the board and the A-Wings turned around the top, like I mention in the article. Once Bossk got around the center of the board, I suddenly turned in hard. Now, my opponent found himself in a rough position. The top of the board is no longer his real estate because my A-Wings are there. He can't turn down because the edge of the board is there and I am behind him. His only open lane is now straight ahead: and there's a rock there! 

    Next to deal with Guri, get her out of the fight while I kill Bossk. She's fragile. Her actions and maneuverability give her strength but it's still 5HP, and Snap Shot timing means she's vulnerable when she has none. So I sent the A-Wings after her. And by that, I mean I simply 1-turned them so they were facing her. Suddenly, she can't close on me. With the A-Wings covering the X-Wings' R1 band, she's vulnerable. I get blocks. I snap a couple times, crack off a shield and land a crit, and it's over. FAA Rookies would never have given me that utility, being unable to boost while engaged (in order to get the positioning) unless I sacrificed my primary. And if I'm doing that, why should I not have an extra shot each round? The A-Wings dictate where my opponent can and cannot safely go. Another example: bullying a Poe to cut off his escape lanes with A-Wings, forcing him to turn down the center into X-Wing arcs, and, predictably, die. Snap Shot triggers off Advanced Ailerons, too, so suddenly Reapers can't even escape the scrum. 2 unmodified dice works very well against that! 

    It's all about that little incremental damage. Where 3 modded dice won't touch Time Walk Asajj with Stim, Latts and Lone Wolf active, 2 unmodded dice become a much better chance. Forcing Miranda to SLAM when she could otherwise sit tight and regen to dodge my arcs is invaluable, so is constantly re-stripping the shields because I am on her *** like Hugh Hefner. 

    3 hours ago, Clutterbuck said:

    Some very kind things. 

    Thank you :) 

  11. Just now, Herowannabe said:

    Yes, though it was the 5 ship pocket-ace imperial swarm. :) I still think about bringing that list out and flying it again, but there are too many meta monsters that would just tear it to pieces nowadays. 

    YES oh my gosh that was so much fun! I was so happy to see a Bar Crawl swarm doing well, even if it meant I had to kill it ;) You'll be more than able to fly it in 2nd edition though - look at all those TIE monsters!!

  12. Just now, Herowannabe said:

    Tried this list out at game night tonight, and it was brutally effective. To be fair, my opponent made a couple mistakes and his attack dice were a little cold at the start, but I cleaned up 100-0. If he had flown smarter and his dice had been average he probably would have killed a couple of my ships, but I don’t think he would have beaten me. 

    Lots of fun to fly, too. It was fun to throw attack dice and blank out and thinking “Sweet! I get another free focus token.”  

    Also, one other comment to those who are turning their noses up at the A-Wings instead of more X-Wings, I feel you are undervaluing the combination of crack+snap shot. Remember that crack shot works on snap shots, and as @acegard said if you’re smart you can use the threat of it to influence your opponent’s movements. 

    Anyway, nice find Asa and nice write up! :)

    Thank you! Yeah I'm seeing a lot of A-Wing hate and 1) what did the poor A-Wings do to deserve this, and 2) once you fly it with the intent to control the power becomes apparent and you understand why the A-Wings are essential vs. just 2 more Rookies. 

    As an aside, was it you I played at Salt Lake like two years ago with the 5-ship Rebel swarm? 

  13. Y'all better not let me get a swelled head about this list, I've already taken up a combined four hours of Mynock and BTD listeners' time ;) Keep tearing it down! 

    I'd like to address a couple specific points brought up: 

    17 hours ago, Biophysical said:

    Can someone explain how a Crack/Snap A-wing is better than an FAA Rookie?  I'd rather have a constant extra red die than Crack ShotSnap is something, but so is 2 more HP each. 

    Yes, that would be nice. The gratuitous upshot of Snap Shot is it lets you control the flow of the battle much better than simple one more red die. Often, it equates to two more red dice if you're Snapping regularly. The threat of Snap Shot allows you to herd people into places they don't want to be.  2 fewer HP does hurt but I like to make up for that by blocking and not getting shot as much ;) 

    13 hours ago, Sunitsa said:

    It's all nice until you realize you are fielding 3 ships that only attacks rolling 2 red dice.

    Having full mods is always great, but once you used the crackshots you are basically done.

    I have trouble seeing this list beating any of the top dogs like Nym Miranda, Ghost fenn, Stressbunker, kylo qd + or even palpaces. It also suffers against anything that brings more than an harpoon.

    To your points: 

    • AP-5's shot is often more valuable as a Focus generator than it is as damage, and don't discount that 2/3 of those 2-dice ships can roll 2 dice twice
    • Crack Shot is a resource to be managed carefully and not expended willy-nilly. Good choices will make Crack Shot count and I have almost never found myself wanting once it's gone, because I have maximized its effectiveness each time. 
    • I am 75-25 vs. NymRanda (Granted, local players are extremely averse to learning how to play it well so I haven't been able to practice against any of the local top NymRanda players in Denver, so take what you will there). It shatters Ghost/Fenn (I don't care if you make me unmod a shot, it generates a Focus for the next one that kills Fenn and then it's 5 ships vs. a Ghost). Stressbunker is tougher, but Ops Spec keeps my actions firing. Palpaces are also tough but that's where Snap Shot comes in. Regarding massed Harpoons specifically, I call on @PanchoX1 to recount exactly how getting all 3 of his Harpoons off didn't win him the first game, and even Alpha-ing an X-Wing off the board before it fired in the second came down to the razor thinnest of margins (and an AP-5 who didn't want to die!). 
      • My point is, it doesn't have particularly excellent on-paper matchups against... almost anything. But the tools that it gives you can allow you to develop a plan that at least puts you in a shout of winning any situation. 
    17 hours ago, Jyico said:

    Stuff, then threw some shade at the QD/Silencers match that I Swear on my life I saw Advanced Sensors somewhere on that board ;) 

    Exactly. Well put. Thank you. Every one of our games was intense and well-fought!

    27 minutes ago, wurms said:

    Ive flown 5x, and would not be scared of this.


    28 minutes ago, wurms said:

    Exactly. IA is more than 1 health as well.

    Ive flown 5x, and would not be scared of this. 3 less red dice, 3 less integrated astromechs (huge disadvantage), and just killing the two caverns at 21pts each (one is dead before it fires), now means he has to kill 3 xwings (in 6 matches at a SC, I loss two X-wings once) and not lose another ship.

    It's far greater than the sum of its parts. Combined arms tactics works wonders when flown with intelligent use of terrain. That said, I will concede that in a straight up joust with 5X, 5X could easily come out ahead simply because of raw efficiency. But I have lower PS. I can block. I can Snap and put more red dice in. I can spend my Focus for defense and still have one for offensive modifications. I can Tallon roll two consecutive rounds. To take what @gamblertuba said: "It gives you the puncher's chance." It's like the variants of the TIE swarm, as I mentioned in the article: a well-rounded list is better than a homogeneous one that doubles down on individual weaknesses. 

    17 hours ago, gennataos said:

    But...aren't there a ton of things which can just outright kill AP-5 on the opening engagement? 

    Yup. I deal with it. It's not the end of the world! You still have four very capable ships. 

    15 hours ago, PanchoX1 said:

    it's a tough list for sure. I played Asa in both his Store champ winning runs. I was flying QD3B. Both very exciting close games which were won on points. Lost in round 4 in the first one. I learned that those x wings are monsters in the late game so in the second event, we got paired up in round two.  I went for those first and was able to win (by 4 points :-)). I went on to get crushed by a sawful vcx/Rey-Finn list in the final swiss round and Asa prevailed, made the cut and won the event. Way to go bud. 

    Those were definitely two of the absolute most fun and best games of 1st e x-wing I have ever had the privilege of playing.  

    You're amazing and those two games are some of the most fun I have EVER played in my life. ❤️❤️

    15 hours ago, sirjorj said:

    I want to call this squad “Asa’s Aces” because it is fun to say and @catachanninjastill hasn’t defined Ace for us. :)

    "Asa's Aces" has sort of a ring to it, although "Crack Dealers" is definitely something I like to say to make people forget that I am white bread ;) 



  14. After playing it a couple times (5 Rookies with FAA), it is joyous to fly but will take a lot to really bring it to the top tables. There is so much that hunts swarmy lists now: ultra-powerful bombs with Trajectory Simulator, Harpoons, super-alphas in general... It makes almost everything an uphill battle. 

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